Scam letter(s) from Maya to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Please give some minutes and read my message attentively.
I think that you have a question from where at me yours e-mail and who I such.
I will tell to you all at first, only please read it attentively.
I the young, nice, most ordinary girl. I live in Russian Federation,
In city Saint-Petersburg. To me of 27 years. I have a good work,
Favourite mum and the father.
More recently I have decided to try to find the man abroad by council
The girlfriend which too has once got acquainted with the man from for borders
And now they live together and happily.
Therefore I have found agency on acquaintance to foreigners in a city,
Has come there and has asked the help in search of the partner for me.
I have filled the questionnaire which to me a distance and they have asked to come next day,
When I have come to them, they have given me yours email and here now I write to you,
To try to get acquainted with you. I search for the man that
To construct serious relations as I am lonely for a long time already and I can not any more so.
I had a bad experience with men here which roughly addressed with me,
And I have decided more never to try to find the man here.
I would like that we have got acquainted with you, have learned each other better
Also have tried to construct serious relations.
I have many various hobbies, and in general I interesting and cheerful
The girl. And I very much don't have the man which will be with me always.
I sincerely hope that you will answer to my message,
Reply to me please here on my private mail box -
I will be glad to receive your letter, to learn more about you and to tell about myself.
Yours faithfully Mayya.
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