Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Robert (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Robert!
I want to write as have passed mine weekend.
Yesterday i walked on a gulf, there it is very beautiful, so beautiful, that I even itself was struck that did not notice Such zone of rest perfectly created by people. Water silently also is not hasty beaten about concrete. On perimeter lanterns as hour (in style a la Chupa chups) shine (: In the center of a gulf beats a huge fountain with illumination which smoothly changes color,-
Dark blue
Again dark blue. It is surrounded with three more fountains (is smaller) but already with monotonous color (Yellow) Behind a fountain.
Above water. The bridge with its neon advertising and bulbs on both sides was stretched. Well and certainly machines, small, fast such.
Surrounded with a large forest, and covered by huge projectors, (which beams are directed in the sky) It is proud And beautifully there is a Temple. Looking at it the impression is created, that it speaks (temple), - " This light burns for all " " Go here the stray souls! " " It is dear to the god it is open " Or that that like it.
Saw group of people engaged thaw Thai chi. Interestingly, but for a long time did not begin to look, not a circus nevertheless. In a result I have realized, that still do not notice more many, and if I notice, I do not receive pleasure from seen.
Has woken up today from sounds of a rain.
In dream I was in city which should sink as Titanik. The sky was black and between clouds lightnings slided. They gathered in one point and beat in the ground, horrifying local residents! Standing on a roof of very high building, observed of how gradually there leave under water the next houses. Soon and I was reached with turn, the muddy liquid already began to be filled in from a surface of a building. Has suddenly recollected, how earlier, slowly, immersed an empty bottle in water. Water softly enveloped it and then Having risen through walls of a neck, sharply directed inside. " Probably so now also will take place " I have thought. But suddenly I where that have gone and have certainly found an exit. (it happens only in dream)
Having opened eyes, has seen the grey sky and droplets of a rain on glass (and here water). The cold wind squeezeed in my Room, through a door slightly opened a balcony, with such force as though very much it wants to be warmed, touching curtains. They waved and sometimes even were inflated as a stomach of the pregnant woman and then again became equal. Has left on a balcony, for a long time looked at a rain. its drops of drop on sand a surface and scattering on thousand Fine parts leaving small holes.
Soon is winter ....
so cold ...
Letter 2
I congratulate you on day of thanksgiving.
Forgive me for that i so late congratulate you.
Was on work and could not make it in time.
Accept mine congratulations from the bottom of the heart!!!
I wish you rest well on weekend!!!!
Letter 3
Greetings! Robert!!!
I write this small letter to you. I want to tell as have passed mine weekend. In sunday I had my birthday but I did not celebrate it. I laid on mine bed and i think of that that I already have lived so much years but till now I do not have anything. But then I have thought of you. Interestingly than all this will end? All time I have lead in houses in reflections. I did not celebrate my birthday. Mine friends called to me and congratulated. The some people who has left far from city has sent the telegram. It was very pleasant but all this that at me was.
Good-bye! Robert
Letter 4
Greetings! Robert
How your affairs Robert? I hope that all well. At me too all is good. It is very interesting to me as you have lead these days off. I think that too it will be interesting to you to find out that I did these days. In the evening Friday I have come from work very much tired. There was a lot of work. Weather on Friday was cold and barrels a strong wind. I have frozen. Came home I have seen many bags. My mum went behind purchases and now Gets it.
I have quickly changed clothes and started to help mum in preparation of a supper. During a supper we talked about a forthcoming holiday and about ours much Relations with you. Mum asked about you very much.
This conversation has guided me on Reflections and I for a long time was silent before mum has not asked me - " Of what you think? ".
answered a question I have finished reception. I would think of that that you wanted to receive In a gift from me Robert? I touched thousand variants but and have not stopped on one. Right after a supper I as always have washed and have gone to bed. Before dream I thought of the future new year. What it will be? That new it Will bring during my life? Where I shall be is in new year? I thought of the future much. I thought of us much.
After some time I have felt that I fall in a chasm. Around all is dark and is empty. Then emptiness comes to an end and there is light.
Golden light. Huge glade with a green grass and the blue sky. Close flows river and the big bear Drinks water but I am not afraid of him.
I approach to him close and I ask to take for a ride me!!! The bear lowers Head and I sit on his back. The bear quickly runs on a wood and the wind gently develops my hair.
well that's enough not tire you with it. It simply dream.
Having woken up early in the morning I have looked at number it on December, 11. About new year there were 20 days I have thought. Then I have decided that today I should choose gifts for all native and friends. We have met my friend Eleonora and have gone to walk on city.
She for a long time told about The affairs and asked about us much. We had pleasant conversation. This day I saw much Gifts and each time thought what of them it is pleasant to you? I know that you do not celebrate New year. At you day of gifts is December, 25! I very much want to send you it but I have no means For this purpose. It is very pity.
After walk we had rest at Eleonora's home. She very hospitably looked after me. Later to her there has come her boy- friend. he has invited her to rest in night club. They wanted to take me Together with them but I have refused. Came home I thought of that much as it would be good when your boyfriend can come and take away you at any time. Well when you have boyfriend. But when you do not have a boyfriend then it poorly.
Sunday has passed imperceptibly. I have helped mum to clean an apartment. Yes all the day long were cleaned in an apartment. And that's i have passed my days off.
Bye Robert
PS my mum sends the regards to you.
PS2 Eleonora' too sends to you Robert greetings
Letter 5
Greetings Robert!!!
I am just have my dinner and i want to write you.
My weekend was very interesting and cheerful.
On Friday in the evening we celebrated " old new year. " The sense of this holiday in that that the last year new year was marked at this time. Now very big cold but while it is not so cold goes to our city.
I and much mine friends have decided all to visit together a cinema,
the ambassador work. This day film " Day time patrol " was And " Chronicles Narnii " we have chosen " Day time patrol ". Whether I do not know show this film in yours the country whether or not but at us it is the best film and it{he} has collected many money. I recommend to look to you this film if there will be an opportunity. When I have seen the first film I at once have decided to take the book and to read because it very interestingly. In this series of books there are 3 parts " Night patrol " " Day time patrol " O " Twilight patrol ". I have taken three books and have with the great pleasure read them. I am very pleased with that that I have found in these books. Much to our regret the sense in film is very far from sense in books. I still had weight of impressions from it.
In Saturday Weather was very cold and the wind was strong. Weather forecast does not console. Meteorologists promise downturn temperature up to - 57 C speak that such frosts happen once in 100 years. In the street there is less people, all of them are at home. Everyone warm apartments and houses to be ready for a meeting of a frost. As well as all I and mum warmed mine an apartment. We have warmed doors, windows and a balcony.
Mine flowers which stood on a window sill I has removed far from a window that they have not frozen. When all has ended I film " to you the letter looked! " Essence of this film in that that the woman and the man wrote letters each other. They did not know with whom they communicate and at all did not see a photo each other. The girl - the owner of shop which has left to her mother. This shop exists very much for a long time and many clients have got used to this shop. The man- the successful businessman which has decided to open the big book supermarket with the low prices and free-of-charge coffee, in that street where the shop of the girl has been located. They have met in a reality but did not know that it is that person with which they write letters each other. They became enemies but continued to write letters and even asked advice in business. I do not want to tire you with a plenty of words, I shall simply tell that at the end of film all has ended very well.
On Sunday since the morning I as have usually visited church and prayed for you. I hope that yours affairs do not go worse.
After morning service in church I have visited mine girlfriend Marina This day they (all members family) made repair in their apartment. I have offered them the the help and we have begun our work. You do not imagine as I is tired. We glued wall-paper in kitchen and in a bedroom. It was very tiresome. But I feel very well because I have helped people. I test the big moral satisfaction from it. I like to help people and to me it brings Much well emotions. One my familiar has told that I the altruist. Many people speak that the woman is impossible to be such open and to help anothers. Now very difficult time and many people try to find such woman as I and to press on mine feeling of pity try to manipulate me. They want to receive money and then to not give them. Yes it is very bad people but I think that if I rough the world shall become better does not begin. Sometimes I dream of that that all people become kind and care of others. In one day people will cease to think only of themselves and will think of others. It will be the best day in mine lives. I should finish mine the letter. I am very much tired and should go to sleep. I think that you will understand all mine words that I have written to you and will like in it. I know that allmighty God the god gives any blessing has given you qualities, - wisdom, kindness and compassion. That is why you like me also I love yours letters.
bye-bye Robert!!!!
Letter 6
Greetings Robert!!!
Today i have receive very interesting letter:
"Will borrow only 20 seconds. But! Do not read Results, yet you will not make calculations! iE? We shall start!
1. Choose day
Weeks in which you would like to make love.
2. Increase it
Number on 50.
3. To result add 44.
4. Increase on 200
5. If in This year at you birthday already was, add 105 if is not present? Add 104.
6. Last step: from result which at you has turned out, deduct Year of your birth At you the sum from 5 figures should turn out.
So: First of 5 figures should designate day of week, in which to you It would be desirable to make love, correctly? But it not all! The last 2 Figures designate your age, correctly? But will be farther even better! The second and third figure designate..... The POSITION In WHICH YOU LIKE TO DO IT!!!! This mathematical mosaic works only this year. Send it friends at once! Something good to happen to you Today at 22.30. Be ready to the important event in your life! If you You will remove this letter, not having sent it to anybody, there will be to you a misfortune on The next 10 years!!!!! And if you will send within 10 minutes even 10 =D Listen, it is the truth.. Once the girl received such letter not Has paid to it attention.. And... Has lost mother.. Remember, has lost Mother... If you will send this letter to 10 people that tomorrow you expects Successful day.. If you will send this letter 25 or more, during 10 Minutes you will be called by the person to which you like"
bye-bye Robert!!!!
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