Letter(s) from Nadezhda Romantseva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Good day))
What is your name? How are you doing? Hope everything is fine. I will be very pleased if we can find many things in common and who knows what our acquaintance leads us to))

My name is Nadya, or Nadezhda, the meaning of this name is "hope", "trust" and "reliance")) I was born on January 08,1985. My native town is Troitsk, which is on the East of Ukraine. I am a seller in the clothes boutique, thus i help women look great not only innerly but
outwardly too)) I think that good looking helps to be self

Despite the fact that i am 28 years old i have never been married. It is one of the reason why i decided to find my man with the help of the net. It seems to me that there is no Ukrainian man who could make me feel happy, i start to believe that he might be born in another country)))To tell the truth I have had very bad experience in serious relationship. Thus, i was afraid to be hurt by someone again for a long time. But now, my inner state is quite mature, and i want to assure you that i am ready to try my fortune. I dream to have my soulmate, someone who will treat with me good, and love me so much, that all women will envy me)) I want to find someone who will share with me all my life. Do you know the proverb "House is build by a man, home is build by a woman?" What do you think about it? That is all what i want for now, to create strong family home and house together with my dearest and beloved husband!!!

So this is a short story about me, if you are interested i can tell you more)) And I want to hear your story, i want to know you more, tell me about your plans for future pls. And it would be great if you can send me some of your photos. I'd love to see your pics. I will be waiting for your reply)) Take care, Nady

Letter 2

Hi my Dear))I was so glad to read your letter again. You can't even imagine how i miss you, and dream about that moment when we will be together!! Hope this dream will come true soon. How are you my darling??

You know, i am looking through your photos all the time, every hours, every minute, even every second i want to see it again. Thus i downloaded it to my phone in order to see you whenever i want. Your eyes are so kind and warm that when i look on it i feel myself
melted)) Eyes are the mirror of a heart, and i see that you have a big heart. Dear, do you feel the same??

I was so afraid to start serious relationship, that even can't predict that i like you so much and that my thoughts will be only about you.I am sure that you might be the only one whom i dreamt before))

Dear, today was really strange and good day for me.That is why i couldn't answer you!! I didn't tell you, but i was trying to find another job))And you know what i found it!!!Do you remember about my dreams in teaching career, so...I found a nice private school for children with disabilities!!!The salary is not very good, but it brings a very good prospects! Besides i have a chance to work with kids, and help them to improve and enrich their inner world)) What do you think about it???I am so happy that i got this chance, i have passed the interview, and i got a good result. There is only one problem i have not finished my education, and they advised me to pass professional courses for one year. So i can work and study at the same moments))Besides...i have a good chance to learn English there. But i am not sure that i can afford to pay for that, my financial situation doesn't allow me that!!

But still i can't study there cause it is too expensive. If i start to study there I should stint myself in everything, even in our communication. Even if I'll be limiting myself in my daily needs I won't be able to pay for our correspondence. I can't do that, cause i will become crazy about your letters, you are the only one who understands me, and believes in me. I can't live without you, and your sweet letters. I don't know what shall i do, at last my dreams came true, i passed exams, and can study English, but i can't afford it to myself. I found a man with whom i want to spent my life, but also can't be close to him. I mean you dear)) What shall i do???

Sorry for such long letter, but i hope you can understand me and give me a good advice, only you can help me cause i trust you))

Miss you much,

Letter 3

Hi my sweetie)
Thank you very much for your kind and warm letter)) How are you today??? I really appreciate that you are interested in my life. I knew that i wasn't mistaken by chosen you, all my inner world says me that you are exactly whom i need!!!! i am ok, i just haven't access to the net, i have to save money. i had a call from private school, and they said that if i can pay for my courses in a weeks, i will work there. I am in despair, i really want to finish this courses, thus i will be able to work with kids, and my future husband will be proud of me. At last i will be proud of myself!! I really want to be close to you, i really want you to help me with your warm words, and i can put my head on your shoulders, and take more energy from our love. There is noone who can help me, i wish you were here. This two weeks will decide all my fate, and if i don't enter the college, i want you still be with me. As i said my financial position isn't really good now, and it might be my last letter. Dear i can rely only on your help, i want to continue our correspondence, i can't live without your letters, you are the only one who cherishes me up, and helps me to live!!!!
Our correspondence is special for me because it helped me to realize that I want to see you. It seems to me that my life will be empty without you.

The only i want to ask you.....I understand that it sounds a bit strange,and i don't want you offend by this or disappointed in me!!Sweet i really want to pass this courses. Besides i will learn English there and if we are going to meet, i want to speak with you fluently, i want to tell you everything that my heart wants!!But i am not able to pay for it. It is our dream to be together, and i really want you to accept me in your life forever. If i had such an opportunity to pay both for our correspondence and for courses, i would never ask for your help.. But it is my strong desire to be with you, and i must learn English, i want be with you..hope you understand me right and i can rely on your help, but sweet i ask only if you can!!

I am dreaming about the moment when we will meet, and you will kiss me and say: "Don't worry baby, i am with you, I love you so much that you even can't imagine!!!!". Will it come true?? All my kisses are for

Yours Nadya