Letter(s) from Diana Bodere to Bertrand (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Bert,

How are you doing today? I just received your email from desire escape.com, I am Bodere Daniel, it is very nice to hear from you, it would be nice to learn more about each other and hope that we can build something together,

I will tell you something about myself, I'm 175 cm 65 kg, blue eyes, blond hair, I'm 35 years old I am now single since a year and a half ago, my ex-husband died in a car accident. and since then I have been single

Life is short but to continue to live alone, I want a man that we can share and build our own in strong love of honesty and trust,

I do not have children,
My last relationship lasted two years before he died,
it was nice, I want a man who will be caring honest and loving

What can you tell me about yourself? you would chat sometimes? I will wait for your reply soon

hope to hear you soon


Letter 2

Hallo Bert,

Thank you for the mail you have sent to me, i am glad to read your mail and what would you like to know about me???????/ well i have a lot to tell if that is the case, but the problem is i do not like to write so much on here, on chat is the most easiest way i can just write one by one for you, but if you want is this way it is not a problem i will try my best, firstly i will say sorry that you have been cheated before, how come ? can you tell me about that? may be latter you can say something about that, about me,.................................. i was born in the Netherlands in the region of overijssel Henge lo,
i am 35 years old single an seeking for a serious honest reliable man for the rest of my life age is not a problem it is just a number, i am 175 cm 65kg blue eyes, blond hair, i have been single since one and half year now, my ex boy friend died in a car accident, since then i have been alone, and i am not rushing my self into a relationship, i want to start with a friend, and with time i can able to know the kind of man you are, though you have sounds nice in the mail you sent to me, and i really feel you need a woman who can make you happy, but i also have to take my time, if you agree this then we don't have problem, and may be when i am back from Malaysia we can meet each other in real and see our self and make plans
i think i have to see everything about you, if i may ask ,,, what do you do everyday??? my sports are volleyball swimming climbing, skiing, walking, I like nature,Before my father died we visit beach together i can show you the pictures if you can see it clearly, what else can i write, may be i should stop for now, You can still ask me any question

D Bodere

Letter 3

Hello Bert,

How was your night? Thank you for the mail you have sent to me, And i am happy with the pictures thank you, i wish you a nice day at work hope you are good,

kisses Diana

Letter 4

My dearest Bert,

How are you doing today? i hope you have slept well last night, and i hope you have spent a lot of time with your son at the beach, i think a lot about you and i hope you are doing well today, i wish you a nice day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs and kisses


Letter 5

Hello dearest Bert,

Good morning to you darling, i have think about us together, and i hope this soon dearest, i am now on my way to the court, thank you for wishing me the best i am happy with you, and i hope we will be happy together forever, nothing like true love, i have seen you have got a true love true heart for me, and so i did to you too, and our love will last long i believe and i will make you the happiest man in this world i promise you because you have been caring and loving to me, you make me laugh over my sorrow, you are just the best for me and i will keep thinking about you, and i will be there for you always dearest i wish you a nice day too, and if i am back before you go to work, i will come on line and if i am not back then i will send you an email kisses and hugs for you dearest xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Letter 6

Good day dearest ....... i just came back home after all day stress there was a lot of traffic, i am happy everything went well at the court with me, i am now finally the owner of the properties, and the judge said i can do anything on it now, that is a good news thank you for wishing me well my dearest and i will be always there for you to make you the happiest, i can't wait to be with you,

There something i have to discuss with you dearest, after the court, i suppose to have all the document before coming home, But they told me my bill is 1987 euro for the court charges, and for the taxes that i have to pay on the house, So i want to know how you can help me with this, so that when i sell the house i will pay it back to you, i hope that is not a problem. But i have 500 with me here right now, it can't be enough so i still need about 1489 euro, i suppose to go to renew my flight today to Belgium, but i hold on first because i never know what to do now, i hope this is not a problem dear, i can't wait to be happy with you,

i can't wait to be home with you, what have you done today? i will be waiting to hear from you soon xxxxxx