Scam letter(s) from Maria Shabalina to Guy (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my favourite! Today my heart sings with happiness! Today I to hear your voice. My favourite I am very happy. Here data which you asked. My dear if you to send me of money I can quickly leave in Moscow on following week. I at once to pay firm. And to go in Moscow to embassy. Street 50 - anniversary of October the house 41 apartment 58. Postal indeces 420029. My surname Polikarpova name Svetlana City Kazan the Country Russia My dear I can leave with children on competitions and money will probably have to receive in other city. I very much hope that you can to send me of money. I shall wait for your letter. I you love also the whole! Your bride Svetlana!!! That I to receive money I should know Your full name ____________________
Your full a surname ________________
The country ______________________
City in which you live ____________
The postal index of your city ___________
Also from which you will send city of money ___________
Letter 2
My dear I still wish to see you. Your help is necessary for me. I to spend when to go in Moscow in embassy much. Now at me I practically do not remain money. Now it is necessary for me to begin all with the beginning. In Canada I already to receive the exit visa. Now it is necessary to define{determine} date of a start and date of an arrival. And to me will give the visa for this term. The visa can be a maximum of 90 days. On how many you to want that I to arrive to you. Then I buy the ticket to register{record} it{him} in embassy. And all. I to fly to you. Also I am very happy{am}, that soon we shall together my love!!! In the TV I saw advertising the Western the Union. In advertising we speak {told,} that it is very fast also it{he} is convenient. I think, that it will be better, if you send money a western the union. About what you think of it{this}? I also dream at much our first night together. I think, that it will be magnificent!!! I cannot expect it My love!. My love, I learn{find out} {I know} many cases when close parents {relatives} sent people by mail, money and money did not come up to the addressee. Understand, letters sometimes appear very small opportunity, that I shall receive it!!! I think, that will send money a western the union much more conveniently and more from assured{confident}. I love you very much and I wish to be with you as soon as possible!!! My name name Polikarpova a name Svetlana. The country of Russia Kazan. Street 50 - anniversary of October the house 41 apartment 58. Postal indeces 420029. Every day without you it for me thirst of love! In your city there is a bank? There the Western the Union. If you send me of money in it{him} it I can to receive them this very day when you them me to send! You to be able to send them to me this means? I should take the day off on work to receive money! I with impatience shall expect the letter you my love. I to you love very much very strongly I wash love! The whole! That to meet me of money I should learn{find out} Your full name ____________________
Your suit a name ________________
The country ______________________
City which you have seen ____________
Postal indeces of your city ___________
Also you will send city, whence have sent money ___________ Confidential code which to you to speak bank (10 figures) and the sum of translation{transfer}.
Letter 3
Greetings my favourite! Thanks for number. Today I shall try you to call. My favourite I already to explain to you that it is necessary for me to pay 600 dollar in a travel company. They at to prepare me for documents. If I to not give them money they will not give me my documents. I already wrote to you what to give documents for registration in firm. In this cost enters also cost the ticket. I cannot refuse their services. It is necessary for me to pay for their work. Your Svetlana
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