Scam letter(s) from Yana Polak to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello jeremy.
It was very pleasant to me to receive and read your letter.
It is very a pity to me that you have not answered questions interesting me which I set to you in the last letter.
For me it is very important for knowing and I ask you concern more seriously it and write to me about it in the following letter
jeremy I were very much admired with your letter and it was very interesting to me to learn your life much more than I could know about you observing your profile on a site of acquaintances.
You very good man and I am very glad that I have dialogue with you.
Last night I visited that site of acquaintances on which we had our acquaintance and long thought of that to finish the active search of the man on this site.
I have decided to stop definitely on your person and I think that it will be my correct choice.
My search and dialogue with men on the Internet lasted about one month and for this time I met different men.
To me I was very difficult to communicate with which many men met also opinion on them at me was not good.
Many men which are on this site have only desire of trite entertainment and confuse me. Many of them after several letters ask ***** photos, but I never it sent them also you I ask that you never asked from me such photos. I was brought up in rather strict family and my parents have brought up me so the girl first of all should be ferial and never do silly acts.
jeremy you seem to me absolutely other man and your manner of dialogue is decent that pleases me.
Yes. I understand that else I know you very little and probably I do not need to do hasty conclusions.
But you seem to me very good man and my interest to learn you is very great more.
jeremy now I wish to tell to you about that why I search for the man on the Internet and what exactly I wish to find.
For me it is very difficult to have acquaintance to men in the city and to have acquaintances in cafe or in the street.
I feel much better and easier on the Internet and I can be oneself not being afraid to seem silly or ridiculous.
Probably you as can have interest to that why I had search of the man from other country.
I will try to answer you to tell about it and to let to you know that that have turned my search for side-altars of my country.
Many men of our city of Chelyabinsk and as a whole our country of Russia have very loose way of life and many bad habits which only are injurious to their health.
But it is the basic feature of character of the Russian man which does not please me and rejects my interest.
I do not want that you thought of that that all men in Russia conduct such way of life.
But it is the real fact which forces me to pay attention to foreign men.
In my country many the good clever brought up and not having bad habits of men.
But as it often happens they already have the companions of a life and it does not give possibility to refer with them.
jeremy I are surprised strongly with a foreign manner of dialogue and a way of life that gives me possibility to have pleasant dialogue.
For me as that the man searches for very important that on the Internet and that he wishes to receive from dialogue with the girl.
I do not search for dialogue only to have entertainment!!!
To me it is very important that you could understand it and as did not search for dialogue with me only for the sake of an entertainment.
I wish to have possibility build serious relations which in consequence can to lead to serious feelings.
Many speak me about that that dialogue on the Internet not seriously and it only an entertainment.
But I so do not think also to me it seems that such dialogue gives possibility to learn character of the person is much better.
Will address to the Internet for search of love to me one visitor of our hairdressing salon has advised.
She told to me about that that her sister has found the future man thus and now has happy marriage with him and lives in its country.
Having listened to this girl I have seriously reflected on that to concern with the man from other country.
jeremy now I am very glad that have met you and once again I speak to you about that that my search is finished.
I am very interested by you and it seems to me that together we can have the serious future of our dialogue.
For me it is very important how much seriously you concern dialogue with me.
jeremy what exactly is important for you in dialogue with the ******* the Internet and whether you are ready to stop the search on me. Also will follow to my example stop search of other girls and will communicate only with me, for me it will be very pleasant.
I ask you write to me please about it.
Now I only do not wish to seem to you boring and I hope for your understanding.
I will wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hi jeremy.
Today I feel in very good mood.
I long thought of you and waited for your letter and your thoughts.
It was very important to jeremy me to know what do you think of dialogue on the Internet and for what exactly you search.
Having read your letter I was very glad and in many respects I support your sights.
Now I understand that you seriously concern our dialogue and very strongly I appreciate it.
It seems to me that our letters and our dialogue will give us only positive emotions.
In the letter today I wish to tell to you about the parents.
I think that in a life of each person parents should take a valid place.
My parents are in 120 kilometres of driving from my city.
I am very a pity to me that not so I can often visit them but I try to remember them always.
To keep in contact with them I use phone and often I call to them.
My parents are engaged in a personal part-time farm. It is a lot of years they worked in state farm but in 90th years when the USSR that many state farms has collapsed have collapsed also state farm the Spark in which my parents worked has gone bankrupt also my parents remained without work. Since then they grow up large horned livestock.
In much their life has monotonous character and very seldom there are changes.
My daddy is called Michael to it by 63 years but for the years it is very active and is engaged in work.
All technics which is in an economy of my parents is in its order.
Mum is called Tatyana and now to her by 59 years.
Mum is engaged in all affairs that is connected with which animals my parents plant.
The history of acquaintance of my parents very interesting also has many moments of true love.
As to me my mum she told has got acquainted with the daddy still when studied with him at one school.
On which termination my daddy have taken away on military service and she waited its three years.
It seems to me that in young years of my parents the relation to love and fidelity were much stronger than today.
I think of that that now not many girls can wait for the guys so long and to store fidelity.
But it seems to me that such girls are and in many respects here all depends on strong love.
After my father has returned from military service back my parents have decided to get married and begin a joint life.
After 2 years of a joint life of my parents I was born and for them it was very significant and long-awaited day.
I am very grateful for that that my parents could bring up me and give me all parental love.
It was difficult to me to leave them when I left in city to study and begin an independent life.
But in due course I have got used to that that parents are far from me but always kept in contact with them.
I was amazed always with that fact that my parents were able to do without the big monetary expenses.
All that is necessary for them they grow up the hands and spend money only to buy clothes and medicines.
In many respects they conduct very modest way of life and adhere to the same vital principles on which there lived their ancestors.
jeremy I hope for that that it will be pleasant to you to know more about my parents and their life.
Their life can probably seem to you boring but they are really glad to that than are engaged.
I love the parents and is grateful to them for that that they could give me a life.
To me will be as very interestingly to learn about your parents and feature of their life.
I hope for that that you can tell to me about it in the following letter.
Now I want that we had possibility to learn a life each other and it seems to me that at us with you it turns out.
jeremy as today I thought of that to have possibility to speak with you by phone.
I very much would like to hear your voice.
I will be glad if you can give me contact number of phone that I could call to you.
Now I finish the letter but me still so it would be desirable to tell to you about myself much.
I think that in the course of our dialogue we can each time that that new to learn in each other.
jeremy I with the big interest will wait for your letter and your new stories.
Yours faithfully Anna.
Letter 3
In history of development of mankind value of mystical mood - inspiration - can be never overrated. In this or that form it gets all sincere human life, is a life basic element.
Agree, Only thanks to light we see beauty! You feel?
Without your attention and a careful spirit, there is no contrast and brightness, even solar beams lose the true patch of light and charm.
I am afraid to feel once heat cold, and emptiness underfoot ….
Inspiration - a synonym of uncontrollable desire. The uncontrollable desire of continuation of divine acquaintance involves madness in depth of an intrigue of soul ….
You simply do not represent, as the instant which pleases with change of scenery of private world when I bathe in gentle shy passion of your present attention …
is great and mighty! Where now an instant of your sensitive rhythm of heart?
I am assured, there is a sense in search of sense, in many-sided nature of ideas, every instant your voluptuous attention ….
Ok, I wait ….
Letter 4

Hi jeremy.
Today reading of your letter has very strongly pleased me again.
I am glad the nobility that what do you think of a healthy way of life.
It seems to me that you care of the health and try to live an active life.
jeremy each time when I read your letters I I am interested in your life more and more.
Your life very interesting and in many respects she surprises me.
My desire to learn you very strong also interests me very strongly.
Probably I am am surprised with a life of your country after all she absolutely another.
But first of all I am very glad to understand your life and your outlooks on life.
jeremy we know with you each other very small time but I often think of you.
Often I think of you looking on which men I meet in shops or in the street.
I understand as strongly you differ from them and I am am pleased with those that I have possibility to communicate with you.
It seems to me that you very interesting man which can surprise the woman and interest her.
Each time when I receive your letter me your manner of dialogue surprises.
Now I feel the big desire as it is possible to learn is better you and your character.
I think that in due course to a smog to understand you much better and our dialogue will give the chance to me.
Today I told about you of the girlfriend Natalya with which together I work.
She has been very surprised by that fact that I communicate with the foreign man and asked me about that how much foreign men differ from men of our country much.
I spoke Natalya about that that you very good man and it is pleasant to communicate with you.
jeremy dialogue with you now for me becomes very enticing business and my interest to you is really great.
To me very pleasantly that with what politeness you communicate with me and I appreciate in you it very strongly.
Many men of my country really very rough and with them absolutely not probably to communicate.
I as met many such rude fellows and on the Internet having only disappointment from such dialogue.
When I spoke today Natalya about your advantages she have told to me about that that to me very much has carried.
I think of that what to meet such man as you it is the big rarity.
You very pleasant man and I speak you it sincerely.
jeremy dialogue with you which becomes for me very important.
What exactly seems to me with you at me it will turn out to construct serious relations.
For this purpose it is necessary for us as it is possible to learn is better each other.
I do not wish to hasten and I hope that our letters can open to us a way to feelings.
I have strong hope of it and my interest in you grows every day.
I hope that you as concern my letters and they bring to you pleasure.
jeremy I will wait for your letter and your new surprising stories.
Anna ….
Letter 5
Hello very interested in my person. again I am writing my thoughts.
want very much to tell you, but it does not give his words the thoughts that are in my head.
In recent days, my mood like the weather. or I'm the kind of person who adapts to the mood weather.
yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining brightly. I had a positive mood. but in the evening, my spirits sank. I was home alone, and I was very bored. I thought a lot about you. I began to cry. I did not even notice that the street dripping rain. I woke up in the morning. I first thought about you. I really missed you. again, there were tears.
looked at the street, where rain falls in torrents. I do not have feelings. want to be hugged someone, warmed my heart. but I'm not close to this person, with whom I'd love to spend all my time.
together smiling, upset, enjoy life.
I always think of you. Do not scold me. If you do not like my thoughts, and my writing. you just write me, what I do not like me, and I'm sick of you. I understand everything correctly and do not ever write.
I chose you, and I want more. but if you do not want the same thing, I think it makes no sense to talk. Email me your answer on this point!
I wait with impatience. Your charm Anna
Letter 6
Hi jeremy.
I express you the strong gratitude for your letter.
For me again it was very pleasant to read your thoughts and it really is very interesting to me.
Today I had very cheerful day on work and it was felt by all our employees.
I always very much am am pleased with such days as today and bring to me a lot of good mood.
Together with colleagues on work we had many jokes and cheerful conversations.
In our hairdressing salon girls work only and sometimes all of us together joke much.
It charges our working atmosphere positive energy and it is pleasant to our clients.
The majority of girls which surround me on work are my good girlfriends.
We often meet together when we have the days off and we have joint rest.
I am very happy with the work because she brings to me only the financial income but also good mood.
As in many respects working mood it is twisted from clients which visit our hairdressing salon.
More often to me pleasant women and girls with which come it is possible to have interesting dialogue.
When I do a hairdress that I try as it is possible to learn is better from the client its taste and style.
In many respects quality of my work depends on dialogue with the client and its mood.
Sometimes I should deal with very rough women which behave very much loftily.
Such people bring only bad mood and do not deliver me pleasure from my work.
It is very pleasant to me to work with the constant clients which it is pleasant as I do by it hairdresses.
I have some clients which very much appreciate my work and always address only to me.
Work with such clients delivers me a lot of pleasure and pleasant dialogue which I very much appreciate.
Such women always tell to me about that that the new has happened in their life and share impressions.
jeremy I wish to tell to you about that that in many respects I am very strongly happy with the work.
It seems to me that in many respects it depends on our amicable collective and cheerful working atmosphere.
We always celebrate all birthdays of our employees and we give them gifts.
As we celebrate all holidays and we try as it is possible concerns to each other more friendly.
I think of that that unity of our working collective is based on respect each other.
For me work is an image of my life and I always with pleasure go to our hairdressing salon.
Many my acquaintances speak to me about that I should search to itself for a work place on the speciality the lawyer.
Probably I could have much more money working as the lawyer but I do not think that I could have more pleasures.
After the termination of university I and could not find to myself it is work on a speciality.
Having arranged in our hairdressing salon the first time I as was in search of work by the lawyer.
Now I do not think of that to leave our collective because have very strongly got used to our girls.
jeremy for me it will be very pleasant to know more about your work and working atmosphere which you surrounds.
You take pleasure in the work?
I will be very glad if you can write to me about it in the following letter.
My interest to you becomes more every day and I notice as thought on you began to visit me much more often.
You very pleasant man and I will not get tired to you about it to speak.
I will wait for your letter and your new stories.
Letter 7
When the harsh reality of cruel wings of silence envelops you. when the heart stops in the deafening loneliness.
Do you realize that plunged into the abyss of the faceless unanswered thoughts.
Timid breath of the soul realizes that flashed before the eyes of even the divine image of forgotten memories. Certainly, it is a crying pleasant moments. Possible ....
But, this is just a moment .... Without your attention, I'm afraid of drowning in the deep voluptuous suffocating silence. This is very sad...!
Gentle smile, please, accept my gentle touch to your mouth. Please, try to understand, your attention like water - I need it.
Water - it is the softest and the weakest person in the world, but to overcome the hard and strong is invincible, and the world can not cope with it.
Your attention, like water, is indescribable.
A storm of emotions grasps the importance of accents, can not pass the taste and color of your attention, but it is unknown pleasure is crazy ...!
I need you like a flower water ...! Do not let it dry sensation of my heart ....
Letter 8
Hi jeremy.
Today I was very pleasantly surprised again with your letter.
In your letter I have seen a lot of good mood which you could express in it.
Really always it is very pleasant to me to read your letters.
I was very strongly upset with that fact that you have not written to me about the work.
For me it is very important to know more about your work and as you concern her) jeremy I hope for that that today you feel in good mood.
For me as it is very important that you could write me the letters in good mood.
I try to stay always in good mood and to look on associates with a positive.
Sometimes in my life there are difficult moments when I have bad mood and a sad kind.
In such moments I always address to the friends and I ask and in many
Today I wish tell to you about which those people I can to name with pride of the friends.
It seems to me that in a life of each person there is a place for friends and without such people it is very difficult to live.
Many my good friends now live in other cities and I so often them I see.
During my student's years I have got acquainted with which those people now I name loyal friends.
It those people with which to me was necessary to go through many various situations and to keep strong friendship.
After the termination of university for the majority of my friends have left in other cities to search for work.
Who that of them has arrived back to our city and who that could find to itself(himself) good work and now lives in other cities.
I keep in contact with many friends on the Internet and using phone.
It is possible to me so it is frequent with them to meet because distance does not give this possibility.
But I always try to support with them the communication and to learn as there passes their life.
As I have friends with which I see every day and I can not simply present the life without them.
They are girls from which my work I can name with pride of the best friends.
It seems to me that without good and the life would be much more difficult and more boring than loyal friends.
I think that is necessary to value friendship with close friends and concerns them with the big respect.
In my life there were some moments when I had to address for the help to friends.
To me it would be much more difficult if I had no friends and these moments in a life on long remain in memory.
For me as it is very important to support to the friends when they require it.
I think that it is necessary to appreciate very strongly the friends after all they are a support in a life.
jeremy I hope for that that you as you value the relation with which people name friends.
You can probably tell to me about them?
jeremy I will be very glad if you can write to me about that what do you think of concept friendship.
Probably you had difficult cases in a life when you were gained by your friends.
It will be very interesting to me to know all it and I with the big interest will wait for your letter.
Now I receive a lot of good mood from ours with you of dialogue.
My interest to you is really very great!!!
Yours faithfully Anna.
Letter 9
Hi jeremy.
I was very glad to read your thoughts in the letter and with the great pleasure did it.
For me it was pleasant to know that what do you think of the friends.
It very well that in your life is which those people you can to name friends.
It seems to me that in a life of each person there is a place for friendship and without it the life loses the initial sense.
Today being on the work I thought of you much and reflected on your person.
It seems to jeremy me that I very little you know but it only strengthens my interest to you.
I feel not only interest to you but also I test certain liking which I do not wish to hide.
You really seem to me very pleasant and nice man and dialogue with you gives me only pleasure.
It was very important to me to know about your work and your native people which I have great value in your life.
Now I understand that I have your certain superficial image and I can present your life.
All it very much is pleasant to me in you and I test to you certain liking and very great interest.
But I would like to learn you much better and to try to understand your character and your outlooks on life.
jeremy I hope for that that you can help to learn to me your character much better.
That to you I was much easier to show me lines of the character I wish to acquaint you with the ideal.
I think that each girl has a certain ideal man about which she dreams also which to aspire to find in a life.
For me it is personally very important that my man was though than that is similar to my ideal.
In we wash understanding my ideal image of character of the ideal man for me should possess very important qualities for me:
Courage, decency, nobleness, politeness, honesty, romanticism, care, sense of humour
Probably I could continue this list still very long but I do not wish to seem to you too tiresome.
I have shown you those advantages which I really very strongly I appreciate in the man.
jeremy for me it is very important that you could underline those advantages from my list which see in the character and can confidently tell that you possess these advantages.
In many respects I see in you these advantages because in dialogue with me you always very polite and decent.
It is really worthy respect because not many men can so adequately to communicate with the girl.
I very much appreciate it in you and to me it will be very pleasant if you can write to me about the advantages much more.
jeremy as you can write to me about that that particularly appreciate in the girl and to describe the personal female ideal.
It seems to me that thus we can learn our characters much better.
I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Letter 10
You know, what is the main enemy of love? No, hatred it only joy for words. The most important enemy of sensuality of hearts, this indifference and indifference.
As though loneliness tear was not bitter, there is much more seriously an enemy of any relations.
Indifference can keep ruthless cruelty any force of voluptuousness and involuntarily leave alone with loneliness, silence and a gloomy cold of emptiness …. It is sad, the truth?
Having buried in a life of movements of a life surrounding us, we can forget that is more important actually.
Having shown over the decision of a problem we can be forgotten under an equal coverlet of indifference. It is terrible …!
You know, force of love loses sense before deadly indifference ….
I do not wish to lose thought and before not clear charm of indifference ….
I do not wish to be under a coverlet of your indifference …. I am afraid even of thoughts on it …. In mad hope I wait for your passionate letter.
I hasten for to reciprocate earlier on your attention a sweet smile.
Therefore do not ruin me the silence. It will be fine to feel on itself your heat of care and tenderness …!
Never forget that in an Internet jungle there is I, I always wait for your wonderful attention …!
And not only attention, but also all that you are ready to present to me for sincere development of our pleasant dialogue ….
Letter 11
Hi jeremy.
Today I have very good mood and I wish to share it with you.
I will be very glad if reading this letter on your face there will be a smile.
jeremy I have been very upset by that that you could not answer my questions which I set to you in the last letter and could not open to me feature of the character. All it is very important for me and I ask you about that that you could write about it in the following letter. You very remarkable man and I cannot describe that in the letter as I am glad a name possibility to communicate with you.
In each your letter I see many pleasant phrases for me and always I rejoice to your valid relation.
It seems to me that my interest to you becomes a certain inclination and I think of you is more often.
jeremy I try to understand you and your life as it is possible is better having learnt your outlooks on life and the relation to many things.
My liking to you grow every day and it really very strongly pleases me.
Today I wish to tell to you about the former unsuccessful experience of dialogue with the foreign man.
Probably it was necessary for me to tell to you about it from the very beginning of ours with you of dialogue.
But I very long did not dare to write to you about it because hesitated of that as you will concern it.
Now having learnt you much more and is better I test to you the certain trust and I can write about it.
This sad history has happened to me 2,5 years ago and I had to restore long myself after the received spiritual wounds which has very strongly spoilt my relation to men and trustfulness to them.
I had dialogue with the man from USA and communicated with him as using the Internet sending to it the letters. Him called Guy it he spoke that that the director and films.
It initially seemed to me very strange man as its ****** concern did not give me rest.
But I tried not to pay attention to this strangeness though she very often did me very confused.
Our dialogue lasted about one month and in a consequence he began to call assiduously me to itself(himself) in the country.
This man has really turned to me a head and promised me a worthy and remarkable life in its country.
He spoke to me about wedding and about that as dreams to have general children and to build home life together with him.
Probably I was simply very silly but his letters seemed me truthful and I have grown fond its all heart.
I resolutely prepared necessary documents for travel to its country and had strong dream to be near to him.
When all affairs of documents necessary for visiting of its country were ready it has written to me about that that he can buy tickets for me in the country much more cheaply and to send me them.
I had to send it necessary money for tickets using system of remittances and it were at that time very big money for me.
After it has received money necessary for tickets it did not write to me three days.
I very strongly worried any more about money and for this mean man after all my feelings to it were strong.
His letter after long expectation has given me only a considerable quantity of tears and strong insult.
He wrote to me about that that it was plundered by thieves and all these days it has spent in hospital having numerous traumas.
All it seemed to me very real and my naivety has forced me again will address to search of money for tickets.
I remember as my parents have helped me then with necessary for purchase of tickets by money.
At that time also closed ears from friends which dissuaded me to carry out the travel to this doubtful foreigner.
Then I had really very big feelings to this man and lived only it one.
But as it has appeared in the end it only wished to deceive me and to break my feelings.
I remember this moment when having landed in New York - John F Kennedy International Airport had only loneliness and the broken love.
Its phone has been switched off and to the address which it specified to me in the letters absolutely other person lived.
It was very heavy to me to realise that fact that mean Guy so has severely deceived me.
Having come back to Russia I long time stayed in very strong depression and could not restore heart from a pain.
This worst time in my life seemed to me that and I am grateful to the friends for that that they have helped me to be restored and try to forget all that with me happens as a terrible dream.
The best doctor and in due course my sincere wound of the broken love has ceased to disturb time.
The only thing that all this sad history has changed this my relation to dialogue on the Internet and as a whole the relation to men doing my trust to a male very small.
I long did not dare the second time will address to the Internet and to begin search of relations in a network but has made it because to me really much more pleasantly and much more to communicate and learn the man on the Internet.
My girlfriends speak to me that I can repeat sad history of my last travel abroad.
But I try not to think of it and I trust in that that my destiny will give me the second chance for dream which execute necessarily.
jeremy looking at you and reading your letters I very strongly am surprised to that as you differ from mean Guy.
I do not wish to do hasty conclusions but it seems to me that your decency and nobleness will not allow so will arrive with the girl which to love you.
For me dialogue with you shows that fact that all men different and to me has very strongly carried that I have found you.
I do not know as you will concern me after I have told to you about the sad moment in a life.
But it seems to me that you can understand me.
jeremy I will wait for your letter and your thoughts.
Letter 12
Smile is possible, but is expensively appreciated....
Your gentle smile, always for me is more important, warmer, more gentle, brighter and more careful than the most shining beams of the sun. Understand …!
Life is a smile even if on the face tears … flow.
Sometimes, I understand, that without your attention, without your smile in my soul and my inner world there comes a cold and silence develops sad tears ….
If it is fair, the beautiful smile intrigues, modest touches, kind pleases, happy fascinates, sincere inspires. The smile does not leave indifferent.
Tell, what today your smile for me? :)
Smile to the Life, and she will necessarily smile to you in the answer!
Simply smile …!
And tiny rays of heat will shy creep in your become sad soul, will warm heart and, having spread delightful calmness, will light your eyes :).
In reply to your smile I hasten to answer with the most voluptuous tenderness. Yes …! You have perfectly consulted …!
At you it has turned out to carry out pleasant change of scenery in my private world …! ;)
Letter 13
Hi jeremy!!!!
I very long waited for your letter and thought of you.
It was very interesting to me as you will concern my last letter.
My experiences were really strong and did not give rest all this time.
On work I could not as to be quiet and girls noticed that in what I there was a mood.
I could not hide from them that that disturbs me and has told it about ours with you dialogue.
jeremy I hope for that that you not against that that I could share it with the girlfriends.
It became valid me much easier when I could express them the experience.
I very strongly worried about that that could tell to you about the sad love.
It seemed to me that I have made it in vain and very strongly was upset in that that could write you it.
My girlfriends have calmed me and convinced me of that that I have made all correctly.
Girls spoke to me about that that I should not keep from you it a secret and worry.
My girlfriends have supported me and spoke to me about that that you can necessarily understand me.
But in the heart of the soul I continued to worry and could be easy only having read your letter.
jeremy I am very glad that you could to understand completely me and my last broken feelings.
Your words in the letter have warmed my soul and I was once again convinced of that that you the remarkable man.
Now I feel many liking to you and is strongly grateful for that that you could support me.
That I really should not seems to jeremy me to forget about feelings and less often to recollect about the broken love.
I think that I conduct a correct and decent life which gives to me is right to have love in a life.
Today I thought of love and about that much as people which are happy have this happiness in a life.
It seems to me that only the love can make the person on the present very happy.
I really already very much was not disturbed for a long time by these feelings but I do not wish to forget these feelings.
I hope and I dream of that that the love will come again during my life having filled with its trembling of feelings.
I am now very glad and grateful to the destiny for that that you have appeared in my life.
jeremy I not when will not cease to speak to you about that what you the remarkable man and as to me has carried.
It is very pleasant to me to read each time your thoughts and to accept from you compliments.
I am confident that that I can not to meet such as you in the city!!!
For me there is very important a dialogue with you and more and more I start to notice as me pulls to you.
I understand that we not to time did not see each other in a real life and could not communicate looking each other in eyes.
But I am confident that that you the decent man and absolutely differ from that who could do once to me painfully.
jeremy your letters could show me your life and open to me your character.
I think of that that once we necessarily will meet also to us will be to talk about what.
I now simply am very strongly glad that you are in my life and for me it is always pleasant to communicate with you.
You became for me very important man and I am grateful to you for your attention and your letters.
I want that you as well as I felt in good mood reading my letter.
Know that you really became very significant for me!!!
jeremy I will wait for your letter.
With the big respect Anna.
Letter 14
A silent moonlight night on the brink of the earth" lovely mine this night my dream has interrupted noise of the alarm system of the car. I had a fine dream and could recollect it. I will tell to you it. You only do not laugh I the first time I test as the night poet. All has begun as during ancient times when people were not still such dismissed and validly concerned all that surrounded them. At that time when they still thought that the earth has edge. I have presented myself the inhabitant of those days. Walking on boundless wood along Pure as a mirror of the river I suddenly left at the end of the earth.
At first it has very much frightened me, but I have understood that in it is not present that terrible and that actually it is fine. The river has ended with huge falls. Water fell where that downwards in the unknown. The bright blue moon cheerfully played falls splashes. I have sat down at the end of the earth having lowered feet in a chasm and silently silently sang what that lovely motive. That could not prevent me. The sound of murmur of water calmed my thoughts. To me it was very good. As a result of me the nature has laid in Sound sleep.
When I have woken up from for horizon slowly there was a sun. I would not like to leave this place. But my relatives could lose me and I had to return. When I have returned I to whom has not told about this place. I wanted that this place remains opened only for one person which can always be with me nearby where there will be our paradise.
My darling I will be glad if it there will be you... This dream though has interrupted a sound of a siren but nevertheless I think that it is finished. You Agree with me? You would like to accept my confidential place in a gift? I so am pensive today. I ask you give to me the answer and let it remains our small secret. Until then while we will be on the brink of our falls.
Letter 15
Hello my darling. How your affairs? How are you. I wait your letters every day. The darling I write to you to inform that that I tonight leave parents in village to help to gather a potato crop. The darling in village at my parents is not present access to the Internet. On it I cannot read your mail and write to you. The darling I do not know precisely what is the time harvesting will occupy. I hope that that you will not forget me and will write and wait for my returning. I will try to return as soon as possible. As soon as I will have a possibility I will write to you.
Yours Anna.
Letter 16
Hello my lovely prince. As your affairs. I write you the short letter to inform you that that all I houses I now I can write to you. My angel I so am strong on you I missed wished to check up as soon as possible mail and to write to you. Would wash the prince you only knew as strongly I on you missed. The darling you would know as I is now glad to write to you. The darling now I will wait your letters and now we can write each other every day. I hope you can I will write to me very quickly to wait for your letters. Your princess Anna.
Letter 17
Hi jeremy.
I was madly glad to your letter today and to all those feelings which you could express to me.
For me it was which very delightful letter I long waited.
Last night I thought of you and about that as for me it is now important to be near to you.
For me it was very quivering to think of you and to represent that as there can be we to you a meeting.
I was very glad to feel today your mutual feelings and the nobility that what do you think of our meeting.
We with you a meeting can really show all of us our feelings.
It is now very pleasant to me to know that that you as you wish to organise ours with you a meeting.
jeremy it is not a pity that you could write to me about the home address and the nearest airport in which to you it will be convenient to meet me in the country.
It really is very important for planning of my travel to your country.
For me it is very important that you could write this information in the following letter to me. Today I plan to visit travelling agency "Vidzhetels Tyr" to plan the trip to you.
I wish to learn which documents to me it is necessary to prepare and what documents already are available for me.
My last experience of travel gives me possibility to organise the travel to you much faster.
I have a passport for travel abroad and I require only the visa to stay in your country.
I think that to a smog to learn all particularly in a tourist bureau and to be engaged in affairs of official registration of papers.
The darling I ask you to contact travel agency as they require the information from you that to me was cheaper to arrive to you and faster to make my papers. The darling I ask to show consideration for my request. Here the agency information that you could contact them they will to wait for your letter
manager Oleg Protasov.
The darling now I feel strong pleasure and I do not feel doubts in that that my trip to you will be lucky enough.
You really very remarkable man and I are glad that you are in my life and I have possibility to be near to you.
jeremy I wish to concern very seriously registration of travel and to plan all.
I to the girlfriend on work completely support me and speak to me about that that I should not lose the moment.
Now I understand as feeling in me grow as flowers and bring only happiness.
It seems to jeremy me that in a life I can have much more feelings than on the Internet.
Only thoughts on you now disturb my soul and I cannot cease to think of that how to carry out travel.
I understand that in my life again there was a love and I cannot miss this chance.
You became for me very important man and now I most of all wait for your letters.
Your letters bring to me pleasure and many emotions which give rise to feelings in me.
jeremy I really think that it seriously and I wish to feel it at our meeting.
I think of that that all definitely I learn and I will begin registration of all documents necessary for my travel.
jeremy I will wait for your letter and your thoughts.
Your girl Anna.
Letter 18
Hi jeremy.
I very quiveringly waited for your letter and your pleasant words.
To me it was very pleasant when I read all that that you have written in the letter.
For me it is very important also I very much I think much of your letter.
Today I felt very thoughtful and could think only of you.
jeremy I wish to tell to you about that that now I feel in the soul.
This improbably pleasant feeling which fills me with the big emotions.
It seems to me that I start to understand that my inclination to you begins much more.
I think of that that in my soul certain feelings which I are born I can name love.
Probably for you it sounds very unexpectedly.
But I want that you could know about it and understand that as I concern you.
jeremy I understand that you absolutely surprising man!!!
Now I feel very big desire not only to have your letters and to admire with them.
I wish to be near to you and to admire with you looking on you!!!
Realising that that you are nearby and I can embrace you.
It will seems to me that it is very quivering meeting and I will probably have certain shyness.
But I very strongly wish to be near to you and to learn you in a real life.
jeremy what do you think of that to organise ours with you a meeting?
My girlfriends speak to me about that to learn all force of feelings it is necessary to be near to which that person love.
Now I have very seriously reflected on it and I wish to carry out the trip to you.
But me really it is very important as you concern it and whether you are ready to this meeting?
jeremy I think that to a smog successfully to organise the trip because I have travel experience abroad.
For this purpose it is necessary for me to know only your home address and the international airport in which to you it will be convenient to meet me.
I will be glad if you can write it in the letter.
This experience pitiable was a pity to me that in my life and only did to me badly.
I am now confident that that my trip to you will have only happiness and love.
You very good man and I understand that with what heat and feelings you concern me.
I think of that that the meeting is very important and I feel force of its necessity.
jeremy I understand that in my soul the love to you is born and I wish to understand it completely.
For me as it is very important that you could express the relation to me.
I want that you could answer me with the reciprocity.
Yours Anna.
P.S.My full name: ANNA
My full surname: SHARAVEOVA
My address: Russia, city of Chelyabinsk, Popova, 37a, 24
zip code : 454081
Letter 19
Hi jeremy.
Today I had wonderful day!!!
I tested very good mood for an extent of all day.
I had many thoughts on you and reflexions and the future trip to you.
These thoughts caused in me many positive emotions and did me very joyful.
I as was very strongly pleased with your letter and your warm feelings which you expressed to me in it.
jeremy I wish to tell to you about that that you really do me by very happy girl.
Now I very seriously concern that to organise the trip to your country.
I understand as it now important for us and I try as it is possible to organise all faster.
Today I visited a tourist bureau and learnt about that what documents to me it is necessary to issue.
As I have learnt about that how many registration of all travel and cost will last.
All package deal will cost to me 2200 $ in it cost and registration of the visa of tickets and the insurance joins.
I think of that that I should not have problems with all it and I can organise all.
As today I called to the parents and spoke to them about that that I plan a trip abroad.
My parents have been rather surprised and spoke to me about that that I necessarily could visit them.
I should meet the parents and to tell it in detail about the plans.
I think that they will be very strongly glad to that fact that in my life there were serious feelings.
Tomorrow I wish to visit them and seriously to talk to them about the life and plans for the future.
I think that my parents can approve and support my decision to carry out a trip to you.
jeremy now I feel very happy and I represent ours with you the first meeting.
It will seems to me that it is surprising and very emotional moment in our lives and we for a long time will remember it.
You very good man and I know that being near to you I will not worry.
I really have very strongly grown fond of you and I feel trembling in the soul when I think of you.
jeremy I understand as strongly now you is important for me and mine interest became an inclination of feelings to you.
I do not get tired to be surprised to you and me you seem that in a real life as can pleasantly surprise me.
Now I have dream and I understand that I have its possibility to carry out and be near to you.
jeremy you became my dream and for me it is very important that my dream was carried out.
We with you a meeting will open to all of us our feelings like a flower which reveals from the sun.
Now I will go home and to have many thoughts on you and trembling of the soul.
I will wait for your feelings and your thoughts in your new letter.
After a trip to the parents I will write you the letter.
Yours Anna..
Letter 20
Sweet note today's night lays down on my shoulders. Hot embrace silence covers my heart. Mad voluptuousness shouts smothering, in sky sending my divine kiss.
With magic wraps up my rest of soul, I understand, I sorrowfully realise, that tear stiffens on heart.
I understand, that tendency of development of quiet madness concerns with next kiss of a cold of my heart. Yes …. It is sad. It is awfully sad.
Probably, minor note of grief will be reflected for you by an echo and will help you to experience sensitivity of feelings …. Probably ….
But, in heart of my soul, I believe, that fire of your attention will revive. Yes, you are right, my heart now fights in a sad rhythm.
Understand, without you, without your attention, my melody of soul loses sense. To me sadly to speak it, but pleasure of each day has been filled only by thoughts on you.
Train of pleasant events has been filled only by you …!
Therefore your flower of love now waits for your fast, pleasant, gentle, hot letter …!
I madly dream of your sweet kiss …!
I am assured, at you it will turn out to write to me fast, gentle and careful letter, and you will manage to enclose tenderness of lips at lines which I wait all heart.
In answer, I promise to answer with full reciprocity of sincere scenery of my private world, and to sate next letter with a voluptuous kiss …! Anna.
Letter 21
Hello my darling jeremy.
Today I feel irritable and I have no good mood.
My trip to parents was not successful and only frayed my nerves.
Parents very long dissuaded me from travel to you and reminded me about that as me once have deceived.
Dialogue with parents did me very strongly nervous and I persistently proved them that that you another.
Parents did not wish to listen to me and I only swore at them speaking that that you the good man.
Mum spoke to me that I silly and I do not take a conclusion from errors aspiring to repeat them once again.
jeremy in general my conversation with parents has ended with that that they have not supported me.
I think that they not absolutely understand me and do not know that what you the noble man.
At parting they have told to me about that that it is my life and I should make of the decision.
All it only has very strongly upset me.
As my parents have afflicted me with that that have given up to me with the financial help for official registration of papers.
They have told to me about that that cannot help and do not see in it sense because think that you can deceive me.
Really last experience of my travel abroad the states was very sad for me.
Parents speak to me about that that I have addressed with this question to you and was confident you.
jeremy I wish to tell to you about that that I really have a shortage of money for the planned travel to you.
I have half of all sum of money necessary for registration of all documents and purchase of tickets.
jeremy I suggest you to help me with second half of necessary money.
The darling I do not wish to seem to you impudent but it will seems to me that fairly for both of us.
The meeting is important for our feelings and it will be very good if you can take part in it.
I really have only half of necessary money and the second I planned to take from parents.
jeremy now I ask you be not confused to this fact and concern it with understanding.
Once to me it was very bad from that that I have been deceived not only love but also with money.
Now I understand that you absolutely other man and you can be trusted.
I want that you have helped me with necessary 1050 $.
As soon as I can pay the trip to you in a tourist bureau the beginning of preparation of all necessary papers and registration of my trip will begin.
I can organise all for some days and take off for your country.
Now I very strongly wish to be near to you!!!
My feelings do not give me rest when I think of you.
To me it is very sad that parents do not divide mine of the relation to you.
But I know that you very good man and can necessarily help me.
I hope for that that you can support a financial side of my travel.
jeremy I love you!!!
Yours Anna.
Letter 22
Hello Mr. Jeremy. You are mistaken I not the football player I the usual manager. Probably I only the namesake)). That is very a pity that I not the football player if I it was that I with pleasure would send you the photos.
Letter 23
My full name: ANNA
My full surname: SHARAVEOVA
My address: Russia, city of Chelyabinsk, Popova, 37a, 24
zip code : 454081
Letter 24
My dear, it is very unpleasant to me, that you not attentively read my letters!
The matter is that I wrote to you, in one of the letters, that my phone suffered failure, now it is broken and I do not have phone, hope, that you understand, that I do not have also phone number.
I hope, that you understand, me and it does not become a barrier to us …!
Letter 25
Does not make any problems, to close eyes …, to add soul music …, to be given to sensuality of emotions …, deeply to plunge into trend of gentle aroma of voluptuousness ….
My God …, it is dreams of soul, it is paradise radiance of pleasant thoughts on you …!
Is not present the negative drop, is not present the drop of melancholy and grief is not present …!
Yes …! The melody of my soul caresses heart tenderness of your attention. Yes …! The rhythm of my heart carefully trembles in expectation of your sweet kiss …!
Yes …!
Only you in my thoughts, only your embraces shroud my feet …!
Thanks to it my soul is quiet, I feel thoughts on night dreams, amplify a hot stream of burning expectation of your letter …!
I do not wish to disturb feeling, I do not wish to disturb heart …. I believe, that your fast kiss of soul already hastens to calm my heart …!
You hear …? Ohh …! My soul asks your heat of understanding …! I ….
You …. We ….
Letter 26
Hello my lovely prince jeremy. The darling as I already spoke you my documents for a long time already are ready. But only they are in travel agency, I have no money to pay for them. The darling if I will begin to cry to agency money for the documents that in a current of 2-3 days I can already arrive to you. Road understand I very strongly I want our meeting. I think of you every day, I do not sleep at the nights, but I cannot find money to arrive to you. The darling I asked money already from all at whom only it is possible but anybody cannot help me. All speak that they do not have money. The darling I understand I simply any more I do not know at whom to ask the help.
The darling I ask the help from you you unique who can help me now.
The darling understand on the Earth there is no which person I loved more than you. The darling think as though to us it was good together.
My angel as though we with you spent pleasantly time. The darling understand I very strongly you I love. I do not represent a life without you.
Your princess Anna
Letter 27
Hi my love!!!!
jeremy I have been upset by your letter and that fact that you cannot help me now.
I ask you understand all situation of my future travel to you and that fact that I not in forces to organise it independently having all money to make payment for travel.
All it now very strongly upsets me and does me very sad.
jeremy my travel to you now plays very significant role for us with you and our love.
After all it should be not simple my travel to your country for rest.
The meeting should open to us all force of feelings which we test to each other and this our common cause.
jeremy I ask you do not worry and be not anxious for that that I ask from you money.
Now it is really necessary for me because differently I cannot pay all.
The darling I ask you show the participation in my travel and help me with money.
I understand that it not simply for you and at you is as the certain difficulties.
Now I want that you did not doubt my decency and in my strong love to you.
I want that you trusted me and this most important thing!!!!
jeremy I communicated with the girlfriends and told it about all complexity of my situation.
I addressed to them for the help and told it about that how to be important to me near to you.
In a life my girlfriends have problems and money for them not when do not happen superfluous.
But all together they could develop money who than could and help me with 200 dollars.
It is all that they could make for me and I am very strongly grateful to the girls for it.
All of them understand my love and wish only the big good luck to me after all now she so is necessary for me.
jeremy now on the hands I have only 1350 dollars but it not enough to pay all travel.
The darling I ask you concentrate the forces and all possibilities to help me now.
I ask you do not lose our love and give the chance to her to be carried out to all our dreams!!!
Now I do not know where to me to take necessary money more because I used all probable variants.
Now I have hope only on that that you can help me.
The darling only now depends on you all further destiny of ours with you of a meeting.
I want that you could understand only that that it important not only for me!!
It really our common cause and to us is necessary to operate in common.
jeremy now I have made all that in my forces!!!
But I could not find all sum completely and all that does not suffice for payment it only 850 dollars.
The darling I really very strongly wish to be near to you.
I have strong love in heart and it does not give me rest.
It is strong trembling which torments soul every day.
I understand what you the remarkable man and as strongly I wish to be near to you.
We should be together!!!
The darling I ask you do not throw our feelings and find in myself forces to support me.
I will wait for your letter.
Your love Anna..
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