Scam letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Gilbert (Dominican Republic)

Letter 1
Hi Dear,,,

I am Sgt. Mary Andy, am 31 years old, single lady, never married, I served in the USA military base Baghdad Iraq and I am currently serving at Kabul Afghanistan. I will appreciate your urgent and kind response to my message, I will really love to be your friend and partner in future for a business gesture.

It will be my great honor to introduce you to this business deal which I hope will yield good profit and benefit to us in future. I have $3.9 Million U.S. dollars that I successfully moved out of Iraq to CHAMPS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY EGYPT with the help of United Nations chartered flight and I need a good partner someone I can entrust, the reason why I needed your partnership is because we the United States of America Soldiers in active service are not permitted to transact or do any business while on duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I secretly transact some oil business deal with 3 old Iraqi men who pleaded with me to be helping them in writing oil business proposal letters to their business partners in Russia and China, the business ended after 8 months and I was offered $3.9 million U.S dollars after the transaction.

The money is packed, sealed, locked and secured inside an electronic save box used by banks for security reason while depositing it to CHAMPS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY EGYPT and it was registered as family valuable items. No one can open the box without the opening code numbers.
I could not engage in a Bank Transaction due to the amount involved and the source of the fund since I am still in active service. I need to apply a high degree of safety to secure myself and my partner, this is so far the easiest and safest way to avoid international money monitory organizations from knowing about the transfer. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where this fund will be send to until I meet with you.

I am offering you 30% of the total fund while 70% for joint investment with you, note that this transaction is 100% risk free, I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation.
I am waiting for your urgent and fast reply mail.

Sgt. Mary Andy.
Letter 2
Hi Dear,,,

Thanks once again for your responds and please note that CHAMPS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY has all the necessary documents which guarantee that my consignment is 100% legal and out of risk. The most important for us now is understanding and trust between both of us so we can achieve our investment plans together in high levels, i have interest on real estate or any other profitable investments you have good knowledge that will be profitable for us. I am very simple person and hard working is the key to my success in whatever am doing in life, The attachment of this mail contains the certificate of my deposited Consignment and my Military identification Card, I also attached my available pictures in my PC. I believe you are the right person for me on this transaction please let us work together with love and trust.

I have totally made up my mind to invest this fund with a foreigner and this is why I contacted you to partner with me on this transaction. Please be informed that I packaged the whole fund inside a locked electronics Consignment box used by banks for security reasons before dispatching it to CHAMPS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY EGYPT and I declared the content of the box as Family valuable items to secure the fund, It's only I and You now know the real content of the box as money, but you have to keep this secret and confidential between us for security reasons. I will provide you with the opening code numbers of the box once I confirm that you have received the Consignment box in Dominican Republic.

You have to send your below information to me and I will forward it to CHAMPS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY EGYPT where i deposited my Consignment, I will declare to the Company that you are my rightful partner and i will instruct them to contact and deliver/ship my deposited Consignment to you in Dominican Republic as my rightful partner.

The Management of Champs Diplomatic Company Egypt will need your below information to avoid delivering my deposited Consignment to a strange individual. 1: A scanned copy of your International passport or identification card.
2: Your full name.
3: Your full house address.
4: Your mobile phone number.
Please be informed that i will be free to meet you only after am withdrawn from Afghanistan. For now I will prefer we keep our communications via emails because the telephone we are using here in the military camp is public telephone and we have to keep this transaction confidential.

Best Regards,
Sgt. Mary Andy.
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