Scam letter(s) from Sarah James to Leon (Australia)

Letter 1
Thanks for taking time out to write me,its soo nice to meet you here,you do seem like a nice guy and one id love to get to know more,so sorry we couldnt correspond more on the site,i have been busy travelling for work so its easier for me to get back to you here as i could go off the site anytime,but im always here at my private email,just so you know i work for myself,i buy,sell and supply rare/raw fabrics and textiles around the world,thus,i travel extensively,but im never 2 weeks outside the country when im exporting,and i ve only recently been getting international deliveries,presently im in Africa,actually in lagos,Nigeria at the moment meeting with my clients at their head office here and on my way to making a supply to one of their factories,my meeting is through here and im taking the early flight out tomorrow morning,and would be back in australia in a week or more days,i like what i do as im an avid traveller and have always dreamt of being my own boss,i work to live not live to work so i still get to live my life,see new places and have new experiences while i work and it suites me...well,back to me,i was born in stateside,in a small town of just over 6000 people called ypsilanti in Michigan united State of america,just near the Canadian border,where dad is from,went through elementary and college in Michigan,from willowrun High to UOFM, growing up was fun and everyone new everyone till i left there,i want to live my life as i should ,settle down and have kids( i love them),so im thinking a serious and long term relationship(hopefully leading to marraige) would make me slow down on my job and stay more at home,live a normal life i guess,i have always wanted to have my own family,you ll know why of course,used to be ok by myself though after getting hurt once,recently just realised that im not getting any younger and need to feel the warmth of companionship again,as i really would love to settle down with a good man if i find one on here,so im hoping your one,im willing to relocate to anywhere in the world as well,cos im single and thats going to be very easy,my work isnt deep rooted yet and i can work from anywhere as i work alone,Live alone and really think love could be found anywhere,plus traveling is exciting for me as i travel a lot for my work,and that isnt the hard stuff,being compatible is,once thats done i would be more than willing to walk a thousand miles to meet the one for me !,..ok,back to my story again,im an only child and grew up with Grandmother as the only known family member after the death of my parents in a car crash in New York,i was just 10 at the time,im really an open,honest and hard working young woman,and i like to smile and keep myself happy cos i say lifes too short to be sad,losing my parents in their prime taught me a lot,i like to read,Garden and cook,im an outdoor kind of person,so i love swimming,hiking,and running,for games,i love chess and im crazy about Tennis,was a high school champion,he he he,yea,i was really good,what i desire to find on the site is a man that would be more than a lover to me,someone sincere whos going to be there when i need them...someone ready to settle down and be the only man in my life,You have got my attention dear and I would enjoy seeing and spending time with you too as I think by your description you are a very laid back kinda man which I think is absolutely perfect. I to enjoy popcorn and movies, thunderstorms, rain, picnics, walks and of course just being with that someone special no matter what or were we are or doing.I want to find the RIGHT man for me---someone that can love me without being overly jealous and abusive, someone that can accept me and someone that will be the father of my kids(if he wants to), someone who is not afraid to express how he feels about me. I hope that I have found that person in you... My life is pretty simple I live a stress free lifestyle and enjoy myself immensely. I have the uncanny ability to have fun, laugh and joke with any and everyone doesn't matter who they are, it's great and I know you and I would have a very good, comfortable, relaxed and entertaining time together. I am not a domineering woman and don't expect anyone to do anything for me if I can do it myself unless they want to,i think i ve learnt a lot from my past relationships i have a lot to more to learn and few things to share,communication,openness and Honesty would be required in my relationship,with a foundation of understanding and tell me about you,and what you do..ur thots about life and your family...lets start from would be nice to know more about you,its quite exciting actually,i hope you feel the same way..hope you write soon before my flight,if not i ll make sure i get back to you once i`m landed,promise ok? . .. .
Letter 2
i really do think your a great guy..and thanks for the email,and for being so open to me,that was a lovely read and i love it as it helped in knowing your person,and i think your lovely...and yes i understood all u seem like a nice person,(just perfect really) thanks for opening up soo much,i really learnt a lot bout who you are and loved every you know im in lagos,Nigeria..ever been here? all rains,rained for complete 10 hours yesterday...but beautiful...,they ve got great sights to see(too bad im here for business) ,the cathedrals,St Marys and St Finbarrs,but like you said,its always nice (nicer really)with that special give u an inkling about my person (only think its fair),im looking for someone sincere,a friend and lover ,a life time partner as well,someone whos going to love me for me,someone whos willing to share their life with me ,for eternity,wed build a family based on love,i dont have much family,just me as i lost my grandmother in 2000,she was diabetic,sorry about my age on the site it is a typographical error i ll turn 39 in December,Getting old already ! 5 ft 6,light brown hair,brown eyes,average girl,im single,never been married,and looking for a man to be there for me for always,i love kids,so i ll like to have them but its open to discussion as i ll always desire the happiness of my partner and consider his feelings,im an easy going and laid back kind of girl,more or less a natural kind,im not heavy on the pub or bar scenes,id rather go on a refreshing outdoor trip that go shopping ,plus i can cook,not a gourmet,but i ve been known to experiment in the kitchen as i say,i love lasagna and pasta,theres an old recipe i learnt once when i was in Venice,Italy and its quite good ! can say,im sort of an introverted extrovert,but im fun,i say,lifes tooshort,to be serious all the time,dont like surprises,only pleasant ones ,im a single lady that lives alone,not much baggage,so that means i can just up and leave to be with my man,so no qualms there ok? plus im a frequent Flyer so distance is nothing but a coupe of hours to me...although,its not really just a relationship im after,cos those crumble,im looking for the special someone to love me for me ,be there when i need him too,something concrete ,to stand the test of time,id be all he needs and he ll be all i need...hope thats not too much to ask,i flew here couple of days back and im expected to get my goods delivered in at most a weeks time and leave here,just waiting on the vessel to Dock,i always loved working for myself and when the chance came after my old job being a marketer for a textile company began to be such a bore,i decided to sell fabrics as the world always puts something on,quite a large market too,but i get to travel and only get to supply when i get orders from client,i get a lot of free time and only get orders at different times in a year,dont work out of a shop yet or own a warehouse ,would love to someday but i really dont know what my man would agree to,so im ok for now,plus i love travelling but would give it all up once im ready to settle down and i am, hows your day? tell me about your family,your dreams in life,......its nice here and im having to write this with the ac on,my fingers are making mistakes that i know ud find..well let me tell u a short story,Years ago in College,i dated guys that i didnt really know stuff much stuff about,naivity you might say,however the problem was that most of the relationships I got involved in were based on the wrong reasons along with the fact a lot of the people involved were made of straw.As you could expect most of those relationships for the use of a word, crumble within a very short period.Added to this was also the hurt caused at the time as well.Since then I learnt the big lesson that to form a good relationship, it was worth spending a bit of time getting to really know someone.By doing this it actually helps whenever any problems occur as you can then sit down & talk to each other with some incredible ease & openness which needless to say prevents any misunderstandings/or surprises from occurring as after a while you do tend to think along the same lines which obviously has more good points than bad points.Added to this you also never have to worry about offending each other as well.Might sound a bit ****** or wet but it does work- I don't mean to sound like an old Professor of some kind because I'm not, I've just learnt from life's mistakes & experiences- hope that actually makes sense!!One thing I do do is when I actually first meet someone & I also do this in business funnily enough as well is that I accept a person for who they are & then build on that, I make a point of not trying to judge someone unless I really have to.I find taking that approach things seem to develop naturally & strangely enough by accepting people for who they are, it's actually amazing how quickly a relationship does strengthen & continues strengthening.To give you an idea I tend to stick to a principle & that's " I look after you, you look after me"The thing is life is too short to take everything seriously & have drama every 5 minutes, for all you know you could cross the road tomorrow & for some unknown reason, boomph that's it.You can take my word on that,as i had to live with grandmother since i was 10 after my folks died in an accident,only to lose her too when i was going to need her the most,sometimes it hurts to know no one would be there to give me away, after that sort of thing, you do tend change your ways & view life differently.Hope that sort of makes sense,..well let me know if it does,and ask any more questions,if you ve got any,im just going to be in the hotel and relax for a while,need to sort some stuff up in my head..hope to hear from you soon,i cherish your emails ,cos they are a window into knowing you,so keep them coming.
just so you can think of me more before you write ,heres some questions for you,
1. what do you think about me?
2. what is the worst thing you've ever done to a lady?
3. are you really single?
4. what do you desire in a relationship?
5. do you even want one?
6. if you had 3 wishes,what would you wish for and why?
7. What sort of music are you into and do you play any instruments
8. What do you like to eat and drink
9. Hobbies
10. Where would you like to end up regarding business, home and interests
11. Whats your favourite romantic thing to do
Letter 3
i have sent you my current photos why dont you send me yours and why did you not answer my questions i asked you in my last email i am not in melborne now i would be back home next weekend and we can meet ok so answer my questions in my last mail message i sent you i wait to readn from you sarah here
Letter 4

thanks soo much for the email,wow,that was a good read,u should write a short novel or maybe thats just me,he he he,i really feel good inside that u take ur time to open to to me in ur emails,and yes i do agree with your thoughts about life and whats required in a relationship,i must admit after every email between us,i get to like you more and more,and its quite scary ,although beautifully too as im having feelings that i never felt in a long while,i do hope your for real and in no time i would be through here and we can meet,well the situation here is that some ships docked yesterday and im trying to get the customs to show me the list of docked ship and its taking longer than it should,everything does a bit in Africa,i dont know why is soo slow at the port here ,i think its kind of congested and they say some ships have issues with where to berth,i think mine is one of them,so much red tapes in Importing and i ve had to find out that you have to Grease Port workers Pocket,smooth the way as its called,i gather its a very very hush hush way to get your goods speedily cleared,but i dont really know what to do just yet,as i was told to get my paper work ready,its really weird as i ve heard its the way to go to bypass the red tapes in cases like mine,where i ve got waiting clients,well i was told to come back in today so i ll do so ,i do hope the ship is there,would really take a whole lot of stress off me,as my clients have been threatening and have already contacted a competitor,i ve been begging for just more time,so you see its been crazy over here,but i dont know for how long,and i could be here forever if i lose the client..and stand a chance of losing a lot of money,more so cos i ve invested most of my life savings in this shipment,if i dont get it sold,i ll really dont want to think the worse,but its the decision that every business person has to take once in a while,and i think im really good to get it done..just dont know whats delaying,and im sorry i have been blabbing about work,but i do have thots of you and i would more than love to meet you once im through here,i ll make the arrangements soon enough too,hmm,where would you take me? what would we do? how do you have your fun,cos i would need some quite times together with my man when im done here and with the right kind of man too..thats you i hope.,more than that a very solid relationship with someone sincere and understanding is what im after...i do sense that you have what it takes,guess thats why i keep thinking of you and wanting to write back as soon as i get in the hotel room,its been raining here non stop since last nite,and i hope it stops soon,Nigeria is known for the most rain this side of the planet.. had to buy an umbrella at the Airport on my first day here !!!,thank God i brought along a good deal of winter wears, quite hectic working alone,demanding but not really difficult,just some unusual hitches,how bout work at your end? better going i hope,if the ship is docked,i ll have my cargo discharged and then have it transported to my clients in just three days max,so i should be out of here by Next week..would you be free and ready to play host by then?. im really ready and willing to settle down with,someone to share, Share the rest of my life, Share my innermost thoughts, Know my intimate details, Someone who'll stand by my side, And give me support, And in return, he'll get my support, he will listen to me, When I want to speak, About the world we live in, And life in general, Though my views may be wrong, he'll hear me out, And won't easily be converted, To my way of thinking, In fact he'll often disagree, But at the end of it all, he will understand me, I want somebody who cares, For me passionately, With every thought and, With every breath, Someone who'll help me see things, In a different light, All the things I detest, I will almost like, I don't want to be tied, To anyone's strings, I'm carefully trying to steer clear of, Those things, But when I'm asleep, I want somebody, Who will put their arms around me, And kiss me tenderly,can you be that someone..i cant wait to find out..write soon..i ll be resting for a while..i have a meeting with the customs people in a couple of hours..i ll wirte wheni get backk..tell me how day is going and more ok?..reading from you brings a joy to my heart.

ps; my Answers.
1. I think you have a good heart. And I feel attracted to you. I can't describe it, but I want to know you more.
2. I don't intentionally do bad things to men. I guess breaking up is the worst thing I've done. I don't do it because I enjoy it, or anything crazy like that. Some girls feel good breaking up because it makes them feel wanted. It is very hard for me. But I have to listen to my conscience when it's telling me something. It's not fair for the other person to carry on in a relationship that is bound to failure. When a relationship starts to fail it leaves room for infidelty and that's when peoples feelings get crushed. I am not perfect but, I can say that I have never been unfaithful! I wouldn't be able to sleep well at night.
3. In Dec I will be single for 4 years. My last boyfriend and I went out for almost 2 years. That was a sad day when I ended it. I don't regret my decision at all, but it's not nice being responsible for causing such pain to someone. It was something I didn't take lightly... I simply didn't love him in a way a that was leading to I felt there was no point in continueing. I tried to be the tough girl, but by the end of my break up speech I wept like a child. We both did. Not fun... Don't want to go through that anytime soon again!
4. I know you may not be that religious but, when it comes to defining a relationship I always think of this Bible passage:
Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous;
Love does not brag and is not arrogant,
Love does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own,
Love is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,
Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all
Love never fails;
5. I have been waiting all my life for a true love relationship.
Hope I said the right things...
6.A Good Life, A good man and the ability to put smiles on peoples faces.
7. What sort of music are you into and do you play any instruments.....nope,no instruments,wish i played the sax though,,,love cool and serenading music,country,R&b,slow simple rock,love Aerosmith,the Parlotones,dixie chicks,dido,yes the ol 90`s alternatives,Nickleback, Linkin Park, Three Doors Down, and Creed,i adore Creed...and theres Chris Daughtry !!
8. What do you like to eat and drink.....i like lasagna,pasta,steak,my vegetables and anything healthy,Mexican,chinese and italian with seafood would be nice,drink but only a little wine and only on special occasions,red and white wine
9. Hobbies.....i like Travelling,sports,Tennis mainly,football and some basketball,but i really would prefer to Garden,as i have always loved planting roses,i like to go for hikes when i can,see movies,old movies,romantic flicks and some adventure
10. Where would you like to end up regarding business, home and interests....i would love to settle down with a man i love,anywhere as long as hes there,family first before business,but id love to own my own warehouse,import textiles on my own and distribute internally,then get to travel only for fun...
11. Whats your favourite romantic thing to do.....A weekend away with my man,no phones,no work,just us,somewhere serene and by the sea,we ll take evening walks,eat dinner out,cuddle all day,doing nothing,just basically being together,doesnt matter what we do or where we go,being able to cherish each others presence is some toe tickling..he he he.
Letter 5
i will still like to meet you first and spend some time with you oh i dont judge a book by it's cover i learn to open one chapter after the other, thanks for your email,i liked it,looking forward to meeting you soon,so i want you to know that im for real and although i dont just want this to be all words, oh yes i said my height is 5,6 but am not too sure if i get that right, i cant wait to be through here so we can actually meet(thats the idea behind this online dating i think,your the 1st man i have kept in touch with,and thats the gospel truth),theres something you should know about me,im a girl that likes one for who they are, and not how you look or what you do..and believe me ,the more i get to know about you the more i like too..i dont judge people cos no one is perfect,i just like a man with a good heart and i hope you ve got one..i know you do., to me ,love,honesty and trust is all that matters.. thanks for the nice words and guess what,i miss you!!...hmmm,nice eh?.its been just hectic here is all,its been a hot day here in lagos,Nigeria,and i have been taking some time to familiarize myself with the surroundings,especially the seaport and my clients office,how have you been doing? although its my first time here, its still just my job,although i really hope the officials here are quick to do their job,so i can leave here as soon as i can,hey,i cant very well keep you waiting !.i think your a very nice and sweet man and so far you have been very upfront with me and i must say thats rare these days,i like that about you and i am very willing to see where this leads,if you continue this way,i sure wouldnt mind opening my heart to you as well,i really want someone who`ll complete me,someone i can feel at home with,and i think we are on the right track(hint,hint back to work,yesterday,i went to the seaport and my ship hadnt docked it,the one with my goods on it,so i have to wait,a little delay and its getting to me,now all i have to do is work on my papers and see whats out there,then talk to my clients about this,hope they understand..thanks for the emails dear,i think if all you ve said is true,we should really meet,and i look forward to it,let me know the airport closest to you,so i can have my flight rerouted,i ll also forward my flight itinery to you so u know exactly when i get off the plane ok?, i just cant wait to meet you once im through here,tomorrow i ll go to see if my ship has called in and if so,i could come back by mid next week !,I think about you lots (every miniute of the day) It is strange but I dont think that I have ever felt like this before and I have not even met you. I hope and pray that you are the man of my dreams The one. The only, My all. I want us to be together forever. It is strange in the fact that I have really miss you. You bring real joy to my heart when I get up and there is a message in the morning or when I come home and you have wriiten. It makes my day fly past so quickly I just can not explain it. It is like I have found the second part of my life. That missing ingredent the glue that holds everthing together. I really want to get to know you spend some time together just the 2 of us. I dont care where it is just as long as we are together. (Romantic would be great) No interuptions just finding out how we are together. I want to know what scares you, what makes you tick, I want to touch you, smell you, hold you,(not easy to say to someone you have not met) and love you,i love listening to slow songs too,i love dido,u know her?her songs are soo sweet,Just tot to write something to say i wouldnt mind having you in my life as well,Have a nice day and write later ok?. I ll have quite day today just have to get my papers ready for tomorrow I have to work half day tomorrow.i ll write as soon as i get back ok?
hugs and kisses
Letter 6
thanks soo much,you dont know how much sunshine you bring into my day when i hear from you,i love it **** !,thank God you are here by my side to see me through, dear i just got back in from the sea port ,a little tired and stressed,my ship didnt come in and i had to go to my clients place to explain once more,i must say im really getting worried now and i just dont know what id do,hmm,your soo nice,thanks for giving me a listening hear,your special,once im done here,i ll make the neccesary arrangements ok? im really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you more,if all you have said on here is true,then i really have no problems and would gladly make you the man for me,i really put myself into what think is real and i hope you are...say hi to your family and i hope your day isnt as stressful,..i really think about you too and how your doing,it feels like i ve known you forever and i just want to care for you andmake sure you have nice days,i guess i just have to get back and i cant wait,so im doing everything here with soo much Gusto and with the hope of being with you soon,nothing compares to that!..i dont know how to say this without sounding crazy,but This feeling of love (i think thats what it is ,couldnt be anyting else,its soo sweet,makes me feel soo good inside,reading from you gives me a sense of clam and of arrival,i feel like im do u feel?.please tell me im not havng these feelings alone!!)that I hold within my heart for you runs deeper than any ocean or sea; I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. If only you could hold me, then maybe you would feel my love for you that burns with a flame high enough to last. If only you could hear my heart beat, then maybe you would understand the language of love with which it speaks. If only you could kiss me then maybe you would ******** love for you that's so sweet, and if only you could look into my eyes, the window to my soul, then you would know that this is no lie! So, if what you feel for me is real and what you say is true, then with all my heart do I trust thee. If you want me as your love as much as I want you as my love then so be it. I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing less or nothing more but just that you don't go breaking my heart. My love and trust is all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart's desire.If it pleases you, call me your lover from this day forth and you're mine. For your love am I and your best friend too. As our body, mind and soul combine, so do our hearts become one.Hear this, my declaration of love,Just make sure im doing the right thing and be the right man for me and i ll make You my life, you ll be my everything.Though distance may keep us apart now,its only for a short while and soon you will always be embedded deep within my heart.hey sweety need to run now to get dinner..write soon,some sweet nothings,tell me ur idea of our first date together..where would you take me? somewhere close to your heart maybe? that would be nice..
hugs,thoughts and kisses
Your girl,
Letter 7
Hi ****,so sorry for the late email,but i havent been able to write because i have encountered a problem here with my goods Dearie ! ,i have been busy seeing how i can get this solved,but i havent found a way ,i just got to the room and have been sitting at the computer for nearly an hour thinking what i should do,dont want to ruin your day but i just want to run this by you and see if theres anyway you can give your support here baby,i dont know how to say this but i ve had the worse day of my life today!!!..i felt like dieing this morning,i went to the seaport and some shippers were being allowed to offload,i didnt get an explanation as to why i cant offload and went to the customs office only to hear that its normal procedure to have goods that have been checked and cleared offload so as to help in port decongestion and they still havent even gotten to my goods!!!!!...i then went to my clients only to find out that they made an advance to one of my competitors today and they warned me again!!!!..they think im stalling and i tried explaining but they say im holding back production and they cant afford to lose money because of me,i almost cried until i was told that they havent made any buys yet and would give me just 3days as the the ultimatum for the date of delivery,i ran back to the customs and pleaded ,but they wouldnt even bulge,claiming its standard procedure,i told them about my situation and they still wouldnt listen,until i was called to the side by an officer and told that if delivering my goods was really important to me that i had to pay the extra Charges if i wanted my container to be cleared expressly,they said that imported cargoes need to be extra checked because of the terrorism/security alert situation in the Africa,that only domestic cargoes are allowed to be cleared same day,and that if i want my goods to be cleared for offloading i would need to pay for a new fee called INSTANT SECURITY PORT CLEARANCE or go through the normal channels which i cannot afford to do after all the delay and running short of my deadline!!,i just dont know what to do,i ve been given barely three days ultimatum by my client and now really worried dear,i stand a chance of losing soo much money if this deal goes awry and even my clients trust and credibility for later jobs..i dont know what to do,they told me that i would need to pay 2000 dollars as the New Charge to get my goods checked and cleared in time to meet my ultimatum,they said thats the only way i can meet up or go through the long way and risk losing my client and running at a loss of almost $125,000.00 USD,****,i had other contingencies planned to raise money for stuffs like these but they are all through official ways and would involve me raising a loan or getting a payment from an owing client ,which would not help out impromptu situations like this one,so i really need a short loan from someone that can help, cos all the cash i have left is budgeted for my customs duties,Normal clearing charges and taxes(Africans never toys with their tax,they could send my goods back for that alone!!!!!),i didnt even know this kind of thing could come up,if i disrupt my budget, i wouldnt be able to pay for the customs duties and clearing charges and my goods could be in a fix Sweety,can you help me out of this? i need to deliver those goods and get my payment so i can make the trip back home.sweety i really need this loan,its the only way to meet with my deadline and still make the profit ineed,promise love when i come over ,i ll have it all back and with interest if you want,i know this sounds kind of weird,but i dont know what else to do,nigeria is a new place for me and i know no one here,i closed my accounts to make this shipment and im expecting to make thrice my investment in it but i never bargained for this to im in a fix..sorry Love but i had to ask for this favour,i really have run out of ideas,i tried selling my jewelries today you know,i only got 200 dollars for them..i know you would be worried about me now but its ok ,i just need to make this delivery and i would be ok,..sweety i need to get my payment and get over to be with you,i swear i look forward to it now more than ever..just a couple more days ok? i need to bypass this red tape and deliver these goods or im done for Love,please come to my rescue... if you get me this loan,i ll get the goods tomorrow and then deliver them by next evening latest,i ll get my payment and still meet my flight back home Love..please write soon as i really need your thots about this all.i feel so alone,i need you now Love,i cant sleep and i cant eat....
all my worst fears are facing me..please help.
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