Letter(s) from Olga Rybina to Russ (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi my lovely Nawras!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I have not understood the first letter not much.
You want to send on Friday 2000 $?
It is not necessary for me while such quantity of money.
You wanted to send me 700 $.
I already went to agency and have told that can pay on Saturday, all sum of money for documents.
To me have told that the international passport, will begin to do(make) on Thursday, and on Monday it will be ready.
Will make then the visa.

My lovely Nawras when I read your letter, on love and sex, I pussy began very damp, oh as I want you my lovely Nawras.
I am mad with passion.
I feel your ecstasy and your shouts of pleasure.
I can not write more, I now shall receive a faint.
I hope you of me understand.
Kiss you

Letter 2

Dear Nawras
When you can send money?
I again went to agency, and me again asked, when I can pay.
Inform me when you can do transfer?
I want to be with you, very much, as we have waited this moment.
We were meant to be together, and will make each other very happy.
You are the man of my dreams, and I love you, just the way you are.
We will share everything together, and pursue similar interests.
Anything is possible, when you're in love, which is such a wonderful feeling.
No matter what obstacles we encounter, we will overcome them, because we have each other, to turn to.
You mean the world to me, and without you, my life is meaningless.
I want to be everything you ever wanted, in a woman, as you are the man I have always wanted to meet, someday.
I love you, with all my heart, and nothing will ever change the way I feel.
We will have an everlasting love.
Kiss you

Letter 3

Hi my lovely Nauras:)
I very much liked to read your letter.
I have not received money because the holiday " DAY of RUSSIA " June, 12 was.
The bank was closed 11,12,13 I shall go to receive money tomorrow. I already went to agency and have told that on Tuesday I can pay their services.
To me have told, that they are very glad and will direct me on medical survey to Wednesday. To receive the insurance certificate it is necessary physical examination.

I am very glad that we shall to meet, I am strong you I like.
You have rushed into my life as hurricane.
All my ideas only about you.
Today I have bought very beautiful underwear, it very sexual. It has pink color.
When I have come home, I have tried on it and when I looked at myself in a mirror, I have presented as you it will remove from me. Then I have lain on a bed and you have presented that beside, I began itself to stroke, representing that it is done by you.
You have made me mad. I each minute think of you, my lovely Nauras. I want that you knew, MY HEART BELONGS ONLY YOU.

Letter 4

Hi my lovely Nawras!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
Excuse me that I have not written to you quickly.
My lovely Nawras if you only knew, I very much weariness.
Now I pass physical examination.
Therefore I can not write to you, frequently.
About the visa to me have told that affairs go well and that I did not worry, it is almost ready.
To me will give out it the next week.
Your money have very much helped me.
When I have paid services of agency, the girl who there works has approached to me, and has told that did not trust me, that I can pay their services.
I have told her that you have helped me, and she has wished good luck us happiness.
What for have thought up these formalities why simply it is impossible to sit in the plane and to arrive.
If not these formalities, we for a long time would be together, really?
I dream of you very much.
I shall wait for yours the letter.
Your future wife Olga