Scam letter(s) from Kimberly Rain Reiff to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!!!!!!!, I saw your profile at wed Search Results and i really love to know you if you wish, am looking a long term relationship if it should go in that direction, like most times i do ask my self this :- Obviously you are going to chose a partner that you are physically attracted to. Apart from that aspect, there are a few important areas you should look at. Do they speak very slowly compared to you? Do they understand you when you speak? Can you really talk to them about absolutely anything?. When you're ready to make that full commitment, you're sometimes left with questions and a nagging sense of self-doubt. Is this the one? Am I making the right choice? Does my potential partner feel the same way? In this guide i hope u attempt to answer these questions and more. The best way to make sure a relationship succeeds is to make sure it's the right one from the start!. Hope am not too hard? well i hope to hear from you again bye for now. I here by paste one of my pix, Am 28 years old and also from the States (USA), female that is all i have to give now till u reply i will give more. You can send me email so we get to know each other.
Letter 2
Sorry for my late reply i have been very busy that i don't even have time for my self, well from today i promise to reply your emails from time to time. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.I almost gave up on the search on personals because I had no response and the fact that I am an active christian seems to send them off. I am very glad you are interested in getting to know me. Before I continue,I mean,before I tell you about me,I will like you to know I have just been deployed from London to Nigeria, Africa, for the last stage of my project. I have travelled to several countries as a missionary in a very short time and I have gathered different experiences and views in life. I must confess,it has been very interesting and challenging. I joined the ministry and I work with the underpriviledged, orphanages, and motherless babbies. I equally organise seminars and teach how to reduce the spread of and eradicate ***/aids. I still teach self esteem to sick kids. I will be getting back to the states soon. Finally, and I want to meet a soulmate who will be there for me at all times. Its my first time doing this online dating stuff and I hope it works out for me.I resolved to this online stuff cuss I have been burned before in a short relationship and that left me with fear of falling in love with any other guy,But I am more matured now and have put the past behind me and I am ready to move on with the right guy. I will be coming back home in 2-3 weeks time from now, and in the mean time, I need company, someone I can always communicate with while I am here on yahoo messenger, cuss I get bored most times after work. We can go from there and see where this leads us to. Thanks again for your time and I hope to hear from you again soon. God Bless Pamela.
Letter 3
I will will start by saying thank you so much for the picture u sent i must let you know that i like it.........

I promised to to tell you more about myself, so here goes. If it gets a little long, I apologize. Well I am originally from Tampa,Florida. My family left there , and to be honest, I wish they never left. . So needless to say, I am very much attached to celebrating all the beauty that the good Lord has given us. There are so many people that never get to experience that type of beauty. And yes I love all the outdoor sports such as fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, etc.. There's just something amazing about sitting around a campfire under the stars of a sky not ridden with noise and the haze of pollution. Those, combined with my family and friends,then, were what made me happy. I am very much a family person as well. I look very much
forward someday to having a family of my own to take care of.

But my mom always travelled based on her mission trips,and realy traveled to 35 countries around the world before she retired.But one day my dad woke up and said he was in love with another woman,some rich woman and was never coming back.He said he found love with this strange woman and there was nothing any one could do about it.I actually waited for his return,but it never happened again.I Left the states to calgary Canada with my aunt,Lita,where I further, went to a missionary school.It was all I could do to keep me happy,to keep the memory of my mom fresh. My mom especialy was very loving and teachable who made me know most of what I know today.Not until tragedy struck and i lost her when I was 11.She had a heart surgery and never made it.I missed their love and thats exactly why I want a man who understands the rythm of love,somone who can cuddle,snuggle,hold hands and even spoon with me.I have always thought of having a very strong relationship that will be void of arguments,disagreements and complaints,but of a loving and faithful relationship. I try to be as much fun around people as possible and have been blessed with the gift of making friends. Most poeple enjoy being around me especially kids, but I think alot of that is because I get a good kick out of making people happy. I'm definitely someone you can take home to Mom and Dad and always believe I would fit right in (I don't know how important that is, but thought I would share).
Well ,I worship with the baptist church,and we have the group called Growing Faith Int'l Ministries,they are involved and incharge of the missionary trips and decide where to send you at any time. I am at the peak of my career,thus that I will be retiring soon. I chose to retire soon because I want to settle down and a family,I want to move on with my life and hopefully the family that Gods gives me. I wont be going back to Canada after everything,My aunt is married now and recides in greece with her husband..
Since my last heart-break ,my life has been dotted with confusion, uncertanities. My desire is to meet a man that I can develop a life long union (yes I want to get married) with. I do not have children of my own but have room and the desire in my heart to love anothers. I love to read non-fiction titles, traveling,and I am a lover of animals. Having traditional values I like old fashioned relationships. Making a house a home and "nesting" is a quality I enjoy providing. Having a tranquil, loving, safe and harmonious house is very important to me. I expect my man to be without prejudice and violence, in control oh his anger, able to dedicate his life to me. In return he will get the same and so much more. So does any of this interest you?. I haven't dated in over 12 years and its been awhile since anyone has asked me what I would like to do, I love the beach and that's always a great place to spend time. Stopping at local shops, antique and second hand stores. I will continue to write if you desire but for now I have to get ready for the orphanage and then despite the weather I am going on a hike in the hills here in the rural area, so thanks again I look forward to hearing from you.

I ve been cheated on so many times and i don't want that to happen again and i don't want to talk about it,what am all about now is that are u really honest?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caring?,loving? and good sence of humor? please answer all when replying this...I can share my love with any body that loves me,your age is noting to me because age is noting but numbers you have noting worry about. YoU can add my yahoo screen name ''cutiebabypam'' so that we can chat and get to know each other more. Sincerely .. Pamela.
Letter 4

Hello Michael,

Sometimes I used to wonder if there are still good men out there, some one who realy cares, and thinks of you even when you are not around. But I guess I don't have to think about that any more, cuss from the emails you write me,you pour your heart out and I don't see any form of deciete, pretence, or any thing negative to a REAL relationship. You may be wondering why I am rambling again, right now, I want to take my chances with you. I haven't realy been into dating for a very long time now because I did everything a common girl wouldn't do, I was there for him[my first and last boyfriend] and never had any intentions of having a broken relationship. But he broke my heart and I never had the love I expected from him. Ever since then, I never fell in love again. It was a very scary experience I was trying to avoid. I didn't contct you to PRETEND or PLAY GAMES...I am here to find THE LOVE OF MY LIFE....some one who I will grow with in love, faith, endurance, and care. Again, thats why I want a good family oriented man as a soul mate. That's cuss I believe he will have the understanding of how to treat a woman. I will let you know further about my feelings and aspirations in the next email. But first..let me say a few more of what I like and not. likes...well I always love to be around kids. they make me happy and I know how to make them happy too. I like to laugh, do you? I love it when someone makes me laugh...and listens to me in every conversation. Pretty simple eh? Dislikes....I hate it when some one is being *****, cheat, dissapoints and most especialy you don't make a promise to anyone when you can't keep to it. I want to chip in something about my only and greatest fear is for you to get my attentions, come into my heart, and leave me hanging. I would like you in your reply, if all what I am saying is pleasing to you, to promise me that you will be there for me at all times. [in times of difficulties and pleasures] especialy chat with me. That makes me come closer to you even though we are far from each other. [but thats just for a little while]. My favourite food any time I am in the states is Mexican and Italian, some times Chinese, but down here you can't get them cuss they are too and exceptionally expensive. And here in the rural area I am,you can't even find it at all. I eat what the kids eat, I do what they do. That way I can get closer to them and communication would be easier. What I do every day is go to the orphanges and the lessprivilege to minister to them. We hold seminars and make donations to help them. That includes us contacting other people from different parts of the world, asking them for support, we do all these things especially trying to Getting some real plans of how to protect the society from the spread of ***/AIDS and other diseases. It has been a very pleasurable and unpleasurable experience, but I cope. I realized my calling when I found out[after losing my parents]that,that was the only thing that would make me happy.My mom was a missionary too,and instilled in me the passion of care and love for kids..I can't live without it.

I am taking my time to write you this email,cuss you realy caught my attentions. You ask very vital questions and make me feel someone is out there thinking about me.Thank you for all these time. Chatting would be a good way to keep in touch. Thank you so much for taking your time to read all this and I will be hoping to hear from you again soon.

You have me thinking about you to. God bless you always...


Letter 5
As I awoke this morning
The first thing I saw was your face
I thought to myself
"I am looking through the eyes of love"
It was like looking into Heaven's grace.
I wanted to hold you close
Your eyes were the bluest blue
You held me in your strong arms
And I thanked God I belong to you.
As the sun grew bright and warm
You smiled that dear smile, beauty from above
As I watched, it was as if a gate swung wide
I thought "I am looking through the eyes of love".
We went on a picnic, I picked wild flowers for you
We were young and free
We talked about happy things and laughed
You stood up and only wonder I could see
As the clouds swirled, you pulled me by my hands
And we danced to music of our heart's delight
"This is what looking through the eyes of love must be like".
It started to rain, and then, up yonder
I saw the rainbow of hope
Being in love can be so beautiful
A butterfly circled..blessing bestowed
A lovely gift for the best day of my life
Tomorrow we will have another
God made us one, He is enough
In a paradise for two
Both looking through the eyes of love.

Letter 6
I was sitting here thinking about you( it is a very good thing). Well I was just reflecting how nice it is to be part of something so wonderful. After my last relationship(of putting all the effort into it and not getting anything back) it is so nice to know that I am appreciated, and respected. You have shown me this by staying up to chat, making time to read and reply my emails, the positive feed back. By doing all these things you have captured my heart. . . I am at a point in my life when I want to be married and settle down, I am looking forward to giving you the chance to show me that there are real men out there after everything that has happened, and I really hope you are the one to prove it is true [I believe that any way]. I would know how things will be once you are with me, (happiness and hours of phone conversation, time together) it is some thing that I am looking forward to eagerly. there is still so much I want to show you about me and learn about you, I wonder in a perfect world how long before you want to be married (a week a month a year) I wonder how I will feel in your arms, how nice your body smells, how passionate our kisses will be, how soft your skin would feel, how cute you look, and how wonderful your smile would be when you see me for the first time. All these things are running through my head. I look forward to finding it all out. I don't like all the distance between us right now but it gives us time to get to know each other. I daydream about us together, how nice it will be and all the things I want to discover with you, what you will teach me, and what I can teach you. It is strange how you have won my heart so fast, and just by chatting on the computer. I hope you have enjoyed and been touched by what is in my heart, I am a sensitive woman, and love deep conversation revealing what is in our hearts, I hope you are someone who can share from deep in your heart and soul, that would be so wonderful. If you have not figured out already I will give you my life and make things easier. I hope I don't come across as clingy(well I kinda do) I want to spend all the time I can with that special person, YOU. I hope you are somewhat the same way. I enjoy my space but us so far it's been wonderful, and I think love is an addiction that is hard to get enough of. Other than honesty I am looking for respect from my Soulmate.. I need to know that he respects me. In the book of Ephesians it takes about role of husbands and wives. I think there is a lot of importance on the "husbands love your wife, and wives respect your husbands"
So far you are everything I am looking for in someone and I hope I am the same to you. I really hope you have enjoyed a look into my heart, I am looking forward to hear what is in your heart. you are wonderful.

Your true love Pamela.
Letter 7
~Loving Each Other Quietly~
My love speaks gently
in the brightness of the day
I'm loving you quietly
in my own special way.
Your love speaks passionately
in the middle of the night
you're loving me quietly
and all the world seems right.
Our love speaks faithfully
each and every season
giving hope and comfort
with every good reason.
Our love speaks sincerely
as a whisper in the ear
loving each other quietly
so no one else can hear.


I like the Pictures u sent, thank u so much.
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