Scam letter(s) from Anna Lohanova to Chad (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend Chad! I am glad to receive your letter again. I like photos. You have many horses? My dear forgive me, that I could not answer you at once. My letter box did not work some days and I could not write to you. I am simply happy, that I recived your letter today and can write to you again. I am happy, that our relations develop. You do not imagine as I am glad, that have met you. Many thanks, that you answer me on my letters. I am glad, that our friendship becomes more strong. Yesterday, on the TV I watched the film "You have got a mail". You know this film? Tom Hanks and Megan Ryan are the leading actor and actress. It is film about how two persons have got acquainted through the Internet. From the beginning they knew nothing about eachother. With each letter they learned more and more about each other. Their's relations quickly developed. But they also did not suspect, that live in one street. In a reality all was much heavier, because they were enemies on work. The man was director of the big company of book shops, and she worked as the seller in book shop of her mum. They were competitors. Their shops were in one quarter. When the woman has come home she has written to here friend on the Internet, that she swore with the competitor. Soon he has understood, that she speaks about him, but he has grown fond of her. He has invited her to meet in a reality and has appointed a place. When he has come to the place of meeting he once again was convinced, that it is his competitor. He has left. The girl when has come home has written to him the letter, but the answer has not followed, they did not correspond certain time, the man did not want to write her. But soon he has invited her to meet again. And they have met, and have burst out laughing at meeting, they came into cafe have took some coffee and became friends in a reality. They did not begin to argue on work, they have found an output and have got married. I liked this film much. The Internet is very interesting place. Though we live not in one street, and in the different countries. But I think, that the present feelings can overcome any distances. I like comedy and romantic films most! My favorite is "Titanic". My dear friend our relations develop, also I hope, that they will develop in the real feelings. I do not have messenger yet, I try to get it soon, so we can talk. Well, I should finish the letter, I with impatience wait for your answer. Your friend Anna.
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Chad! I so am glad to receive your letter again! How your affairs? How has passed your day? It is very pleasant for me to correspond with you. You so are far from me, but I can talk to you, as though you near to me. E-mail this such a miracle, I write you the letter and I send it and in some minutes you can already read it and answer me. You know I am so keen on our acquaintance, I every day with impatience wait for your letter. I know you very little, but it seems to me, that I know you already enough for a long time. Your letters carry away and draw me. This feeling is new to me and I cannot explain it yet. You know I like horses much. My friend, today I shall be a little brief. I need to go home to help my mum to cleaned at home. We with mum want to go to cinema or theatre in the days off. And that you like more cinema or theatre. What film you looked last time? Well, I have to finish on it. I with impatience wait for your answer, your friend Anna.
Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Chad!!! I am so glad to receive your letter, you know to me so pleasantly to receive your letters. How your affairs? I have never been abroad. Yes, i saw film "Million Dollar Baby". You know I think of you every day, me so our acquaintance carries away. You know I have today a dream about you. To me dreamed as we walk with you on picturesque square, around burned lights, we ate ice-cream, joked and laughed. To us was so well together. I am very happy, that we are familiar with you. I very much like to speak with you, to write you and to receive your letters. I very much to like to learn new about you and to write to you about myself. I want to ask you, what you do do when you boringly? To our city frequently comes a command which acts on public with ridiculous numbers. I with girlfriends frequently go on such performances very interestingly to listen, look performance and much to laugh. We have such command in our city too, it something like club of jokes. And in your city, spend such actions? Well, it is already too late and I need to go home. I was simply happy to write to you. I with impatience wait for your answer. Sincerely yours Anna.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Chad!!! I very much like to recieve you letter again. Today when I have come home from work I have seen mum joyful. My mum works in book shop as the seller. Her work is on the other end city. She frequently experienced because it is what very long to go. Each day in trolley buses is very much people, and we don't have the car. The director long spoke that she very well works and that buyers very much frequently spoke that my mum very good seller. I saw that the buyer approaches to a counter where there is my mum, with bad mood. Mum consoled him and the majority left from a counter cheerful, with a good arrangement of soul. And, the director speaks, that she translating on other place of work, it will be near to our house. Mum will work now in a department which trades in clothes, and she worked earlier, where traded in products. Mum speaks, that she very much wanted to proceed in other department as in life should be a variety. Now she is very glad. Today she has invited all friends home and will treat slightly in honour of the translation in other department of work. At us in Russia such tradition, that if something happens in human life, we invites all friends to us and they are together pleased or afflicted. At us it refers to us as support. Still at us its name to keep up to the end together with friends. You have such tradition? How you communicate with friends? Well, I shall stop, it is very interesting to me to communicate with you. Yours friend Anna!!!
Letter 5

Hello my dear Chad. I am so glad to receive your letter again. I am simply happy to receive your letters. I re-read all your letters. They simply grasp me, they such gergous. You know I is simply happy today, my girlfriend Marina get married this week, she is so happy. She so strongly loves the future husband, and he too very strongly loves her. I think, that they simply remarkable pair, they love each other above all, I think, that they always will be together and will never leave eachotherr. My girlfriend Marina very interesting person. We know each other from scholl, from the first class and always together. You know how healthy to understand, that your close friend is happy and glad to life. I am very glad for my girlfriend, I wish her huge happiness, great love and children. Marina has invited me to the wedding and asked to help her with preparations. I with the great pleasure shall help her. I present to myself her wedding, will be a lot of people, friends and relatives. All rolls in colors, all is fantastically beautiful. I think, that each girl dreams of wedding and true pure love. You know I envy my girlfriend a little, but is simple friendly with happiness. I think, that it is not necessary to be envy and be upset I believe, that I too can be happy. Well my dear Chad, I shall stop. I wish you you all most good, I very much miss on you and your letters. I wait for your prompt reply, your faithfull and sincere love to you, yours Anna.
Letter 6

Hello my love Chad. You are not against if I shall name you "my love"? You know I start to understand, that have fallen in love with you. With each your letter my feelings to you become stronger and stronger. I have never tested anything similar earlier, that I test now to you. This feeling is new to me. It is unusual and so charming. My heart starts to beat faster each time when I read your letters. I never thought, that I can fall in love with the person in internet and so soon. What occurs in your soul when you write to me? You frequently think of me? I think of you every day, I think that our correspondence develops into something more serious, than simply friendship. Do you think the same? May be it is destiny and we are created for each other and we soon shall be together. I think, that I very pensive. I liked to dream, but I wish this dream come true. I am sure, that the God has helped us to find each other and He will help us to be together. Well! Today I did not go for work. I have asked the day off, to help Marina with preparation for wedding. Today we finished last preparations for wedding. Marina dressed up the wedding dress and I helped her with it. She simply looks like an angel in this dress. We joked and laughed, we were simply happy. When will in my life come such day wonderful, fantastic and unique, which I shall be remember all my life. Well, I am very tired today, I want to stop on it. I am not afraid to tell to you these words, my love Chad I wait for your letters much. With love and kisses Anna.
Letter 7

Hello my love Chad. How your affairs? My dear I am happy to receive your letter again. My dear I very much miss you. My dear I love you and consequently want to be with you. My dear men in Russia are very rough, they drink much and do not want to work. They think, that woman should be their *****. The majority of them beat women. My dear tell to me how it is possible to beat the woman. My dear we talked with mum much, before I have decided to start to search for my half on the Internet. My dear she wishes me the best and does not want, that I was unfortunate. She, too has been deceived and when my father has left from us. My dear my mum is glad, that I have met such remarkable person as you. She wishs me only good luck. My dear, I shall be happy if my mum can arrive together with me. If not, I think, that we together with you can arrive to her. My dear I understand, that she will miss me and I too. I would be glad, if mum has computer and phone that I could call to her and write, when I shall be at you. But all this costs much and I can not buy her all this. My dear I while precisely do not know, when I shall depart to you. My dear I shall receive the visa in Moscow. My dear I can find out all precisely when I shall start to make the visa. My dear when will you help me, that I could start to make all documents to stay to you? Do you want, that we together with mum comes to you? My mum will be happy. I love you above all, I with impatience wait for our meeting, always yours with love Anna.
Letter 8

Hello my darling Chad, I am simply happy to that I can read your letter again. I so miss and so wait for news from you. How your affairs? I very much worry for you. You the closest person to me on earth. I very much want to be with you! I want to have from you children, I want to be with you, I want to work for our future family. I want to be near to you in difficult minutes. I want to see as children grow. Do you want it? I have thought of all about what you have asked. I want to be with you without doubts, only with you my honey. I love you above all! My dear I found out in agency and to me have told, that tickets to you cost 900-1200 US dollars, it depends on flight and airline. When can you help me and I can come to you? You angel! I want to be with you! I very much miss you my dear. I want to be with you. I want to awake you with sweet and gentle kisses in the mornings. To prepare a breakfast for you and to love you passionately and gently. My love I love you and I can not live without you! Your Anna.
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