Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hi mine lovely Mike. How you today? I hope, that you OK. are pleasant to read me your letters. Earlier I was sure, that is unreal to have attachment to the man and mark to it the large sympathy, if not met it and did not carry out with him together time. But now I feel pleasure, when I have yours e-mail, I think of you and sometimes I have sadly, when I think, that we far. I very much would want, when I come back from work to come to you in the visitors, to bring with myself any tasty pie. We could drink tea, and then together to go for a walk. Probably it would be wonderful. I feel sadly, because we have the relation only through the Internet. Sometimes there is a desire to embrace and to be near to the man. I frequently, when I be in cafe I see various pairs people, I look as they embrace each other, nice talk and then I am sharper I feel the loneliness. I do not know, whether you have feeling of loneliness. If you too feel it then you understand me and know, that frequently I want, that a line was the man, which will support always and to understand you, will help at any time you and to console you. Mike, I would like to learn your opinion doing our acquaintance by more serious. Probably, we could meet and carry out some time together. It would be very good. What you dear Mike, think concerning it? For me it is very important to know, whether you want to have more serious relations with me, than letter. Inform me please ideas concerning it. Kiss and embrace. Yours Nataliya.
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