Scam letter(s) from Laura Mihalchik to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
My new friend!!!!!
I am very happy to receive from you the letter. I shall a little tell about myself and if you have any questions that speak me and I with pleasure to answer you. I to live in Poland, I to live in city Warsawa, is capital. My birthday on July, 9, 1981, you is more than me age, but I think that for me there is no problem that you more me, I would like to create relations with the man which more me age. You probably to ask a question why I to search for the man in the Internet, instead of in the country because my sister 3 years ago has left to you for the country and found there the man through the Internet and because of it I too have decided to find the man through the Internet in your country. What to arrive and create relations and to begin new life in other country. Now at present I lonely, we left the former guy 3 one year ago and now have remained good friends. He was not always frank with me and I do not like when people to deceive and because of it we had to finish with our relations, I think that all this in the past and I want to forget about him and to begin new relations with another the man. My colour of hair as you to see in a photo blond, my colour of blonde. I very high about 175 centimetres also hope that it to not place our correspondence. My growth of 47 kgs, I of harmonous athletic and keep up the figure visiting of a sports hall. I very sports girl very much am pleasant to me of skiing.
I work as the defender of animals, we have here reserve, and my work will be that, to preserve them and to look after them. I by a trade the doctor the veterinary, at us all in family to have this trade, and it at us family, my parents to work together with me. To me it is work very much it is pleasant also to me very much animals like. My sister as to have the same trade and now to work in the Unidet Of States. If you have still what or questions on me that please speak it and I with courtesy to answer you. I as shall be glad to learn about you more and that you to search in the Internet. I shall be always glad to see from you a prompt reply. Nearly has not forgotten my name Laura. Your new friend Laura.
Letter 2
Hello! I am glad to receive your letter, and to me that we can pleasantly begin our dialogue, and learn each other better. Thanks for your beautiful words, and such big attention. I sincerely hope that our relations will be better and since times will be stronger, and there can be we become closer.
My house phone number +3727120681, inform me your number I will try to call to you.
I to use the Internet it is not enough, I to write to you of the letter from the work. I am badly familiar with Skype! I not to have here a sound that we could stir with you through the Internet.
Yes we can stir with you in yahoo mesenger, but in time it will be very difficult for making of our difference. I to use the computer only on work and consequently I cannot long be in a network.
Probably you want to know more about me so I shall tell more about myself, you already know where I live also I would like to tell about the family. I live with parents.
They lovely and kind parents, us in family had two children, I and my sister.
She is more senior than me for 3 years and her name is Helen.
The sister lives in Unidet of States, in the city of Kodak, State Alaska.
She has successfully left married and now is happy in a marriage her husband name Garry, she has got acquainted with the husband through the Internet, and 3 years they live together and they have child his name is Mike.
I so am happy that the sister has found the love and now is happy in a marriage. I shall tell a little about my favourite parents, mum and the daddy are married 32 years, and I look as they love each other all these years and they are happy. I once want will find too the person which to love me as, and I shall give it the love and the heart! Dear, tell to me about your family, what relations at you with parents? So I would like to know your ideal girl? Tell your ideal of the girl what she should be?
I hope that I can soon read your letter, I shall wait your answer and I am very glad that we have got acquainted!
Sincerely yours Laura!
Letter 3
My dear, me all is pleasant and pleasant for receiving from you every day new letters and I am happy, that you to write to me back, I do not know that I shall do if I shall not receive from you the letter every day as I have very much got used to receive from you the letter and to write to you every day, you began as a part of my daily life and when I to come home after work, I always to include the computer and to look your letter, I to begin since the morning to think that to inform you in this letter. I very much would want to talk in this letter on us and on our plans for the future. As I to speak you that I to search for serious relations and I want to start to create family . And consequently I to search for the man . I think what early to speak that we burn from love each other, but I am sure that what that feeling have appeared at us. At me small feelings to you because I every day hasten to finish the work have appeared and more quickly to write to you the letter and I think that it is a first step to our relations and if we shall continue our correspondence I think that at us will soon appear feeling of love and then we can speak about it each other. But now we need still time completely to learn each other. I thought, that when it will be clear, that we are necessary each other and that we can create relations. I think that when we shall trust completely each other and then we can speak each other that we like each other. If we now met, I would have fears about you as I to not trust completely yet to you and I think that you as not too to trust me. I of trust it also am love. how to make that we started to trust each other, mine opinions that it is necessary to have still some correspondence and to study each other.
I hope that to you my letters because I want to show you are not boring and I to speak you all to the ideas that we could study me and understand me what I the girl.
Dear, I think that we still will have time to study better each other and though it will borrow year or half-year, but we can study well each other. Or it can is necessary for us even a week and then we can understand each other and we shall understand that we like each other. Now we need time still!
Inform me please a prompt reply, it will be very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter and to learn about your emotions to me and about our future. Please only speak me sincerely as I to speak you sincerely and too I want to hear from you the sincere answer. I very much wait for your letters, you very much are necessary for me.
I shall finish the letter and know that there is a girl in the world which you are not indifferent now and which very much wants to study you and I she am confident that we soon shall to understand each other and we can create serious relations. I shall necessarily allow to you then a prompt reply.
Yours for ever girlfriend Laura.
Letter 4

Hi sweetheart, How are you, how was your day? I thinking about you all day long today, and cannot wait for the day of our meeting. I need to tell you something serious. Reggie, I was in the agency again today and I talked to the payment of all my trip and how much it will cost for travel.
It was the high price, my love. It explained it that since Semtember, 1 cost to trip to grow on 40 because of increase of the prices for oil as now all European airlines need to have insurances to arrive in the state and consequently the ticket up to the state very strongly grew in the price.
I have received the visa for 365 days in the state. For this time I can study and work the state. It very much expensive document. It is necessary for me to change the passport on new that I could leave in the state. I have given it to agency that they to change it for the new.
Honey, I really did not think that it would be so much. It seems to me that I will not have enough to pay for all.
I have some money and I can ask it my sister, but she now to be in Tibet.
It works there together with the husband. They also to take away there the child. My sister and her husband to help to remove wildlife. They to shoot a scientific film about plants and animals Tibet. They to happen in such places who is very badly developed a civilisation. I will write it the letter. I hope that it to help me quickly. I very much would like to arrive faster to you. I wish to begin a new life in the state. I do not want that money to place to me to carry out my dream. I am assured of my sister, that she too wishes me to see in the state. We with it can is more often to see.
Write me back please and have a good day, I hope to see you in my night dream today. Love and kisses, Laura
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