Letter(s) from Ekaterina Rybakova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1

I do not know what to make, I can not any more so. I cry each day, each day tears from my eyes, I want to be with you but I can not.
Forgive me, I at all do not know what to make now, My heart hurts, because to you I it was bad also can not correct.
Forgive me Steven!!!!!
Steven in the letter you would write that I have transferred the start for August, 31st. I will address in agency and I will try to transfer the start and interview in embassy of your country. Steven I have paid cost of registration of my documents of 710 dollars and a part of cost of tickets aboard the plane 600 dollars and now I needed to pay 740 dollars. It is the remained cost of tickets aboard the plane. In the letter you write about the Western Union. Russia,
city Krasnokamsk,
Shkol'naya street 14,
index 617062,
telephone (342 2123249.
Steven I informed my full name to you in last letters.
Forgive for all, It I unhappy it never to be with the favourite person. Better to you to leave me one. find your love in the country, I can not be with you. I do not have forces more. I do not know what to make, To me it is very bad. But I shall live. To live reading your letters and I shall be happy if you will be are happy. I shall not prevent more to you meet the good girl which can to make you happy.
But I think that I can not make anything any more. I can not neither sleep nor work. Only one of ideas I live. It is an idea, it is dream, but I think that it becomes a reality. You must to be happy. I think that with me you will not be happy. We can not overcome distance between us and I hope that you will find the happiness.
Overlook about me. I can not make you happy. I am very far.

Letter 2

My love, one more day has passed in separation without you. Every day I understand, that we with you are created to create good affairs and to live on the earth understanding, that at us with you the finest feeling of love. I love you. Steven as there passes your day? Steven when you wake up and you tear off eyes about what think? I wake up and I think of you. I kiss you and here so my day begins. I know, that all will be fast it at us with you. The main thing, that at us with you is belief and our hearts flare love fire. In my country today the next Monday and inhabitants of my country begin the working day after the days off. Steven each person thinks of the future and aspires to be happy. Steven I consider, that there should be purposes and it is necessary to go to this purpose. But reach not everyone can to the purpose. At many weak spirit and they cannot cross difficulty. My purpose to be with you. I all will go through and start up even I cannot I will breathe to go and my diligence will be rewarded.
Steven I addressed today in agency and have transferred the start. I wish to send you the information of my flight:
Route: Moscow - Minneapolis (Minnesota) - Moscow

Flight Moscow (SVO) - London (LHR):
Airline: Aeroflot (SU)
Flight number: SU2574
Departure: 31.08.2012 08:45, from the Sheremetyevo (SVO)
Arrival: 31.08.2012 09:45, in Heathrow (LHR)

Flight London (LHR) - Chicago (Illinois) (ORD):
Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight carries out: British Airways (BA)
Flight number: AA6195
Departure: 31.08.2012 11:45, from Heathrow (LHR)
Arrival: 31.08.2012 14:15, in O'Hare Intl Arpt (ORD)

Flight of Chicago (Illinois) (ORD) - Minneapolis (Minnesota) (MSP):
Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight number: AA1987
Departure: 31.08.2012 15:55, from O'Hare Intl Arpt (ORD)
Arrival: 31.08.2012 17:20, in Minneapolis St Paul Intl (MSP)

Flight Minneapolis (Minnesota) (MSP) - Chicago (Illinois) (ORD):
Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight number: AA772
Departure: 29.01.2013 17:10, from Minneapolis St Paul Intl (MSP)
Arrival: 29.01.2013 18:45, in O'Hare Intl Arpt (ORD)

Flight of Chicago (Illinois) (ORD) - London (LHR):
Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight carries out: British Airways (BA)
Flight number: AA6196
Departure: 29.01.2013 20:30, from O'Hare Intl Arpt (ORD)
Arrival: 30.01.2013 10:10, in Heathrow (LHR)

Flight London (LHR) - Moscow (SVO):
Airline: Aeroflot (SU)
Flight number: SU2579
Departure: 30.01.2013 13:30, from Heathrow (LHR)
Arrival: 30.01.2013 21:15, in the Sheremetyevo (SVO)
I saw today failure on road. Two cars have faced. On one of cars which have faced the driver there was a woman. As after have told it has not made way for other car both has broken a rule and collision has turned out. Fortunately nobody has suffered. I always very much am afraid, when there passes failure on roads. In my country say, that the woman the driver is similar to a monkey. Steven as you concern when at the wheel the woman? I unfortunately am not able to drive the car and at me was never the car. But it is all trifles of a life. I now live only thoughts on you. In the world much all occurs every day. My feeling grows every day. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina