Scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Emily Rodriguez to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
There's no need thanking me Mr Joe.I'm also human and I can be in your shoes too.Thanks for briefing me about her health info,it will really be of help too.All you need to do now is just to keep praying for her.
Here's the detail to send the money and you can send it to me via Moneygram because I can get the money easily via Moneygram.
Receiver's name : Robert Peters
Address : 65 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
City : Ikeja
State : Lagos
Country : Nigeria
Zipcode : 23401
Wishing you all the best Mr Joe.
Letter 2
Mr Joe,the operation was successful and she only needs to rest for some hours and then she will be conscious.It was really a good ont this time,I thought you said you were sending the 200 and I never heard from you again.Have you breached our agreement.Get back to me so We can proceed on her treatment.
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