Scam letter(s) from Tracy Anderson to Kim (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello Friend, I so much appreciate it for getting back to me on the dating site and via my email address.I am Nathan Anderson and I was born on the 25th of August,1970,I was born and raise in Gaines-ville,Georgia,although I am a mixed race....father was an American and mother was an European and to be specific,she was from Amsterdam,Netherlands,lived there for about 3 years then,we ain't that much in my city,we are about quarter of a million and its a very peaceful community.My parents had 2 kids and I am the first born of the family,I lost my dad about 15years ago and my mum remarried to a Mexican who lived in the same city as we do,my immediate brother Mike,stays with our mum and step father till date and I think they are all happy.I have been married before and I am divorced now,I was married with 2 kids,Mary and Jane they are of age 9 and 12 respectively.My kids and living full time with my ex because he has the full possession of them and haven't seen them for a while. A little description about myself, I am a simple, fun loving, outgoing person. I enjoy Family life and the home is important to me.I am a loyal, sincere person with a great sense of humor. A nice girl with a very good soul, caring and down to earth. I enjoy the beach, parks, hiking, sports, weekend getaways and romantic dinners. And can sometimes get uncomfortable talking about myself. I am honest,nice,gentle,kind,smart,socialable,friendly,also intelligent and trustworthy,passion,wonderful lady,very open mind,well educated with a good sense of humor I am much better in a one-on-one conversation. I consider myself very considerate. I go out of my way to help others. I don't smoke. I rarely drink, but will have an occasional **** every now and then. I don't like loud clubs, but would much prefer just sitting a quiet cafe, having a pleasant chat. But my favorite thing to do is hold hands with a man as we stroll around town taking in the scenery.My closest friends describe me as caring, nurturing, kind, sometimes too serious, but mostly fun. I do tend to have a strange sense of humor, but I like to laugh of course! Very loving and passionate, and would do anything for the people I care about! I am a hard worker, dependable and reliable too! I am not a very good liar, so I try to always tell the truth, and I am very faithful, I don't believe in cheating! If u don't want to be with the person anymore, then break up, don't cheat!!! I am a very open person, I have no secrets! A little about my past marriage,my ex impregnated my neighbor.I couldn't forgive him because I see him as a total traitor and I was betrayed,had to file for divorce and we went through it for about a year but finally everything got sorted out with the divorce 4 years ago and he earned the full possession of the kids.I still talk to my girls on phone from time to time and do see them but not often and often like before.About 2 yrs ago,I met a guy in the plane while going for a business trip in Texas,we talked and I liked him,we started calling each other and we end up dating each other,then I owned a store where I sell computers and other accessories in bulk,I loved this guy and was doing everything to please him but never knew this guy was married with kids and he never told me that,when I got to know,had to end the relationship and that's why I am here online to check whats really out here.
Right now,I am self employed and I do travel a lot,I am into buying and selling of Jewelries,Antiques and old things and I do travel alot,was watching TV the other time and saw some news about a Gold mining area in the far end of South-East,Asia in a country called Malaysia.I got here about a week ago and wont stay long here,have started getting what I want and its a good news though.I am willing to relocate to anywhere I find my true love,My ideal match - I might get surprised :) Should sweep me off my feet. Once mutual attraction has been established, should be someone ready to give and receive and take responsibility for his words and actions. Should be someone I could look up to. Every new experience teaches you something. I am looking for someone that is honest and caring. Someone whom I can count on. Someone who is assertive and confident is a big plus..Who can deal in just about any situation and take control of life without life taking control of him. Someone that I can call or call me anytime even is late at night for no reason at all. Who is looking to complete his life with someone very special I'm looking for someone who wants to be a part of my life as well as have me a party of his life. I hope with this email,I have been able to tell somethings about myself,It will be great to read such a nice email from you too and will attach some of my pictures to this email.Feel free to ask me any question. Nathan
Letter 2
Hello Kim
How are you doing there today and thanks for your message,its soo nice to read back from you soo soon and i am sorry it takes a while for me to get back to you,Yeah Mary and Jane still live in Georgia till this moment and i was on the site just for a few days before getting in contact with you,there are really alot of ups and down in life and i do believe what matter alot is the confidence to move on even after been hurt by our love ones....It was a wonderful day here in Malaysia and things are going on with a very condusive weather as well,I have been to denmark before and to be precise Aalborg with my boyfriend but right now i am searching for the right one which i honestly hope you are searching for as well.....
I enjoy travelling alot and i love to get to know new things and get a little experience about things you do not know about as well,a nice summer vacation for me can be just anywhere,it depends on my desire,i have a dog who is just 3yrs old she is rollo by name and a rotweiller,had a cat as well but died few months ago,the cat was just a year and 7 months..I was stun by your response,you sound so nice and like someone who knows what love really means,I enjoyed reading your story, I am looking forward to meet the right man for me and someone that can make me feel alive again.I am presently in Malaysia for business but I am ready to relocate to wherever I find the man of my dreams It will be more appreciated if we can chat on msn messenger, its an instant chat program and a quick and fast way of getting to know ourself more better.Also would love to see some of your pictures.
In any case, I would like to know more about you in these regards:
1. Favorite time of the day?
2. Favorite season?
3. Favorite color?
4. Long wet kisses that last for three days or quick kisses?
5. Staying at home to watch a movie with someone or going out with someone?
6. Cooking or eating out?
7. Boxers or briefs?
8. Favorite author?
9. Do you believe in soul mates?
10. Lace or silk? do you feel about Kids?
12.Where do your beliefs in God stand?
13.What is the favorite country you have visited?
14.Which comic books do you like best?
Hope my questions are not getting too much.
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