Romance scam letter(s) from Claire Smyly to Arthur (USA)
Letter 1
Nice to hear from u Art wow nice name and, sorry for writting late , .i atually joined the AM site because i was hurt deeply in my last relationship so i am looking at having some fun to shake off the stress i can also be opened to whatever excites we re quite on the same boat...I am an Easygoing, Outgoing and Romantic person.My outlook on life is Ambitious, Independent and Spiritual and my goals are Family, Fun and Knowledge. I likes to hang out with Intellectuals, Socialites or Creative people and i enjoys eating BBQ, French and Take-away food. I prefers to listen to Classical, Country and Blues music. I strongly belive that Distance means little when hearts can keep intouch, i am a loving person:) happy I have a dual nationality with south africa and the united states my dad was from here but late now,my mum and my younger brother live in pretoria south africa...Recently i got my CPA license I graduated in 2009 with my MBA and completed my CPA exam in 2012. I am currently a tax preparer at a public accounting firm. I really enjoy taxes as far as learning how it can help me personally and sharing that knowledge with friends and family. I have 2 tax seasons under my belt but I'm not sure if tax season is something I want to do for the next 30-40 years...Single and never married, I stay alone in a rented apartment here in Chantilly I'm very honest, smart, sincere, don't play games and not into getting hurt ever again.. I love to cuddle, kiss, spoon etc. So I guess I could say I'm very affectionate and caring. Being a one person leaves me at a disadvantage when it comes to experience. I don't smoke but drink socially i like wine what about you, I don't date haven't meet anyone that I would want to know any better. I don't do drugs, or get drunk. I'm a real person, down to earth, low keyed and low maintenance.

I like playing board games during my spear time, do u like playing board games?? i like making people laugh, Do you play golf? Or any sport? I am sure there are things you would like to know about me that I have not mentioned. That is why we have email...LOL So we can get to know each other..Oh yes, I must add...I have a great sense of humor. I am a happy person, and enjoy life.
Hope to hear from you soon...............Cheers........Claire P.S your pictures are so nice..
Letter 2
Hi Art, i have just added you to yahoo messenger hope we can chat soon, i am flattered thanks for the compliments i am glad honestly is as important to you as it is to me we seems to have alot in common except that u have travelled far and wide lucky you, who is ever going to refuse travelling the world with someone as sweet like you, i havent been oppotuned to vist alot of places only south africa and the united states you mentioned you owend 1000 acres u havent seen? where is located i am really interested in getting to know u better i hope it wont be that long, well hope u have a great day.bye for now Claire
Letter 3
Hey hon, thought about sending u this video i captured from my ipad, i hope this will give u a clear picture of me and what i look like..was just thinking about you and i thought i send u this video..u can download to view...
Letter 4

Hello Art nice to hear from u again, i am really sorry i haven't been able to write to you on time, ..i receive phone calls few days ago my mom is seriously sick with cancer, as we speak she is been admitted at the hospital undergoing chemo for the 7th month..cancer can really be terrible i hate to remember how my mom had suffers in the past, well right now they said her conditions has grown from good to worse.. I have been busy preparing and making plans to return to south africa, i just got my ticket and my flight departs tonight 10pm..i figured my presence will at least uplift her, Art the last time i saw mom and brother mark was 3 years ago when i went home for a visit so maybe this will help some how. i will be gone for 3 weeks and will have access to my email so we can continue to correspond if u like, i am going to miss u..just wanted to let u know i have been thinking about u hopefully u can pick me up on arrival from the airport if u will like, i am glad u like the video i am not so sure why u couldnt hear audio well i was only saying on the video how i have been thinking about you since we started chating the pictures u attached are all beautiful atleat i now know whom you are..hope u hae a good weekend? mine will be sad i am online should u want to chat...well hope to hear from u soon and pls have a good day..tender kisses Claire
Letter 5
Ok hon..i will let you know when am ready to fly back to the states so we can make arrangements on how u get me from the airport, to be honest i havent stoped thinking about you since we started chatting, was just thinking about you thought i saw good morning..hope u have a good week ahead..tender kisses Claire
Letter 6
Thank u so much for the compliments hon..glad u like the pictures:) u always do put a smile to my face..i will try to check back later to see if we can chat before i go to bed..
Letter 7
Good morning hon..i hope u had a good day, i missed chatting with u hope we can again later today..we couldnt get the money money gram said the ref is invalid so dont know if u made a mistae u can check again to correct the mistakes here is the reference u gave to me yesterday 5033 5244 they said its invalid, just should u want to do it again here is the infos need to send to..Tsholofelo Mogotsi 33 prinsloo street pretoria south africa...i will be on again later today to see if we can chat...been thinking about you all night, i am going back to the hospital to check on moms progress hope u have a good night..tender kisses..Claire
Letter 8
Hi hon...this is the same reference you gave to me yesterday? why was it invalid let me know so i see if i can still get it tomorrow..i missed you
Letter 9
Well i am surprise because money gram said the ref was invalid but i will work on it tomorrow morning again..i will be going to bed in a bit thought we could chat for a bit..i have missed talking to you..cant wait to chat again, well hope u have a good day, hugs and kisses Claire
Letter 10
or possible hon u can call money gram customer care number just should u r having difficulties reaching that number i gave u in my other email..but i was told the number i gave to you is money gram number across the world..i have really missed chatting with has your day been?
Letter 11
Dear hon Good morning babe, yes my day is going quite well was just thinking of you and missing you too thought i share with you the dream of last night, might sound funny thought but i am serious..I was sleeping, my hand was searching for you, but you were not there. I turned my head, I opened my eyes slightly and saw you fixing your new toy, the computer. I just smiled. It would be so typical of me to do. I didn't know that you saw me blinking, getting glimpses of you. I turned my head to the other side and slightly fell right back to sleep. Within minutes, I felt you beside me wearing your robe. I cuddled right into you, like two spoons against eachother. This may just be memories, but I still wake up at times thinking of how sweet you have been since we started talking...hope your day is going great so far?? Love Always, Claire
Letter 12
Yes i did hon..hope u do too miss chatting with you
Letter 13
Good morning hon..i have just got back home..hope u re doing good?
Letter 14
Am ok just missing you as usual got back home awhile from the hospital thought about saying hello to my sugar:) my computer is giving me troubles been trying to log in to yahoo messanger finding it difficult. working on system restore..i missed you
Letter 15
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4076059663
BANK ADDRESS: ABSA BUILDING, 1263 HEUWEL STREET, PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA Honey that is all you need to do the wire transfer can u pls email me the transfer slip when u do it thanks again...yours Claire
Letter 16
Well this is the first time i will be hearing banks need recipient address and phone number instead of the account name, number and swift code, those three are the most important..well below is the infos u requested but try to make sure the account name,number and swift code are correct NAME OF BANK: ABSA
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4076059663
Telephone:+27 (0) 11 350 4000 Recipient address 23 pretorius st mandela Dr Pretoria
+27 72 027 9353
thanks.. Claire
Letter 17
Good morning babe...hope u are having a good weekend....i did miss chatting with you yesterday, i will be with you online in a bit...trying to prepare lunch just got back from church how r u doing
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