Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to James (Cyprus)
Letter 1
Hi my friend Privayez! My name is Svetlana, me 31 years old. I am a blonde and beside me brown eye. I am not cheated by attention on the part of mans, but I need the especial person. I need the person, who will be able to do me lucky. I want to find the love.I very merry person. I love the noisy companies. Beside me much friends, but me so comes short my second parts, with which I could create the family. I consider that to fall in love no no barriers. The Distance for loving - a trifle! I live in Russia. This very interesting and beautiful country. I hope that You answer my letter. I shall very lucky if receive your answer. With the big impatience I wait from you for the letter on my address:
Letter 2
Hello dear friend Privayez.
Today I went in the Internet cafe in hope to write to you the letter.
I do not know what to write in this letter:)
Today very wonderful weather at us. It very much pleases!!!
Today I shall write to you about the interests, than I am fond, that I listen... During free time from work I go in for sports. I play sometimes in tennis. It is very interesting game for me. It helps me to behave in the good form. On this I do not sit on diets as it is done by many girls. I think, it is better to go in for sports, than to starve. How do you think?
I listen to music on mood. But more I love pop music. I listen, as Russian groups, and foreign. From foreign to like me Madonna, Sting, Savage Garden and many others. And of what music you are fond?
I as like to go to campaigns on the nature. I love fresh air. In the childhood I went on employment on tourism. And we went to various campaigns, I very much liked to live in tents, to fish, sit near a fire and to look at the night sky. Very much to like me the night sky. It seems to me very romantically. I very much love romanticism. Also I want, that mine the man was romantic, as well as I if it is possible certainly. Tell to me, please, that you expect from correspondence with me? In turn I can answer this question! My dream, it to find the person with who at us will be excellent mutual understanding! I already for a long time search for the person, which Can understand me! From our correspondence I expect, that you will become such person! Now I should go, but I shall wait for your letter. Your friend Sveta.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Privayez.
I am glad, that you have paid attention to my structure. To me also it is very pleasant, that you have decided to write to me. If it is fair, it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. I also do not know how correctly to write letters. I still badly print:) but I hope you understand that I write to you. And so... What to write first of all??? I think to you it will be interesting to learn about me little bit more. My name is Sveta. I'm 31 years. My weight: 52 kg, growth: 174 cm. I live in Russia, city Cheboksary. I was born on July, 10st, 1975. Studied Cheboksary institute. I studied as the economics. And now I have a higher education and I am very glad to it. But after study I could not find work of the economist. And now I work as the seller, in sports shop. My city to be approximately in 800 km from Moscow, if you will want to look it, where it is. I live with mum in a two-room apartment. The father at me is not present, is more precisely, but my parents have divorced, when to me was only 9 years. I was absolutely small. And me mum, for what to it brought up many thanks. I very much love mum and I help it. Tell to me, something about your family. Likely it is interesting to you, why I have decided to find to myself the husband in the Internet? :) Well, I shall answer... I little bit modest girl also cannot so simply to get acquainted with the guy. And to communicate through the Internet to me is easier. I wish to find here the man of the dream if it is possible. To me have told, that on the Internet it is a lot of people who simply wish to communicate. But I search here for serious attitudes, probably if I shall find the man which I can grow fond in the Internet it will be very fine!!! And who is searched by you? And with what purpose? It is very interesting to me :) Well, it is time to me to go... But if you not against I shall set to you some questions that I could learn you little bit more. You not against? 1) tell to me about the family
2) tell about the city
3) that you like to do at leisure? I need to go... I shall wait for your letter, my new friend Privayez.
Send the regards to the family :) Your new friend Sveta.
Letter 4
Hello my dear friend Fayez.
How are you today?
Today I visited an ice palace. Skated with girlfriends. It was very cheerful!!! Has come to the Internet cafe very tired. Now in me hurt muscles... Very unpleasantly:) But anything, I have already got used to this...
When I went from an ice palace, I thought, about what to you today to write. Also has decided to write to you about the character. I think to you it will be interesting... At least I hope... And so... I very devoted and vulnerable person. When I love the person, I give him all the warm-heartedness and caress. To me very much to like to communicate with the person, and it is pleasant to me, when the interlocutor can support conversation with me. At me gentle disposition, I can go on concessions, and it is very difficult for me to give up to the person if he will ask to render to it service. I very much like to cook. I like to cook beautiful and exotic dishes. All my friends speak, that I very well cook. I think, that the woman should look after for the house, in fact she the keeper of a home. I very much love children, and I shall make all to bring up their worthy people. I not choosy, for me have no special value, whether there will be at me a smart house or a small apartment. To me all the same, in fact the main thing, what the favourite person was a near. I very much like walks on the nature, the beautiful nature. Still I very much like to float, I very much like water, be it the river or lake, or the sea. From the future husband I wait for love and that else is necessary for happiness. I want, that he appreciated my fidelity to him and then I shall give him everything, that I can. My dream to meet that the man which will love me, and I of him. I think, that for the husband and the wife this most important. If all will be all how I want, I shall leave though on edge of light to my to loved. And so... I think, now you know me more better. How to you my character? I also want to find out your character:) Also I wanted you to inform what to not receive from you any a photo.
Please if it is not difficult for you, have gone to me of them once again. Well. I should go. I shall wait for your letters...
I send you a friendly kiss:) Your friend Sveta.
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