Scam letter(s) from Olga Maierova to Nic (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend Nic!
I am very glad that you have responded to my short message to you.
Really pleasantly that I have interested you.
As you know from my short letter my name is Olga!
I hope to you this name is pleasant.
I'm 28 years old!
I hope my age of you I do not confuse also to you approaches!
I was born in city under name Yaransk.
Probably you did not hear about this city because it is small city which is located in a southwest of the Kirov area!
It is about 850 kilometres from Moscow.
Nic you may take a map of Russia and try to find my city.
It is located on the river Yaran so it will be easier to you find it.
My city small but very beautiful.
The beauty is created with set of greens and water.
I have received secondary education in this city.
After the ending 11 Classes at school number 3, I have left to act in Yoshkar-Ola in university and have successfully acted on economical faculty!
On a speciality I the manager!
After the successful ending of university I have come back home and has tried to find work on a speciality.
But as city at us small I can not find anything suitable on my speciality.
In a result I was employed in a shop by the seller where I work now.
The truth I dream of the best work but it is necessary to be content with that that is.
You probably know that in Russia a problem with workplaces.
I have slightly run forward and have overlooked to tell about my childhood.
At school I studied perfectly and all Spoke that I the gifted child.
I was very quick child and inquisitive.
When I went to school I went to dance school and I engaged in dances.
And now I am still engaged in them, in the days off I go in dance school.
Except for that I actively went in for sports.
When I have free time I go to the training hall.
In the winter I loved a ski and skates.
And in the summer I like to swim in the river.
In university I to be engaged began professionally navigation and volleyball.
The first at me turned out better.
I have many diplomas and letters on navigation.
But all of them now lay in a case.
Nic you are interested probably by that why I have addressed to the Internet to find the partner in life?
Simply strangely enough it sounds but I could not grow fond of the person in Russia!
I had many partners but with anybody at me has failed to get serious relations.
I have girlfriend which too has found the love in the Internet and she has advised me to try.
And it at me the first experience and I hope that all to turn out I always I hope for the best.
We shall look that will be farther.
And why you search for the girl in the Internet?
Do you like Russian girls and why?
Did you have serious relations earlier?
Probably you were married?
Do you have children?
And in general as you concern to children?
I very much love children.
In future I'll want have 2 children: boy and girl.
Though my dream to work at the big company.
As you probably interests on my intentions how many are serious?
And that I want further?
I in general very serious person also do not joke with such things as love a marriage and so forth.
I am going to construct serious relations and it is possible to leave for the husband further!
In a word I search for the big love!
Probably she still exists in our world where so much bad.
And if she is that I necessarily her find.
Who knows probably we with you we shall go far in our relations.
Who knows probably you and there is my prince on a white horse.
Now I want to learn what your intentions and that you want from relations?
Do you want a marriage Nic ?
Do you want family and children?, or you search simply friendship?
What the marriage means for you?
For me the marriage is the most important and serious step in life and he needs to be made safely and is considered.
Many people concern not seriously to this and as a result get divorced. I do not want to make such mistakes.
Now I live with my mum which call Nadezhda or am simple Nadya!
She works as the cook at school where I studied.
She perfectly is going and has learned me to make masterpieces of cookery.
Daddy at me is not present and there was no he has thrown my mum when she was pregnant.
And my mum forbids to me to speak about him.
As you can see it was necessary she to my mums is not sweet also does not want that with me has taken place as.
Somehow at us conversation was and she has told that even if to me will come she will not leave her against if only I was in reliable and loving hands.
On this note I want to finish this letter to you.
Sincerely I hope that you will answer and that I have liked you Nic .
It will be pleasant for me to continue with you correspondence!
Yours faithfully Olga from Russia!
Letter 2

Hello Nic ! I'm very glad to receive your letter today.
How are you?
How is your mood?
I hope all is well.
How is your weather?
It was very interesting to read your letter.
The truth it is difficult for me to understand some phrases slightly, but I try to understand all.
About my English...
I write in English worse than I speak.
I learned English at university and studied on rates of 6 months.
I hope all my diligence have not passed for nothing.
I don't have my oun computer and I write you from the internet cafe.
Nevertheless I want to continue to you to speak about myself.
I think you want to know about my hobbies Nic .
I very much like to read and I read it is a lot of.
I like science fiction and in general simply a fantasy of any directions.
The truth now to time for reading of books began less because many cares have appeared and have put.
But I all the same do not miss the moment and at leisure I sit for the book.
Except for reading books I like to prepare.
As I wrote to you my mum the cook and she has learned me to much.
In general I prefer Russian foodstuffs!
From Italian I like to cook and eat pizza.
I can prepare almost everything.
My favorite dish is a pie "Sharlota", it is made of apples.
Nic can you to cook?
And what is your favorite dish?
I love sweet especially ice-cream from a strawberry or banana.
Except for my abilities to preparation peep I also the music fan! I very much like to listen to music of different directions.
I do not allocate any one type of music I listen to all as Russian executors and foreign.
And what is pleasant to you music and whether you in general like to listen to music?
As you know I love sports and consequently I am engaged dancing.
It helps me to support a figure and the form.
And do you like to dance Nic ?
I like to dance very much.
We with my girlfriends sometimes go to dance on a disco.
And sometimes we go to the cinema.
My loved film "Others" with Nikol Kidman! And you have loved film or the actor?
In general from genres of cinema I prefer romanticism and a fantasy.
As you understand I very active person.
I do not like to sit on one place frequently you I go somewhere and I do not sit without an affair.
To live more cheerfully when to eat than engage unless not so?
It will be probable you interestingly as to learn what features of me involve in the man.
In general I like strong self-assured men.
Are intellectually rich with which is about what to talk.
I have a good sense of humour.
I think what to joke it is necessary to be able.
From my future of the man I wait for care and love.
That he in anything of me did not limit the most important and concerned with understanding.
In this case I shall give him all that at me is and I shall be true to him always.
I do not like when at me shout!
And most do not like to raise a voice.
It is better to discuss all quietly with understanding instead of to row.
In my family few quick-tempered people.
As you already know I live with mum.
So it has turned out that I do not have native brothers and sisters.
But at me a lot of cousin.
All of them live in the different ends of Russia.
I am rare them I see only on holidays when they come to us on a visit or we to them.
As I have grandmother which lives in Habarovsk!
The grandfather has already died 5 years back.
Sometimes we visit the grandmother with mum.
But with our financial position we do it not so often.
Probably it is interesting to you why I do not have father!
My father has left mum when she was still pregnant!
My mum did not want that I knew him!
I at all do not know than he now is engaged and where he lives!
And he too does not aspire to learn me! Though it would be interesting to me to see the father!
It is a little more information on me: my favorite color is white, my birthday is August, 25 and I'm a Deva on the zodiac.
When is your birthday Nic ?
And what is your favorite colour?
I'm sorry, but my time comes to an end.
With impatience I wait your answer I hope it will be fast.
My best wishes to you Nic and your family.
Yours faithfully Olga!
Letter 3

Hello dear!!!
Thank you for your good letter, was very pleasant to receive from you it again.
I read it with interest.
Today at us cloudy weather and behind a window is not present the sun.
Very much it is pleasant to me when since morning in a window the bright sun shines.
I am filled with energy for all day.
Today I will not have not enough energy.
Yesterday I have decided to make general cleaning of a house.
Slightly it was necessary to tinker but in a result all house shone from cleanliness.
I in general love cleanliness and always I keep up it.
In the evening has gone to walk and has met friends we send on coast of Yaran and long there sat and talked at all have not noticed as has darkened.
By the way I have told them about you have told that have got acquainted with you in the Internet and now we are copied.
I hope anything in it is not present that I have told them about us?
They asked about you and that much that I knew I have told them.
One my girlfriend has told: " you will leave abroad and you will forget us... "
But I have calmed her and have told that I still do not gather anywhere and what to forget I nobody I want.
How you have lead your yesterday's evening?
Today we with mum shall go to a garden there it is necessary to be cleaned not much the ambassador of assembly of a crop.
I want to tell that I am very glad that our relations promote also we continue correspondence.
For this time I have already enough learned about you and very interesting person seems to me that you.
I hope you too find me interesting?
If it so that I am glad. It is difficult enough to learn persons through letters.
It only at first sight.
You do not see the person you only read his lines.
It is similar to appointment in blind.
But something prompts me that you fair and sincere and that that you write it from heart.
I in general very trustful and simple person and was easy to offend me.
But I that might not make with it I have got used to trust people.
Dear (I hope you will not be against if I'll call you "dear").
I would like to ask you that involves you in the woman that you from her wait?
How you represent the woman of the dream?
And in general how many at you was women in your life?
With how many girls you correspond now in the Internet?
I can tell you fairly that I write you to one.
It would be pleasant to learn the same.
How you understand a word love?
For me love this treasured magic word.
Love persons this biggest happiness which may to be.
And if it is mutual love that it simply a limit of happiness.
Love as sweet fruit of him you eat also to you it would be desirable still.
So the love is necessary always.
If there is a love means there will be a family if there is a family then there will be children if there will be children means there will be a happiness.
Family it not only a cell of a soc iety it also a level of development of the person.
What on yours a pledge of long and successful relations?
In my opinion it is hundred percentage openness and trust!
It is an opportunity to speak with partner about that about what want openly!
You jealous?
I think that jealousy this bad feeling and frequently she is the reason of many divorces!
What do you think?
All of what I dream it that a number the loved husband the house children and a cup of hot tea since morning brought loved in bed was.
In general I like men which are able to look after the girl.
It too is important and pleasant for the woman.
We in city would not have such men which skilfully looked after.
Probably certainly also is but I did not notice it.
Still I should you tell that I an early bird I always very much early rise.
Usually hours in 5 or a floor the sixth I already on legs.
Early to rise me mum has learned. We have such saying " who early there is to that a god submits " you heard this saying. To me intresting to learn as will be farther that at us will be farther?
Probably we shall grow fond each other and we shall be happy?
Anyway I can tell that you very much like me I see in you of the light person.
You not such as all.
Though identical people at all it does not happen.
I at all do not know that this such because never did not go anywhere far from a house.
Probably it so is interesting to visit other countries other cultures.
Is much in the world interesting that I did not see.
Also I do not hope to see at all.
But who knows that will be farther.
I think on it I shall finish this letter and I shall wait your answer dear.
The best wishes.
Yours Olga!
Letter 4

I am glad that you are ok!.
It is very pleasant to receive your new letter. I'm ok!!! .
How your family? There was something new?
Today i have extremely romantic mood.
I am simple very joyful even my mum surprised why i'm such happy today.
In general in heart i'm very romantic person.
I like walks under the moon supper at candles breakfast in bed and so on.
Many inquiries may seem to you that at me.
It not so I in general very simple girl also do not demand much.
I think that the present woman should be a romantic degree in what that even slightly.
I as like men romanticism but not too.
If the man it is overflown with romanticism it already boringly!
It is interesting to me to learn your opinion why many pairs converge and live together though they are absolutely not similar and at there is nothing general?
Concerning it I think the following if two persons are similar against each other that him it will be not interesting together and they will miss.
And if two persons with different characters and the different points of view on the world that will be interesting to them together.
It when two persons the man and the woman supplement an ideal combination each other. Such image their relations are harmonious also them it is possible to name ideal pair!
I sincerely believe that in our relations there is a highlight.
Gradually me begins to draw to you. I am opened before you in each letter all more.
Because I trust you is ready to tell to you all secrets which am at in heart.
I hope you too with me are frank.
I want to talk to you on a frank theme of ****** relations between the man and the woman.
I think we adult people and it is necessary for speaking on this theme if we further want to develop our relations.
How you concern to ***?
What it is important for you in it?
How you count what role concerning pair plays ***?
I think t hat it is very important detail of relations.
But it is not pleasant to me when the man begins to impose ****** relations.
Though in general I think that the man should play here a leaging role and should conduct the girl behind myself.
he should gain the loved woman!
To make so that it did not look only as satisfaction of own needs.
he should let know to the girl that first of all he wants to give pleasure to the girl.
And then she will answer him same!
This my opinion and how you think?
As I would like to ask you you like to make Compliments?
I very much like when to me make Compliments.
As I love politeness.
You the amorous person you easily fall in love?
You had sometime love at first sight?
About myself I can not tell that I the amorous person I always all over again look narrowly at the person I shall find out him from different directions.
The main thing to try to understand that at this person in soul.
I never look at appearance or age.
On what you look when g et acquainted with the girl? What the girl should make that you have begun to trust her?
I want to tell to you one history from my life.
Once my familiar has acquainted me with one guy.
It was one and a half year back.
I began to notice that this guy is not indifferent to me, paying compliments me and gifts.
I have grown fond of him all my maiden heart.
He was such good, kind, tender.
We met him the whole year.
I thought that he will offer me to leave for him in marriage.
I did not speak him it, but in depth of soul waited for it.
I lived as in a fairy tale.
At us all was good.
But suddenly I began to notice that he somewhere vanished on long.
I asked him about it but he spoke that at him affairs, that he tries that at us all was good.
I was slightly excited, but did not give to this the big value because was in love and trusted him.
And once to me one girl when him was not an at home has come and she has told to me that and my guy there are some months!!!
You may pre sent, present yourselves it that I felt at that moment.
She has told that did not know that he meets someone and when has learned has decided to come to me and to tell the truth.
I have left him at once, as though it was not hurt me.
Since then has passed a floor of year.
These a floor of year I might not talk to anybody from men.
But now I understand that on it life does not come to an end and it is necessary to live further. I too might not trust men, I considered that all of them liars.
But I know that is on light of the man which may love and not lie to the loved girl.
My former guy admitted to me love constantly when we were together.
He spoke me it looking directly in eyes.
And after that tell as it was possible to not trust him. But now I see, that if the person has got used to lie on life for him there are no human rules.
Such history which has taken place with me in life and which has forced me to address in searches of love to the Internet.
I see that with you there was something similar, I see that you the sincere person and very good, I am sure what never could act with the person poorly.
For this reason I have decided to find love under the Internet because under letters it is possible to learn soul of the person.
His outlooks on life.
It is possible to learn much, instead of that the person speaks you compliments looking in eyes, and itself only and thinks of that, as though is faster to drag the girl in bed and then to lie to her that loves her during long time.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Letter 5

Hello my sweet and kind!!!
First of all thank for your charming letter.
As always you have shaken me by the words.
At me all is good.
As at you an affair my lovely I hope all simply perfectly think and should be!
How affairs at work?
At me at work all is good from the moment of acquaintance to you all that I do bring to me pleasure.
All life I took offence at life but now I am glad lifes.
I am glad that in my life the person which to me dearly as anybody another has appeared.
I am happy that you have shown me all charm of life I is glad that you are indefinitely devoted to me and I am ready to go in fire and in water for the sake of you.
From this moment at me the purpose in life has appeared and I shall go in this purpose and always to her I shall adhere.
This purpose to be with you.
For me each your letter is the whole history of love so much heat and so much I did not see pleasure from one person.
You have brought in a beam of light to my life and than our feelings that this beam is stronger more strongly shines!
Let he shines always in a name of our love and our happiness.
I am not afraid to speak this word love because this that that I mean in relation to you my prince.
All that to me now is necessary to connect it our hands.
It is necessary for me to connect our hearts and then and to connect us a sacred marriage! All that that seemed grey now is poured by paints.
I began to notice that that I earlier did not notice began to notice as life is fine. She will be fine while you are at me.
You I thirst for a subject of my dreams and my imaginations of the moment when all my imaginations will be embodied in a reality.
You of lines touch my heart.
My ideas only about you you dominate in all.
There is so much all that I want to tell you but I will not have no time for all.
I so want to show you much!!!
I think we shall make up for all that missed time.
Our relations develop with the big speed it speaks about that that we are created the friend for the friend.
I so think and I hope you with me agree.
And I am not afraid of it because I precisely know that want to be only with you always.
We deserve happiness as anybody another.
For me to be near to you it means to live and be pleased lifes.
When we will have children our love becomes even stronger.
I very much wait for the moment when I can name with pride us family.
The simple Russian girl and you my loved.
To be your wife it is the big responsibility.
I shall care that you always had clean and ironed shirts.
You the tasty meal will wait always at home!
And certainly always you will be waited by I!
I can promise you that you never will reproach me.
I shall do all for you and in replacements I simply ask to love and respect me.
It is more to me than nothing it is necessary.
I read each line of your letter with trembling in heart.
Ah how many love and passion!!!
She is distributed to me all more and more.
Sweet mine we need to connect our hearts and our hands.
We should be together.
Sweet mine why we would not live beside I already for a long time was near to you.
We for a long time would enjoy our mutual love.
It so beautifully sounds but it so it is difficult to achieve.
You have appeared in my life as a light beam in a dark empire.
You a light ***** in my life.
I now simply present that I shall do without you in my life.
I can not constrain the feelings more.
Pleasure mine I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really love you!
I have understood it just now.
And now if we shall be as far apart I simply shall not sustain I shall die of love to you.
Lovely I want to be with you want to spend with you days and night.
To walk under the star sky with you that of that I wish all heart.
And if our desires coincide that we are simply created the friend for the friend.
We should be together.
Now you my prince and I your princess for one century.
I am overflown simply with feelings I at all do not know as me to express that that I feel.
On it there will be no words.
Sweet I who might think that in such big world we shall find each other.
I shall be pray to not lose you now.
I promise you.
As I promise that I always and all for you I shall make.
I never shall leave you I shall be always a line!!!!
It is my oath to you.
Really in my life at last all is adjusted.
It is happy not only I am happy my mum.
She sees that I at last began a thicket to smile.
I have simply changed since I with you began to correspond.
Dear I want to you me to you pull with uncontrollable force!!!!!
I can not be than one more!!!!
And I can not write because more if I shall continue I shall cry.
I only need to finish this letter and I shall wait your answer lovely.
One thousand passionate kisses for you my prince!!
With all love yours Olga!!!!
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