Letter(s) from Elnara Askerova to Gary (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my love Gary ! I am very glad to your letter my dear.
Please do not worry about money. It is a gift from my aunt for me! She wants to see me in Australia also.
I am the fair girl and consequently I do not ask you money. My love, I talked with my aunt today and she has informed me that I could receive money from her, your help is required. You will not spend your money, I promise to you, your help will be simply necessary. Today she will inform me on it and I will tell to you. I hope that you will not deny assistance to me to receive money from my aunt. I miss on you and very much I wish to meet you my dear, as soon as possible. I very much wish to see you and to be only with you my sweet. All time I try to think only of you and about our future meetings. I so wish to see you and to be only with you all time because I very strongly love you. But unfortunately we are divided now with huge distance. But two loving persons who love the friend each other, they we shall necessarily meet and will be together. I know that we shall necessarily see each other and we shall be together. We shall see each other and to enjoy sights.
I very much would like to see you, but I am ready to wait, because I love you my sweet. I shall think only of you! I love you! Gently whole Elnara