Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Jessey (USA)
Letter 1
Jessey I am glad, that you have written to me the similar letter. It makes me happy. You allow to me hope, that our meeting can be real. You have asked me, that you should do for me. ok I shall write to you. Now I need in money. I never wanted to ask you it, but now it is necessary me. I have money only on one ticket. I have written to you in the past, that it is necessary for me to buy at once 2 tickets. I did not know about it. I saved money only for 1 ticket. I knew provisional cost of it. Cost of two tickets is 1, 335.44 euro. I have only half of it. Now it is necessary for me 700 euro. You can send me now this sum??? I very much want, that our meeting has taken place soon. I have made everything, that depends on me for our meeting. I do not know to whom I can address except for you. Jessey I only hope, that you will try too that our meeting became real.
Write to me, that you think of it, ok.
I love you!!!! I hope, that we shall together soon.
Your Katya
Letter 2
Hello Jessey !!!
I am glad to receive from you the similar letter. It is pleasant for me, that you want to help me. I visited a tour agency to find out about that as you can make it. I thought, that you can buy the ticket from them and they will give me it. But this way does not work for me. In a tour agency to me informed, that they do not work with citizens of other states. To me have told, that because of it they can have problems with the law.
But there is a way that you have helped me. To me advised, that we used the company westernunion. you can send me of money through this the company. After that I shall buy tickets and to move to you. It is the good company, I can receive money in 15 minutes after departure. What do you think of it?? I think it a good way for us.
Jessey I very much want to be fast with you. We should not stop, because our meeting is real. I should make last step. After that you can catch me in your embraces. We should be together. I love you!!!!
I have made everything to be with you.
Write to me soon!!!
Your Katya
Letter 3
Hello my love Jessey!!!
I am glad to receive from you the letter today. I hope, that I do not bring to you some problems. Forgive, that has not written to you the information on me. I am surprised, that never informed you my surname. My full name Ekaterina Morozova. my address Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan. I think it have told enough to send money through westernunion. in a tour agency to me, that you can use this information. Forgive once again, that I have overlooked to inform you it. I have been keen, when wrote the yesterday's letter.
I hope, you will write to me soon. I love you!!!!
Your Katya
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