Scam Letter(s) from Yana Ioltukhovskaya to Luiz (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hello, sweety!i am missing you!!!!!i am on line..but hardly can see when you are there....talking of meeting, i am free to come to you since the 28th of, you need to reserve tickets after these dates. talking of passport, i would be able to send copey to you after the 1st of June, as right now my passport ina t university. we need to m ake new contacrt with my education and they need it for some documents. as soon as i get it, i would send a copy to you..ok, darling?Luiz, i have been sending lots of text messeges to you...did you get at least some?i mean on your mobile phone?i am missing you sweety! By the way, I enjoyed pic ture greatly!!you are real Sherlok!!!!so cute and sexy!!!!where this picture was taken by the way?



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