Scam Letter(s) from Anna Lohanova to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Steve!!! I am again very glad to receive your letter and I am grateful to you for so prompt reply. Today before to go for work I in the morning has gone to the Internet of cafe to check up my electronic letter box. I was very glad to find out your letter. My dear to me that is very pleasantly that you invite me to visit you. It is a little unexpected for me in fact we still so are poorly familiar. I all time dreamed to visit other country and to me is not trusted that at me such opportunity has appeared. I very much would want to learn you closer and to communicate with you in a real life. On this I cannot refuse your invitation and I am ready to arrive to you to lead with you some time. I very much would want to speak by with you to phone but unfortunately I cannot name to you the number as to our apartment yet have not lead phone. The matter is that we with mum have sold our old apartment have taken the credit and we have bought completely new apartment in which not so long ago have moved. And in our new house while anybody does not have phone. There can be you will give me number of phone and I shall try to name you. Today I as contacted travel agency and learned that that is required to me that I could arrive to you. In agency to me have told that I should do the visa. The visa and necessary medical information will cost 450 USD.Aeca will be ready approximately in a week since that day as I shall pay for it the required sum. I shall be very glad if you will help to arrive to you and it will be very pleasant for me to spend with you. As I contacted bank and have learned that as you can send me of money. In bank to me have told that there is a system of translations which refers to Western Union and that that this system works worldwide. Still to me have told that it is the fastest and reliable variant of remittance. You are familiar with this system of translations? Still to me have told that you should know my full name and my home address to send me of money. I shall write to you at the end of this letter. Still to me have told that that I could receive your translation I should know your full name both your full home address and control number of translation which refers to (MTCN) Write to me it. My dear I has done the utmost and has learned all about that as I can arrive to you. As I tried to answer all your questions and I think that my answers of you arrange. On it I want to finish the letter. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
Whole. Anna.

about my address and fullname.
My first name (name): Anna
My last name (surname): Lohanova
My country: Russia
My town: Kazan
My postcode: 420078
My adress: Biruzovaya str. house 23 appartment 38

Letter 2

Hello my dear Steve!!! I am again very glad to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me that you so quickly answer my letters. How are you doing? How you have lead the days off? In the day off I met the girlfriends and we cheerfully spent time. We walked on park and went to cafe. We talked also I much has told him about you and about that that I shall soon travel to you. My girlfriends are glad to that that we could to meet you and to that that our attitudes develop. I too am very glad to this and I think of you much and I present our our first meeting. And you frequently think of me? My dear I as it is very glad to that that you could to send me of money that I could receive the visa. My dear I has read your letter today in the afternoon when during a lunch break on work I went to the Internet of cafe to check up e-mail. After work I have gone to bank to receive your translation but so it and have not received. To me have told that I necessarily should know your full name your surname and your home address. Write to me please it differently I cannot take away money from bank. My dear as I asked you write to me a phone number on which I can to name you but you to me it and have not written. Write to me it and I shall try to name you. As to medical charges about which you me ask that they are required at reception of an information on a condition of my health. Unfortunately all these information paid and for them it is necessary to pay. My dear on it I want to finish the letter to you. I with impatience wait for your answer. I send you my sensitive kiss. Your Anna.

P.S My dear I send you a photo on which I and my mum.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Steve!!! I am again very glad will receive your letter. I have received it at that time when was free from work to have dinner. My dear I has written down your address and MTCN and after work I have gone to bank to receive your translation. I have just returned from bank and I write to you. My dear I again could not receive money which you to me have sent. In bank to me have told that the computer cannot find your surname in the database and that that such MTCN does not exist or that that it is not correctly specified. I have written it precisely just as you to me have specified. There can be you were mistaken when wrote to me it. My dear in bank to me have told that you still should have form which you filled to send me of money. It has remained with you? If it at you is that write to me that as you have specified there the surname and once again repeat to me MTCN.??? road I a little awkwardly I feel after in second time I could not receive your translation. My dear I has written down number of your phone and I shall try to name you. My dear today I am very tired and very much I want to go home and to prepare for dream. I with impatience shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I send you one million my most gentle kisses. Your Anna.

Letter 4

Hello Steve!!! I have received your letter and again I went to bank where to me have again told that MTCN which you have written to me does not exist. As I tried to name you under number which you to me have named and at me have left nothing as the operator to me has told that it not correct number. My dear I think that you deceive me and play with me!!!! What for you do it??? I sincerely wanted to be friends of you and to arrive to you for some time and you so with me have costed. I think that this act is not worthy the gentleman. Anna.



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