Scam Letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Leif (Finland)

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Letter 1

Hello Leif

How are you doing..?i hope everything is well with you wherever you are now , It was great talking to you on the website, i think you are a wonderful man and will love to know more about you and what you see. .i have being hurt on many occasions and i don't want to be a victim to that anymore so i am very careful with who i chose now ..tell me how long you have being on the site and why you haven't had any luck ..

Letter 2

Good Afternoon Leif ,
Thanks for the email..How are you doing..?I hope everything is well with you where ever you are now soo happy to see a mail from you as you promised. You sound like a wonderful man, who would be wonderful to the women you end up loving. I will now tell you about me, how I feel about things and what I want out of the rest of my days. After reading this email, you can make up your mind if you want to continue and be just friends or if you would like to pursue this to another level. I have always been a romantic, I love looking into my special persons eyes, slow dancing, candlelight, music. you know.. I love anything to do with the water, lakes the ocean, creeks, waterfalls. I love all animals, I love holding hands and public displays of affections. When I am in love, I love to watch my partner sleep, work, play, doesn't matter, I like to feel protected, most women are pretty independent, I have always yearned for the one who can put their arms around me and say , everything is going to be alright, I love the feeling of being protected. I am a good listener, I don't like any kind of conflict. I am not a complainer, life is too short to worry and fret about the little things. My life has not always been easy, but these lessons make me who I am and always will be. Honey am originally from Australia but now living in Ghana i have lived here since the age of 13, I moved here after the Death of mom and dad..I was in Netherland to Complete my profession as a professional fashion designer. I am a people person, with a never met a stranger personality. I can honestly say I don't have any enemies and most people only have good things to say about me. I treat people like I want to be treated, always. My life, I needed and wanted more emotionally so I ended that relationship in February of this year. I have always believed in love and forever. I have a very outgoing personality and I love to laugh and cut up, I know when to be serious and when to lighten up. Now about me physically, I am 5 ft 8 in tall and about 35 lbs over weight or more, depending on what you think is overweight. haha. I am a large size lady but not grossly obese. I take pride in my looks, and keep myself presentable and clean. I am very creative, make jewelry and can fix just about anything if given the chance, I'm not a "know it all" and know how to act around others. I am not a clean nut, I'm a little disorganized but they say that a good trait for creative people. Financially, I have nothing, I am Professional fashion designer who just had her graduation, Well I f I have totally scared you away, its okay. This is as truthful as I can be, about my life. I' have always had one small dream and that is to have a little houseboat to float my days away on the water somewhere, enjoying sunrises and sunsets and all the beauty and serenity God intended us to enjoy. Maybe your looking for a woman with means and if that the case, its fine Leif . I just wish you all the best in looking for your special someone. Till we meet again

Letter 3

Hello Leif
How are you doing...?I hope everything is well with you wherever you are now , thanks soo much for your lovely emails you have sent to me, i think you are very sweet to know i cant wait to know the real man behind the computer sending those sweet messages. Leif i really think we have a lot in common from all what you saying baby ..i really like nature and you also have a plant nursery where i will see alot of flowers because i really do like them soo much baby ..
Leif i am sorry to tell you that am not in Holland now, i was there just to complete my professional as a fashion designer and that was when i got introduced to the website,I am originally from Australia but now living in Ghana , i have lived here with my uncle since the age of 13 that was after the death of my parents.My love i have to go now will be back later to read from you later bye for now and enjoy the rest of your day.

Letter 4

Hello Leif
How are you doing today leif, I hope everything is well with you where ever you are now , thanks soo much for your lovely emails you send to me , they really touch me soo much and really think i am getting used to you know and wish i can meet this man behind the computer who has brought much joy and happiness to my life just yesterday ..Tell me why are you single with this much caring passion that you have ..Do you have something you are hiding that you dont want me to know because a man like you should have a woman beside your so i wonder why you still single baby ..Baby i have to go now here are some more pictures of me ..Bye for now have a lovely day ..
Joan cares..

Letter 5

Hello my lovely leif
How are you doing..?I hope everything is well wit you where ever you are now baby , I have missed you soo much and think about you each and every day now my love , Darling am sorry i don't get the chance to come online each and everyday for you but then its because i don't have my personal computer but am working on it baby .
Per i will be online tomorrow so we can be online..



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