Scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
How are you ?
I am glad, that you have written to me the letter, I was very much It is glad to receive from you answer. First of all, please allow me to Apologize for a delay of my answer to you. I am happy, that you have Written the letter to me, that you trust me. I shall be very serious, I shall be The answer to your question.
I when was not married at me there are no children.
Also I have noticed that in Russia alcoholic drinks very often, in us many like to drink People drink from Russia. You know about it?? I do not drink and I do not smoke. I have no bad habits!! To me of 27 years, I was born February 1980. And when you were born??? I the white Russian girl. My religion, I the Christian. I - the Sensitive, kind, thoughtful and easily surprised person. But In opinion concerning my close friends, I cheerful, clever and The intellectual, purposeful, sociable person. I would like to inform you That my city of Cheboksary to be in Russia. Cheboksary it 790 kilometers located approximately from Moscow. Our city very much Beautiful, I very much love the cities. In our city - very beautiful streets.
Most of all I wish to speak that my favourite season summer.
I love, when the sun shines in streets when birds sing, it so The novel. And you love summer?? Also I would like to inform you About we wash formation. I have studied University. I have finished University, In 2003 Also I wish to speak you which I have learned Language when I studied at university, I can speak On foreign language Without any problems, I think so. But I can assume It is a lot of mistakes in words, I hope, that you will understand me without any Problems Really? Please, inform me on it in yours after Electronic letters, well? Also I would like to inform you, that from the end University, I have received the diploma of a speciality of the children's doctor.
Now I work in hospital as the children's doctor.
I shall be very glad if you will answer me my letter.
About your city where - you, alive, I never was in other
The countries, and I shall be it, is glad to know about your country.
Well, allow me to finish wash the letter, Send by e-mail, I hope to see your answer
Soon! I have placed my photo, me hope, that you will find my photo good. Well,
Good, hoping to see yours the message it is fast! Care, yours faithfully,
Your new Russian friend, Valentina!
Letter 2
Hello my love !!!
I am very glad to your letter. I long and with impatience waited for your letter .
I very much wish you to see my sweet. Because I have met the love, you are my prince without which I cannot live. My love I perfectly know, that it will be complex to me to live without you. My sweet, I cannot present at all if I shall lose you . Because I cannot long live without the loving person. But I am glad, that I have found you !!! You are my love for all life. I am assured, that I shall live with you all life. My dream to find the love already was executed. Now it is necessary to carry out the second dream!!! It is a meeting with you !!! I have found the love it you . And I think, that this dream to be executed very soon I very strongly love you and I shall be glad as it is possible on more quickly with you to meet!!! I would be very strong glad if we with you have met you. I all time try to think only of you and about our future meetings. I so wish to see you and to be only with you all time because I very strongly love you. But unfortunately we are divided now with huge distance. But two loving persons who love the friend each other, they we shall necessarily meet and we shall be together. Dear when we shall be together? I wish to sit somewhere at small cosy restaurant and to drink with you red wine, and then to concern your lips. To me to be strong it would be desirable with you on a beach. Today at me very good mood. What mood at you? Each time when I receive from you the letter at me the mood raises! With love. I send you kisses!
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