Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Gabdrahmanova to Joseph (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Josef!
As you probably already understand, you wrote Oksana! I am very pleased to receive your letter.
I apologize for the delay in my response, but I think this is the last time.
I'm really happy that you wrote to me!
Also, I hope my e-mail was a big surprise for you as well as for me!
Is that so?
I want to tell you why I decided to use the internet! The fact that my friend Elena, found a future husband through the Internet! Her husband's name - Harry, and she moved in with him in Australia!
Elena and Harry are very happy together! I see and I know how much they are happy, and I'm very happy for them!
You now probably have a question: Why did not I found a Russian man?
I will be very serious and honest, and I will answer you, I had a friend from Russia from my city and I love him very much!
But he found another girl for you! I also know that he was very much liked to drink alcohol, how many people in Russia, may be you know about it?! I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes!
I just do not have any bad habits! I also want to take it to my friend Elena!
She also has no bad habits, and people Australia and Europe appreciate it in women, as well as their own!
You respect women?
My friend, when I saw your profile, I immediately decided to write to you.
So, I really want to tell you more about yourself! I - 28 years old, I was born on April 7, 1984 :) what is your birthday?
By nationality I am Russian girl. My religion - Christianity. I believe in the God of Jesus.
I've never been married and have no children. I - sensitive, kind, thoughtful. Here are some definitions who can tell me my family and friends - kind, funny, smart and intelligent, purposeful, sociable. Now I want to tell you about the city where I live! :) The name of my city - Elabuga.
Elabuga is 1000 kilometers from our Russian capital - Moscow.
Elabuga - one of the great cities of Russia. And I am very much your wonderful city!
In our city there are many beautiful streets and attractions. You probably know, what we have here in Russia, often cold, and our weather often causes people to wear warm clothes!?
Tell us about your weather! My favorite season of the year - summer! When the sun is very bright and I can hear the birds singing!
It is very romantic! Do you love summer? :) Also, I really want to tell you about my education.
I studied at the Medical University. I graduated from university in 2005, it was in the university I learned English well, and I can speak English without any problems! But I think I'm still going to make mistakes! =)
And if we will analyze these errors together, then I can know English better!
I hope you will not refuse to help me? :) So forgive me in advance if I make mistakes!!
You forgive me? :)
I also want to say that after the completion of the university, I graduated specialty "Medical Biochemistry".
But unfortunately I was not able to continue his career of Medina, because here in Russia as in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a good job of my specialty.
And now I'm working as a waitress in a bar, even though I am a doctor by training ... I really enjoy working in the bar, and our visitors - very nice people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet!
Computer located in the office of our boss, our bar. The fact is that I do not have a computer in my home, and I have to use a computer from my boss.
I wrote so much! I do not think I could tell you so much and write!
I finish my email to you. I will be grateful if you also tell us about yourself!
I would like you to tell me about your family, it is really a great your family?
Oh my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 54 kg and my height - 172 centimeters!
Also email me your height, weight, tell me about your city, where you live, I've never been in other countries!
And I'll be very glad to know more about your country!
I hope to see your answer soon! I add your photo, and I hope that you find her attractive! :) Also, I would like to see your photos.
I hope very soon to see your answer!!
Your new Russian friend, Oksana. P.S. My dear friend, I am unfortunately not very good at computers, and I asked her friend Helen that she registered
I was on the dating site, and I have no idea why they said the wrong city!
Now I live in Russia, the city Elabuga.
My friend, I hope you not offended by me and our friendship!
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