Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sokolova to Jaroslav (Slovakia)

Letter 1
Hi dear friend!I hope that you will like to read this letter and reply to me very fast.My name is Valentina, but friends call me Valya. I’m serious woman, without pernicious habits,who looking for serious relations with good man from EU...I’m twenty five y.o., blonde hair and blue eyes...I’m not very beauty woman, but not **** also. I have “GOLD” heart and open for LOVE.I have very good chance arrive to your country on this or next month!But I don’t know anyone who can meet me.If you wish to get relations with me, I will be very happy to get your answer today!I got your email via Internet dating agency.I gave to them my message and foto and they sent it to you!If you will reply to me I will write to you more about myself!IMPORTANT! I’m looking for serious relations only!Please, answer to my personal mailbox:
Best regards,Valya
Letter 2
Hi,again dear friend Jaro!Unfortunately I can not open your picture! may need a different format?I am very pleased that our acquaintance is going on!I want to believe that our communication will lead us to the fact that I wa s looking for!To sweet, bright and true! I very much hope that we can build a good friendship and after true love!What do you think about this?Can you answer my questions? I hope very much!What is your life? your job? Your life principles? interests and hobbies? Your dreams and goals in life? What is your meaning of life?Sorry if my questions are very serious. But I do not want to just chat.I'm looking for a man. And i want to believe that I would find it in you!Ok! I will wait your answer! In next letter i tell about me!!!
Letter 3
Hi,my new and dear friend!Jaro!Wow! It is clear, sincere, a great response!I am grateful to you! My true! Very nice and a welcome answer!It is this letter I would like to see, but I did not expect that it will be on as much accurate! Thank you!I'm very glad!Really!And now, just do not know where do I start!Ok.. i try)20 I'm looking for a serious and honest man!I'm not looking for a toy or a joke! Family! Here,in Russia is what is not necessary!20Men are very rude, arrogant, stubborn, selfish and weak! No physical force,in this case they will only let-be-beaten indiscriminately woman, or man-not important.Weak in terms of strength of will and character.Alcohol ... After this-fight, the requirements of the female ***. And the rudeness, physical abuse...And how to live with this person? have a child by him, to fear and to be incaptivity ... No.Therefore, it is only in my city came internet, I did everything to get the
address man from abroad! And I have your letter!And now our communication! Much hope! The great hope is that we all get! And we will achieve higher and better results!!! I am 25 years old. I am average height. 165 cm My weight-54 kg.20I'm a big girl, but I'm not ***) Extensive **** and good action, but no ***.20 have a special teacher of physical culture, but in my country, teachers areone of the lowest wages, so I took the course ecology and has now started work in this area. And think I know what good nutrition, diet, sleep and proper way of life atall! So.. a little more)20I work as an engineer-ecologist.I love and respect our surrounding world!Our Planet. love nature, tranquility, wildlife, I likequiet and harmonious state of body and soul.I enjoy psychology. I love to read books and get newthe information. love sports! I like active kind of life!like talking to people, but I do not likerudeness, violence, disrespect, abuse, negative.I have no bad habits and addictions. I can drink a glass of wine, orchampagne. With alcohol in my general theme of individual patients ...Disease throughout Russia. So I do not like the men here.But I think we'll have plenty of time to write letters andget to know each other!
Letter 4

My dear friend...Ok! I understand of course!!! But very wait your big and honest answer!!!
Letter 5
Good morning,my dear friend! Jaro!
I am grateful to you for a great and honest answer!
I hope that the only way will be our communication!
It is very important to me, since I also not love is no sincere , pretense, idle talk,deceit, flattery, lies, and all these negative things!
I want to just explain things that you should know!
I live in Novocheboksary,Russia. This is a young city.
And such a well-known entertainment, as the Internet appeared in my part of town a couple of weeks ago.
I know a lot of television, there are so many sites for socializing and dating, and other programs.
I know that in some countries and cities, the Internet is so good and fast, it is possible to watch movies or play games. But my internet is very limi
ted. Too little speed.
Sometimes I spend hours, or days I can not connect. So I warn you once, I can not use anything except my mailbox!
I want to get your answer about it! because it is very important to me! you continue to communicate with me? Since I do not want to just talk. I set u
p very seriously.
I dream of a real, sincere and strong love. On a happy life. Here? A huge problem! ALCOHOL! A man loves alcohol, *** and violence! Few wish to raise a family!
And I'm tired. Search, hope and suffering. I'm not a little girl.
And I need more than just a flirtation, or ***. So I beg you, think well. I do not want to just talk. I need love, respect and family.
I'll wait for your opinion and answer!
And then I start to talk more about the other major points!
Letter 6
Oh!!! Thanks! I'm very glad!!!I just thought it might be a problem ...I've heard a lot of the TV, that now so many opportunities on the Internet!You can even play and watch movies! It's great)I understand that I looked like from the stone age, but this is my city ...province) I'm sorry)I am very glad now that you are not a problem!Thank you so much that to continue our acquaintance!It is very important to me!I'm sorry ... I do not want to sound boring and dull ... but I want a really honest, serious, and the right relationships!Therefore, in the beginning I show all their spirit ...And I'm sorry, but I want to talk about it. About their pain and fear.Ok. Listen! )))Russia is the great country in the world. But few know that 85% just are not suitable for human habitation! Permafrost, swamps, rivers, lakes, and floods are constantly washing away houses and the erosion of gardens and orchards.Mountains, forests, ravines, desert thousands kilometers! that is, for the normal life of a Russian man is 15% of the territory!Slightly more than Sudan, but less than more Kazakhstan and Russia it is!The average annual yield of grain in Russia for non-black soil is 17 quintals hectare in Germany, France, Great Britain 70 quintals, in Sweden, 60, Ireland 85. Further, the total population of Russia is about 132 million, 60% elderly, children, people with disabilities. and only 20% of men of working million from them in jail, four million-chronic alcoholics. 1.5 million-addicts. The minimum wage in Russia is 4330 rubles or 96 euros per month. The content of a prisoner in the colony in 6540 to dispense rubles.For comparison, the poverty line in the U.S. is $ 18,000 a year for a family of three. (523,000 rubles)In Russia there are 163 regulatory bodies that may come with a check, and for a bribe of course. Perhaps you do not know that we allgive bribe each year $ 3 billion in various instances! in 2009, property damage from economic crimes for the first time exceeded one trillion rubles.This is almost seven and a half times more than the year before!During the first half of 2009 police officers committed 18,000 crimes. to criminal charges brought against 20 generals and admirals, officers convicted1600 of the Russian army, not to mention the fact that 1.5% of the population owned 50% of all national wealth. Who else knows that the average Russian consumes 18 liters of alcohol a year. That in 2008 were unaccounted for 50,000 people, nearly 2 million children under the age of 14 years, beaten by their parents, 50,000 children each year run away from home to escape the family and ****** violence.In Russia more than 2 million orphans. The number of ****** offenses against minors over the past 10 years has grown by 25 times!In 2007 in Russia, killing 2,500 children every minute dies 5 people, born 3. 30% of children born out of wedlock, only in Siberia over the past 5 years,disappeared 11 000 villages and 290 towns. 26,000 children die before 10 years. Die every day 40 infants, 70% of them in maternity wards!20On education it is better not to stutter! For 187 education leaders in 2010 , criminal charges, the amount of bribes in the field of higher Education reached $ 520 million,over the past 5 years in Russia has left more than 40 million people. Glitter?)))These are the things that's ... Ok))) Really sorry,but it is my desire! The desire to make it clear that I dream about normal! I do not need a lux and beautiful life! I dream of a normal life! to have a loved man and prepare for him a good dinner, make surprises .. have a family!To walk in the park, eating ice cream, film and theater raise children! To be happy ... afford to go to the store. Buy Women's nice detail ..T-shirt, handbag, skirt. Just like that. Not thinking about what you need to buy food and pay the rent. As it happens here ...To go to the store for yourself, it's just a holiday ... I want to give my light and love! I dream about children ... I have some very nice secrets for you. I very much hope that they really please you! And really believe in our future! So wait your answer!!! And photo))) Valya
Letter 7
My dearest man!Jaromiryhka!)))Good night!!!Oh!!! how beautiful and alluring you look! Very manly and attractive!Very good))) Thanks for these emotions)Your house) nice)being renovated a bit?)I really want to help) would be great together go to the store)select floor tiles, wallpaper, or chandelier))) Dreams...And I believe in them! I do all this to happen!Wait for you to work, clean your house, cook a great meal ... Russian cuisine. God ... this is great! And most importantly, very useful)Meet you. You're tired, but very much like me and want! All is well ..we have a little dance, a lot of kiss)makes love..)oh yeah ... I want to have that relationship! Jaro! My dear!Let's keep it!I really want to be with you! Valya! Kisses!
Letter 8
Hello,my dearest man! Darling Jaro!I am very happy that I have your good honest and open answer!Very cool! Thank you very much, that go on our communication! This is a great pleasure for me! I was very nervous and afraid when she wrote my first letter!The fact that I have a little secret about that! I hope you understand me!The thing is, that it was not as easy as you might think. I'm talking about your address, and my letter to you. the first letter.
As I have said about the Internet, I knew of him only from television. Here it was not. He is in Cheboksary, but before he reached my town a couple of weeks ago only.
And so. Once this happened, I was very happy because I've always wanted to fulfill their dream to get acquainted with the man-abroad. With high hopes and plans for a happy, real life! My good friend(girl) who now lives abroad in a marriage for me was the very powerful example and incentive!We have an office dating. But in reality, and simply must tell you about it-is the hackers. Which can find any address from the Internet.I turned to him! They asked me a question-hey,you a another crook-scammer? I do not understand this, and said why crook? They said no no!is all good and they are just joking. Then they called the price for their search, demanded my letter and photos.
I did everything and quietly went home. With great faith and hope!
God! You just can not imagine how happy I was when you finally wrote! I can not convey their emotions, which were then! Joy? oh no! In a hundred thousand times ****** and brighter! I was very happy! Since I've been waiting a very long tome your letter! It was more than two weeks after I moved away from those people. I already thought that this would not happen! And I was deceived. However, no) I am very happy! And now I realize that these are real feelings and emotions! And my faith, my hope. God .. they not threw me! And you came into my life! Jaromirchik!)))Thanks!!! having responded to my letter which has been sent hackers!)Here is my secret is associated with you) but I very much hope that you understand me! I did not know how to do it. How to find the address. I was confident that everything will be fine! so I began to prepare a tourist visa to Europe!Entered into a contract with an agency in Moscow. And I was very afraid! I waited and waited. But no one wrote. I called those people, they said that the answer will be! just need to wait! And I'm waiting! And!))) I believe in our relationship!Since this is the most amazing dating in my life! And I very much hope that we'll be together soon(After July 8-9)!Dearest man! My man! I'm really looking forward to your letter today! Please be honest with me and post your thoughts on this!)
Many kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yours Valya!
Letter 9
My dearest man! Hi,my Jaro!
Sorry! Only now my internet say is!)
How are darling?
You did not answer my last letter)
Please share your opinion about this ...
This is important ...
You are very dear to me! And it's so strange!
How you think? because we have written only 10 letters)
But we wrote sincerely and honestly! It is very important!
I do not know what else to say)
because I left all my emotions, desires and dreams in the first letters ...
I am completely without leaving a residue in all the letters ...
I really want to love! I'm going crazy from the fact that in my heart a lot of light, the desire! I'm ready! I want to be with you! You are very dear to me! Very!
Everytime day, each letter is a new i am! I never wrote letters to men! Never talked about such serious things!
Here I stood in silence ... I talked about how I see men here!
My man! My hope! My dream! I want to be with you!!!
Yours Valya! A lot of kisses! With LOVE!!!
Letter 10
My love! My hope! My Jaro!THANKS!!! I am very happy! It's you! This is because of you!My lovely man!!!You!!!I really want to be with you! For real!I'm so tired of this (((you can not imagine how difficult and there is not bearable to live here (This is a terrible nightmare ... ...I finally found the light! Hope! Happiness!And I believe in you! I believe in us!I really want to hear your voice!Unfortunately my phone to be repaired now! But I hope that soon I can take it! And then we can talk! I really want!I want to be with you! As soon as possible! In your hands, into your country!My Jarychka!Maybe tomorrow my agent wrote me about my visa and flight details!I hope very much!I want to see you! To start our lives! real! sincere and warm! Wonderful and love! Calm and stormy! I really want to be in your hands! Only your!Kisses!!! Delicate and sweet! Yours Valya!!! Only yours!!!
Letter 11
Hello,my darling man! My dearest Jaromirychka!
I feel so good every time! Each your letter ...
Oh my God. I am very glad that I have you!
My day went as usual ...
anything new and interesting)
But I have always you in the head and heart)
This is very cool! A lot of energy and emotion! Thank you for this!
I really want to be with you!
For real! I am very tired here ...
And you have no idea on how much (
Dear Jaro... Every day...
I see something new (
it does not fit in my head! Do you think that all! nothing more can not be worse and I do not see more horrible things as they occur in Russia!
I think, no, do not be surprised and wrong!( Today, died a small boy ...I knew him all his life ( He was nine years old.
Of an overdose. He sniffed glue ...
And these children in my town is enough ...
And a lot of drunks. Very often, attacks on people ...
robbery ... phones, money, gold ...
The most common offenders are not caught and they make it again ...
******. I'm scared to live here (((
Young children are abandoned by parents, or themselves run away from home because their drunken parents and friends beat them, tortured, or wearing ...
Darkly. Very dark and scary.
I am often afraid to return home after work. My mother met me always!
I really want to leave Russia. My mom dream about it!That I found happiness... Quiet, adequate, interesting life.
I believe in it! I fight for our relationship and love with you!
Sorry... for my sad and boring answer ...
I just really want a new life. Love and family with you! Only!... I believe!
Good night, my darling and best man! My Jaro!!!I love you! I know it!!!
And only in you I see sense! I do not want to lose it!
Letter 12
My lovely man!My Jaroslavchik!Just writing you to let you know, I really want to you!Waiting for news of my visa! I dream about you! I think! Imagine!I want to be with you! You're very expensive! I love you! And a little afraid ... Never before had I felt such emotions and feelings!Really believe in our present and especially future! Only yours!Valya!
Letter 13
My darling Jaro!!!Hello,my dearest man!My Love!!Oh! I really miss without you!!!And I'm grateful for that feeling!My dreams come true! So how I feel! And these emotions are very high, and magical! They belong to you! Thank you!My dearest!
My agent sent me today! And I have really happy news!
And what kind of thoughts in my head)))"The life is difficult thing and we must to believe in MIRACLES!!!LOVE is EVERYWHERE and we must to FIGHT FOR OUR LOVE!!!" ))))))))))))
Ok! Do you really want to have serious relations with woman as me? Do you really will meet me in Airport when I will arrive to you???I really believe in this with all my heart!!!Now!!! I have all news and detalls about my visa!!!I MUST TO GET MY VISA ON July, 9! My VISA is valid for 30 days only. And I can stay with you for 1 month maximum!!!I can stay with you from July 10 till August, 10.Is it WELL for you? I hope...After that I will go back to Russia..And I have the right to extend the visa for another 3 months!!! Also for my trip I must to have a cash money on bank account of my travel agency or extract from the account!I must to have 45 euro per every day of my VISA is valid. So 45 euro *30 days of VISA 3D 1350!Also I must to have a Visa (80 euro), insurance(60 ) and flight ticket(250 ). It's 390 euro .TOTAL 3D 1750 euro! It's VERY BIG AMOUNT FOR ME AND I WANT TO BE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT PLAY WITH ME. Ok,my darling Jaromirchik?
I have a travel contract with Russian travel agency "Tour-InfoVis". They help me with reception Visa.You can write to them on their e-mail address and ask them any questions about me and about my trip. Ok?
Their e-mail is
So for my trip to you I must to have 1350 euro(cash) and 390 euro forticket, Visa, insurance. Do you understand me, dearest ?I have 500 euro already!!!My father will transfer other part of money to my travel agency on end this week already!!!So I will have full amount for my trip and I will be ready arrive to you!!!Even if I will stay in your country for just one week,or few days I MUST to have 1350 euro ANYWAY!!! This is law!!! Do you understand this situation, dear? I hope so... TELL ME!!! OK?I can not travel without this money, because this money as proof of my life-support in Europe!!!The main also that I WILL NOT SPEND this money. The money only for pass a customs control. Do you understand me? If you have any questions you canask me or manager. I give you e-mail.
If you really want to meet me I must to know city and name of AIRPORT where I must arrive. Also the best date of my arrival to you. I can arrive to you onJuly,10-11. Is it good for you? I hope!!!
Once again, give me:
1 - Name of the Airport and city of my arrival2 - The best date of my arrival
I really hope that you will meet me and we will have good time together!!! I want to have serious relations with you,my man!!!I never asked you about money and I will have a trip INDEPENDENTLY!!! I sure that 100000000000000 letters can not replace 1 meeting face to face!!! Waiting for your HONEST answer ....Yours Valya
Letter 14
My dearest! Thank you! Thanks for the info! It is very important to me!Now I'm very happy! All is well!))) Oh!!! Thanks!!!But I write about money as it is the most important thing in my contract! And I was obliged to be confident in your intentions and plans!I really want to see you! To create a new life! With a clean slate! Oh!I love you very much! Although we have not seen each other! And I'm ready to shout their love to you all over the world!My LOVELY!!! MY!!! My hope and future!!!God... I really want to be with you!!! I will never leave you! I will not betray and deceive!Be sure! Jaro! Sorry,but I'll buy a ticket after my father would send the rest of the money.I'll report on my flight and number!I do not know), I very rarely got the flowers ... only from relatives)I do not have specific ), I love roses, daisies, tulips, lilies) makes no difference to me! The main thing that they will be from you! I think so) that you love me! This is the most necessary and important!Colors) hm) I love the blue and red, white, purple and green, orange)I do not like the dark) And you?)))My dearest Jarychka!!! I thank God that he gave me you!I love you! I want to you!!! Yours forever! Valya!
Letter 15
Good morning my lovely,my! Jarychka! How are you? How do you sleep? Today I am going to work. My colleaugues has asked to replace her.I agreed) I love you very much. I very much want to you! Next week at this time we’ll be together!This is happiness! I am very happy and looking forward to that moment!I wish you good mood and good day! I kiss you very much and tenderly! Yours! Only yours Valya!
Letter 16
Good night to you,my love!My hope and my life!!!I want to you!!! I dream!!! I miss without your photos!!!I go to sleep,my dearest Jaromchik!!! My man!!!Kisses!!! Love you!!! Really!!! Thanks for it!
Letter 17
My lovely!!! Hello!How are you today?working in the house? My workaholic!)I really want to you,my dearest man! I hope that you leave work for me ??I want ! It would be great! Work in your house together!A lot of kisses! Gentle, sweet, passionate! what you wish!
Letter 18
My lovely!Oh yes, in Russia very hot too!!!not 40 but has been consistently above 30!I'm very happy! As I think about us all the time! I want our love, romance ... I dream about our very first look, touch, kiss!A little more! remained for several days and nights! I believe in our relationship!I believe more than ever, and in what do not believe!Thanks! I's you!!! I's our love!
Letter 19

Oh, yes. I understand you! You spend days working very hard!
You eat?? Please eat regularly! Especially at lunch! It is very important!
You lose a lot of effort and energy, you are obliged to reimburse it out offood!
Ok,my dearest? Tell me!)
I'm all good. I sit at home all day. Sleep, a book and programs)
I dream about you! Miss without your photos!Please sent!
My Jaryhka! How many children do you do you want? What do you think when we start to prepare for this?
I want to be with you ...but, I sometimes cry ... it's true.
Because I'm still very afraid. I never flew away from Russia.
I've never been in a serious relationship ... I want!!! but you must unders tand me ...
I love you. And I want to be with you. Always ... I can not live more than another man. You did everything!and men did not go there for my 25 years!
Please ... whether it is always with me ...
Letter 20
I am very happy. I madly want to you! Miss without you!
Your warmth, your arms, your shoulders, your body!Yours passion and tenderness, care and respect. Your love and devotion! I want it all!Becauseall I have for you!!!
My dearest Jaro!
Every time day, every minute. Our meeting is very important to me in my life! All our letters will never replace our meeting and the first kiss!
Lovely,I have no strength to wait! I am very tired of waiting for our love, I want to stay with you forever!
I love you!!! You-my life!
Letter 21
I love you,my man!! I love you so much!!!
Please! Leave the work for me!)))
Letter 22
My lovely! Hi!!!I am writing to you today two times! you got my first long letter?I really want to you! ! Do you really need me!I only live for you! I can not wait any longer! I live in our meet and our future life!
Letter 23
Thanks my lovely!My internet work only now!!!I'm all good! I really miss you! I am weary of waiting!Every day is very slow! I think I'm sick! And only you are my medicine!I know and feel it! My dear! My best and only! even 10000000 letters will not replace us in our meet!Love you so much! On Monday, waiting money from my father!
Letter 24
My man!!! My! Only my!I love you!!! You have done so much for my heart!!!!Meaning of Life... I just yours!!! I very much want to be with you!Good night, my best and only Jaromiryhka!!!I love!
Letter 25
Only now my internet allows you to write to you!Hello,my love! My hope!I'm all good. As usual. I'm home. Books, music, news.No wonder! I think of you constantly, I'm losing my mind from thinking about us! I want to see you crazy! Tomorrow I go to the bank to get money from my father! I can not wait for our meeting! I love you very much!
Letter 26
Good morning,my lovely Jaryhka!how do you sleep? I'm good! Now I'm going to shower and go to theoffice of the bank moneygram. To get help from my father for our meeting!)Soon! I'm very happy! I want to see you! I really believe in us! Iappreciate, understand, respect, trust! All for you, my darling!Kisses! Yours Valya!
Letter 27
How are you today? I hope you have a good mood.
I'm sorry. I apologize for that gave us hope, promise that everything will be fine. I am guilty, I said and believed in its strength, the strength of my father.
I am very upset and broken. But my father could not send the entire amount.
He has health problems of my small, half-sister, she and his wife are now in the hospital and needs money, so he was able to help me only 750 euros.
My dearest lovely man..
I'm sorry. I was very hurt and embarrassed now.
And I understand that you spent the money for building materials in the house.
I was very hurt and sad. I do not know that now. not enough 550 euro.
That all was well. That I could fly from Russia, passing customs.
I must show the amount of 1350. This is the rule. I signed the contract because we were confident with my father that everything will be fine and no problems.
My lovely, You can come to Moscow with the sum of 550?
Or you can send money to me?
to avoid any problems that you waited for me and was ready for my arrival.
I do not know. Please tell me what you gonna do?
I can not think about what the money is a problem between us.
I will wait,my dearest.. Hope!I love you! And it will save us!Please do one step! I am very ashamed, but it happened!
Letter 28
Good evening,my lovely Jaro!Oh,my man!!!I am very glad that you did not leave me with our problem! I am afraid you will think badly of me, I have heard many stories of the TV when the foreigners were deceived Russian. I am very afraid of what will happen and I need money from you ... I was sure that you think about my like **** or someone else.And then, I would have been at an impasse. Because I can not talk to you using the video call because of my weak internet.I am grateful to you, do not leave me! What did not think badly of me! It just happened ...I am very sorry and sad that our meeting is now not take place as soon as possible!But! The fact that I must use my visa this month! During these 30 days.Otherwise I can not get a visa this year, anywhere!Dearest Jaryhka!I love you and believe in our future! I am willing to wait! Because I really want to be with you! I can not be with someone else!I have never loved! You taught me! You have opened my heart! I really love and want to love you forever!I hope that you will be able to find a solution to our problem. I have to show at customs in Russia amounts to 1350. And I'll fly to you with this money. So I promise you, I will return the money that you send! I very much hope that you can do it!Wait your answer! I love you! So much! You-my love! My life!
Letter 29
Hello,my lovely! My! only my Jaryhka!
I see that you're busy today. But I really miss you!
I am very hard now ... I really did not sleep well at night, the Internet has earned only now, but I do not have your letter.
I need your letters in this period. We have a problem (and it really saddens me .. I'm so sick and sad.
My darling. I do not know what to do. I am obliged to leave Russia for these 30 days, otherwise I will not get a visa this year more. I really want to you (((
You all my life! The whole meaning of life! I was very bad.
I love you, but there is this ****** problem (I'm waiting ...
Letter 30
I love you so much! And very happy that you have taught me that!
Letter 31
My Jaro!
My favorite! My man! My Life!
What is Bank Account with the Name of your Bank, Account number and """ IBAN """and """ SWITT """ cods of your Account???
My lovely, I do not have maps of the bank, I do not have anything. I do not know what to do.
You can help us to love and life? My father sent money through moneygram.
In my city, very little use of credit cards and make them last as long as all the other things in Russia.
My lovely! My dearest Jaromyhka!!!
I really want to you! forever! do you hear? you know?
I did not love! never! !! Never, you are! You have done everything in my heart!
Help me with money! I'll be gave a huge sum of money! We will do everythingfor our love! Please! I really want! You can send money for customs?
I want ***! I dream about you every night! Really...
Jaromyhka! I love mother, my momMy prayed for us every morning and wants you to help and I flew to you forever!!We'll be visiting my mom! BUT I always want to be with you!I love you! Please,send money for our meet and life!
Letter 32
Good morning, my lovely!!!I will wait your answer about my Yesterday's letter! Today I'm taking my phone out of repair! Aliluya! Russia is very fast)Wait! Yours! I love you! I want you! Save! Send!
Letter 33
Good afternoon, my lovely! My love and life! I’m really looking forward to your letter! Please help us! Please make transfer money through Wetern union! I am sure that you have such a bank. If he is even in my province. I am very sad and scared without you. I feel bad...I really want to you. At last! Help us! I love you! Only you! I should to show and give all my love! All me!
Letter 34

My lovely Jaryhka!How are you? In recent days, you write very rare.What is the problem? I'm afraid a little bit. I want to be with you and miss you very much.I'm worried. Please answer me!
Letter 35
Lovely!!! My dearest Jaryhka! My lovely man and my meaning of life.
I really want to you and I believe in our love . You're everything to me! I am happy that you are in my life!
I want finally to feel your love and warmth! I love you. I look forward toour meeting!
Yours! Only yours and forever! Valya!!!
Letter 36
Hi, my lovely!How do you sleep? what is your mood?I'm really looking forward and want to you! I love and dream!Just thought about you all and hope!
Letter 37
My love(((I miss(((You very rarely write (I am very sad without you (Give your phone number! I tried to send the message, but I wrote that it does not reach! I really miss you and want to see you (((I feel bad ...Love you! Love you so much!!!
Letter 38
Dearest! Hi!!! Where are you?(I just really hard without letters. It is true. Please do not be angrywith me, but my emotions and feelings!And.. When we are together ... This question haunts me! Miss without news! Love you!
Letter 39
Dearest Jaroslavyhka!Hi,my lovely man!I so miss without our letters! Really..I love you and want more in your hands! Forever!Only yours Valya!Very wait! at least some response!
Letter 40
My lovely!!! Oh!!!
Finally, the news from you)
I understand everything! I know that you are busy, there were problems, but I still miss you! I wrote to your phone! I want very much to you as soon as possible!
I believe in our love! She gives so much power! I believe! I love you! I am waiting for your help! I love all my heart and soul!
Letter 41
Oh,my lovely! I'm really glad!I love you!!! And want to you finally,my dearest Jaryhka!!!But please give me all information! Yours info!Name,surname,country,city sending money, the amount and a secret number,my lovely!Without this information, I can not get your money!Please answer me! It is best to phone!I'm waiting. I love you very much! You're the meaning in my life!
Letter 42
My lovely!!! Oh!!! My! only my man!Thank you for this wonderful step to our meeting!And life!!!Tomorrow morning I am going to Moscow to go to the agency and buy ticket to you!!!I've you!!! I love you only you!!! And finally we meet! And!!!LOVE and FAMILY)))Sweet dreams,my darling! my man! Valya!
Letter 43
Good morning,my love!I'm starting to gather at a train to Moscow! Three hours later I leave the house! I love you very much and I'm coming to you))) almost immediately), my God! I will inform you as soon as I get to Moscow! I love you! Wait for me!)My Jaryhka! My man!Yours Valya!
Letter 44
Hello my lovely man! How are you my Jaryhka? Finally I got to Moscow and was able to go to Internet cafes. That night I was at the station. I hardly slept. Around me were a dogs, the homeless, visiting the people of the Eastern countries. Tajiks, Dagestanis, Uzbeks. I was very scared the whole night. I could not sleep in his suitcase, because it was very afraid. I do not know whether I have the right to write to you now ... because I am guilty before you. Worst fault. I do not know-if you can forgive me for this, I have no words. But. I do not want to delay the news. Dearest Jaromirchik... I was robbed(Three men eastern ethnicity first molested me, humiliated and wanted me to do with them having *** ... I shouted, calling for help, but no one who could protect me-not. I was defending, and several times I hit a bag and legs. But after that was a couple of blows to the head and face. I lost consciousness. I do not know how long I was unconscious on the floor, but as soon as I woke up, I did not have the bag. It was not even a bag. It was a beautician. Documents, telephone and most of the money was stored in a suitcase, almost at the bottom. In the beautician was 400 euros... on the taxi and hotel.20 Lovely Jaro... I do not know what to do. I plead forgive me. I know that I am guilty and I have no right to ask you for help. I just want you to understand and forgive me. I very hurt. Both physically and mentally. I'm afraid. I have to send your money back and go home? ( I understand you, if you say yes ... But our goal ... our dream ... My God (Why did we have a problem with the money (I've never chased material life (I found you. I love you madly ( But what of it? (When I was so much out of luck (Dearest... I was very hurt and offended. I apologize ...I want to you forever(But now (((Please, answer me( I love you! You-my life(((
Letter 45
My dearest! I shortchange. This is money for customs (****!(((I wrote about the hotel and taxis do not know why and for what. My head does not work. I really want to sleep. My head aches, possibly a concussion. I do not know what to do. Where do I go. I have no idea (I was robbed (and the money that you sent me two days ago! You helped to customs and in the end (((Oh my God (what a pig I (((idiot (****** chicken (oh my (what will happen to us (I've lost money for the ****** customs (((Please((( Excuse me, I implore!
Letter 46
Woe! I'm a pig (I ruined our lives (Nobody will help us with this money! (****** chicken! ( I beg you,lovley! do not hold evil! I have to send your 550 and go home?
Letter 47
I was left with 900. but not 1350 euro I should have at customs! ****! I'm sorry for all the ***** words! I'll send you your money (((But what will we do without each other (((
Letter 48
I have to leave the internet cafe. I have a phone and a little money on sms.I love you(
Letter 49

I stole the money (which I shall show on Customs (
You have sent 550. And I have the full amount for my flight! Now I again do not have enough money (they were stolen (400 euros.
I do not know what to do now! I was not let out of the country, as I am obliged to pass through customs and to show 1350. and I have a 900 (
Letter 50
My lovely! My! Only my Jaryhka!
You have no idea how much much I love you!
I admire you! Oh my God! You are so understanding and calm!
Any other man in Russia after learning that I had lost his money, would beat me, too!
And it's true ... And you ... I am proud of and admire!
I want to see you! I really miss you! I am very bad here. In this large, strange city. I'm afraid of here.
I am very hard ... I do not know what to do.
Please tell me! I do not quite understand your last letter here.
About saving money for me.
Lovely Jaro! I should not stay in Moscow for a long time! Since the hotel cost much!
Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world!
BUT, and if you go back home, it is well worth the money!
And it turns out that I need for customs more than 400. Do you understand?
I do not know what to do (I'm at an impasse (((
Tell me please, what do we do? (((You did not help me today, tomorrow?
But when you have a chance? We must solve this problem (
I'm ashamed to ask you about it ... but nobody can help me.
It's Russia ... No one has a free even 50 euro ( Lovely...
I was very hurt. hard for me. and you, too ... I know! I feel ...
I blame ... But if you do not solve the problem soon, next week I will needmore money (((
Please,answer! Dearest...
Letter 51
My dearest Jaro..I really hope you can help! I fly to you with this money and we can pay all your bills! Do you understand? I am sure that this is a good way. I am very sorry that this happened ... but I very much hope ...
Letter 52
I will not be able to use mail until the evening. Please answer me on the phone. I love you very much. I beg you to help. I fly to you and we will do everything with your pay. I really want to you. We'd better do it soon. Otherwise, we need a more money. I love you more than anything else.
Letter 53
Hello, my lovely man! My dearest Jaryhka!
Only now I could find online!
So) Everything in order!
First, I madly love you and I can not live without you!
I dream about you and finally confident in our meeting very soon!
Secondly, my ticket is ready and the manager at the agency.
So cool! I will fly from Moscow, July 23 at 17 pm. In Bratislava and of Airport BRATISLAVA Bts.
All right??
Tell me about it. We were very lucky with this agency!
They have the ability to make an order for tickets, not paying anything until the moment before you sit down on the plane.
So if you are good with date and time, say ! We have two days to change anything)
On the advice of the manager today, I slept in a different hotel. Much less is worth it. This is good. I can safely stay on the weekend here.
But I'm very bored. I can not wait for our meeting. I'll strangle and **** you!)
I love you! You-my life!!!
Letter 54
I'll let you know about the details at Monday! Good?
I really miss you here! I am sad and dreary! But in my heart there is love and it haunts me) I'm very happy!
I dream about you! On our first kiss! I want you madly! I will never fly away from you!
I will not be anyone but you! I promise! I swear! You're the best! You're the most amazing and stunning man! I just yours!
Most would be! I can not wait for Monday night! Your hands ... Oh my God! I go crazy when you touch!)
I love you!!! You-my life! Only yours, forever!!!
Letter 55
I love you, my darling!!!Miss! I go to walk in Moscow! Very sad, but my phone not work! Don't lose me!!!I love you!!! Love only you!!!
Letter 56
My dearest!My lovely Jaryhka!
I am sorry that I write only now!
But the truth is very expensive! I was lucky that today at the reception at the hotel sits a young girl!
she allowed to use the Internet for free!
I really want to you! Tomorrow! Oh my God! At last!))) I do not believe it,but it's true! This is not a dream))) I'm happy! I am very happy!
And thank you for these emotions and feelings!
My lovely! Yeah! This is my plane! But how do you know about this?) Is great!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! Our first meeting! our kiss! Our romantic evening! our love! My head is spinning now!
I'm afraid to imagine what would happen to me when we meet)
I love you!!! Love more my life!!! YOU! You my life!!!
Letter 57
Good night, my lovely!!!Tomorrow at this time we are together! I go crazy))) I love you! See you soon! My God)))Only the night and we're together)))
Letter 58
My love! Hello! Finally!!!)))I go to agency! Take the ticket and go in airport! Registration, customs, flight! I love you very much! I'm yours! FINALLY!
Letter 59
My Dearest Jaryhka...My love...I'm really sorry(((I went very bad and rude(((I sincerely apologize!!!Now I'm in the airport police.. Now I have taken to the police in Moscow. The point of my golden brooch. Do customs officers have any suspicions about her and I was detained. Now we're going to find out what was wrong. I do not understand. Some bad luck on me. And over our relationship. I beg to understand and forgive me. I was sorely out of luck this month. But I can cope. And I promise you this. I'm sorry. I am guilty, but I know that everything will be fine. I'm sorry. Now I should transported to Moscow. I will write. As soon as I can. My brooch is a gift from my mother. I do not know what was going on. I'll find out everything. We'll be together. I'm sorry. I beg you. I have to follow in the car. I love you ... very much (Valya.
p.s. i can use only phone. i will write how can possible.
Letter 60
My lovely! My only! My only Jaryhka!
Hello,my dearest man!
I love you so much... you my life...
I love you very much! You are my life! I struggle and fight for our love and life!
I give all my strength to find the money! I fight for your faith and your understanding!
You are my life! and I live it! until you believe in my strength, they have in me! I beg you to believe in me and me!
Success came to us! I hope that the dark band failures quietly walks away from us and our relationship!
I found a 500 today! This is a huge relief! I am very happy!
Now I'll look for more! Please believe in my strength, I need you! I love you and I live by this feeling and desire!
I do everything I can! do not leave me! I love you and need you!
Letter 61
My dearest... My life...Jaro...
I do not know how to transfer all the pain and anxiety about our relationship.
All of your letters about the deception. I've broken everything! His country, his love, his police, brooch, your money. It's just a dream.
That does not stop there. I'm not allowed to use the phone. I can not use e-mail every day.
You're talking about cheating. I'm understanding you. In your place I behaved as likely. But you're wrong. And I'll show you.
I wrote to you recently that I found 500. While I have no much need money.
You ask for my money back? easy! Just say what you need in your money and you do not believe in my love and me. Tell me that!
I'll do it! I'll send your money back ... None of the Faith. Russia ******* ******* corrupt world!
I say nothing. I do not answer. Yes, simply because I do not have the opportunity!
And you do not understand it! You do not live here! You do not know this country! You listen to your heart! I understand ... But my ... my heart ...
I am a puppet. and I play a power, the police, the money, you...
I've always wanted only to you. And I fought for you. And you helped ...
You did everything for us. I love you more than life and will love you always.
But now. We could have a huge state in connection with my brooch.
I can not wake up. I am weary. I'm looking for money to get even more. A huge amount of money that will provide the museum, the state.
I want it. Because I want to be with you. I have to prove to you their allegiance to you! His love. His desire. I can not without you.
I'm looking for money. I'm looking for them everywhere.
Love only you. And forever love only you...
Letter 62
I beg to understand and forgive me. I am writing to you as soon as they give me this opportunity! I am now under the control of a very serious, even though that proved my innocence in the acquisition of brooches. This is the historical value and should be in a museum, but I'm not going to just give up and give her to hands false and sold the country! If they want to be obtained through my brooch, they must pay the entire bill as it stands! I have to make only interest. I'm looking for the money. A lot of money, but they will be 10 times more! And I'll be there with you! I'll show you! I will make us happy! Please understand me and forgive me. in those days, promised to give the opportunity to write letters! I love you!!! Only yours!
Letter 63
I love you more than my **** life! I love only you! I fight for you! I struggle with all that against me! These ******* money, this ******* Russia! I love you and miss you very. I'm tired of crying. I have no strength. I became very aggressive and irritable. I feel sick. This whole situation. I feel that I am very thin. I shall be with you! For a long time! But still the gap between us! I try to ... I climb out of their way to find the money ... but so far no more cash. I am very ashamed that I'm still not close to you. It is a shame. Forgive me for it. We must be stronger than all of the circumstances! No money will not stop our hearts! We must find more! Love you! Love only you! So much, my Jaryhka!!!
Letter 64

My lovely! I love you! my heart in yours hands! kisses!!! bye, yours Valya!
Letter 65
You know, love is like a cold, always comes unexpectedly. Do not buy it for the money, not to find on the Internet. it will come. sure to come. and will always be with us. I am sick since 17 June. And I'm sure that will never get better. I will always be sick. I am very tired of fighting. Nobody. no friends. I have a father and mother. They helped in every way possible. But no more forces. It is not possible. I'm sorry. There is a sickness. It's you. I'm sorry. no forces. I'll send your money tomorrow afternoon. Farewell (
Letter 66
My lovely...
I beg you not to think badly of me. Not think that I need money, not you. This is ********! But all my life I live in Russia ... and this possibility
should not be missed. Never in my life ... I'm trying ... I'm looking for more money ...I am ashamed. Because you helped me a lot of money ...but now i not have . I was obliged to hire a lawyer, residing in Moscow, and more. I am ashamed. But I can not change anything. We have an opportunity to become very rich. I do not want to just miss this opportunity! My brooch can be simply taken away from me soon. And this fact. I have to pay 3,000 euros. My brooch goes into Russian Museum, I was paid 30,000 euros. Everything. I can not explain it does more. Because there is no other explanation. But we do not have the money. I am very tired. It's very difficult! And at the same time very easy! Finally I wrote messages on the phone! about the museum, about the brooch, price, procents! But while the silence. I have daily calls from police, lawyers, museum. Time, time. It is against me. Against us. I want found all 3000 euro! In order to arrive to you forever and you will be shocked as we'll be happy and rich. I'm going crazy without you! We have a long long time to be together already! Why did fate is against us? Why... But we love each other! I first fell in love ... FOR THE FIRST TIME ... and that ... money. Why me? (I want a family with you! In your country! With a wonderful amount of money! We provide biggest future! We can put these thousands of good business, I'm sure you'll be able to properly dispose of the money! They should belong to us! Our family with you! I do not want to give up! We have lost too much! Emotions, energy and faith. We do not have to! I'm not going to give my brooch this country, this ***** country as Russia , for which I get a fortune! I'm not going to give up! I love you! You are my wings! My destiny! I should be with you!
Letter 67
My father persuaded her boss to give another 300 euro!
Now I have a whole 1900 euro! Oh God! Give me strength!
I beg you! Please! Help us! Tell all your friends and family that they will not lose money! We'll be right to give even more when i sent all sum!
Please! I beg you. I'm on my knees in front of you.
We are waiting for a big future! 30,000 euros! I pray help me!
I believe! I believe in miracles! They have! Miracle close!
Great news! I'll sleep a little better! We have 1900! We need less! we need 1100!
Please! Believe me! I love you! I love our children! I see! Look! Please let's do it! I'm going crazy!
Letter 68
My lovely, my dearest, hi!
How's your day? Why do not you write to me here?
I can not answer the phone.
My dear ... I do not understand you, too ... tell me, please, you have the opportunity every day to receive 30 000 euro?
Just give me an explanation. I can not abandon it!
I told you a lot about Russia! This is a great sum of money for me! And I'm not going to miss them if they should belong to me!
Our family with you! I do not understand you ... truth ... I'm looking for money.
Love you
Letter 69
Hello lovely Jaryhka!!! I got your bad letters and I’m not happy and angry that you think so badly about me! I send to you my ID passport right now! Also I can to send copy visa if you need. But Visa is closed already. Do you need it? Answer to me! I really want to be with you and I want to develop our relations for real. I really honest and serious with you and asll my words are TRUE! From my heart! I love you and I want to be with you only! Yours Valentinochka! P.S. I will call to you later today!
Letter 70
I love you more than life, Jaroslav! All my ideas and dreams about you only! Yours Valentinochka
Letter 71
Hello, my darling my dearest man! Oh... Honestly, I do not know where to start! To me a lot of emotions and feelings about our relationship and love! I can not say for sure that I understand your behaviour and your message. I see from your side something like sarcasm and jokes suspicious. I would be happy if it is not. In one letter, you’re talking about the love his dreams, that trust me. And next you have suspicious matters and trust. What is this? Explain please how this mean? My dearest Jaryhka..i don-t know...First thing first. My visa. I just do not understand where did you get it started with the 25th!
If I wrote you that on July 9! July 10, I could fly to you! I wrote a great first letter of visa, the contract, the help of my father, about my belief that all is well with help father. I asked for a better date of arrival. I wrote about all this. My visa has been successfully prepared even not 9 July, 6! I am sending you a copy recently! About the Czech Republic. I got my visa through an agency! I told you that I have a Schengen visa! And that means that i can fly to Germany, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other countries the Schengen zone! I really do not understand you...Now my visa expired. As the month went.I can get a visa again. Here! Through this agency, only! As in other places it is impossible! I already had a visa this year. This visa is for our live! Jaro..lovely..i hope you understand all about this!!! Second. The most important thing. For all the people close to me! Brooche and 30,000 euros. My mother, my father, my friends at work, the boss of my father, my father friend, all these people responded to my call on this wonderful opportunity to get those huge money! I do not understand you! And I could swear that I can not imagine why you are against it! You have so much money?? For Russia a chance to drop out once in a hundred years, probably! I do not know anyone else who has dropped out this chance! And I am grateful to my fate, that we has always lived a very bad and poor. My mother, my ancestor. Never had a good income. I told you a lot about Russia! About the government, about the lives of ordinary people. This is survival! And now...I, you, my parents have a chance to start a new life! To have a future for the children! for your loved ones! We can have a wonderful life with this money! I do not understand you! I know that you are afraid and unsure. But all this can not last forever! And I just do not know what will happen if you do not help us with you! Lovely! My, only my Jaro! My man! It took a long time since all this happened at customs. I would say that there is limited time to pay 10% of the brooches. Monday. August 20. This is the last day. Formally, the last day. After that, I’m losing 30,000 euros and a brooch. I have no words. No emotions. I can not think about it. My mom. My father. They will go crazy. No kidding...My dearest. I ask you. Send 900 euro! Until Monday!!! I do not know how else to explain and ask for help. I do not understand. I can not lose this wealth. This is a chance. This is the splendour that should happen to us! Jaryhka... People have helped me with the 2100. You have done a lot to me! I can not live without you! I love and want to be with you. No other men for me. Know it. But...but please do not do foolish things. Let’s **** my Russia at 30,000 euros! I beg you! We are obliged to do so. I must take revenge on this country. And since it gives a chance to have this money, let them take away! I BEG! I love you. You my life. I want to make our children the happiest! That they had all that was not in my life!
Letter 72
Hello, my lovely man! Only my Jaryhka! I love you, I thank you for your letter yesterday! It gave me strength and good emotions! I really need you! Your love and warmth! I miss you terribly and pray that soon all this is over! To have all turned out and we have our meeting and love! Eternal love! I dream about our very happy life! About the best future for our children! My parents believed in us! I am waiting for your help! I love you! Only you! Forever! Yours Valya!
Letter 73
Thanks you my love Jarushka! We will be together! I swear! I love you from my heart! Yours Valentinochka
Letter 74
My lovely man Jarushka! I love you with all my heart! Don’t worry please! I have no many time now...I paid state tax already and on Monday I will have a meeting with Museum! I will inform you after that. Ok? Thanks you so much again and again! We will be together very soon! Forever! Love from my heart! Yours Valya
Letter 75
Hello my lovely and unique man Jarushka! I miss your letters so much! Why you not write me more? Please answer to me ASAP! Tomorrow will transfer Museum money to your bank account. I got your details yesterday! Thanks you! They will transfer 27000 euro total! They told that money will go to your bank account in 14 work days MAXIMUM! Do you understand me? So I will come to you in 3 weeks MAXIMUM! Now I will go to get a new Visa! Do you agree with me? I will ask my travel agency about it! I hope it will be ready soon! Pleas, tell me your ideas about my news! I love you more than life! Yours Valya
Letter 76
Ok my, lovely Jarushka! I will go to home tomorrow! I will write to you again in 2 days! I love you forever and ever! Yours Valya
Letter 77
Hello my lovel man Jarushka! How are you? I’m at home right now! And I have so bad news from my mother! She is in hospital now. She had a heart attack! It’s so hard news for me! Also i gave all documents for getting a new Visa! Please, my Jaro! Forgive me that it’’s only bad and short letter...It’s so hard life for me! I don’t want to lose my mother...I’m crying now...I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I will write to you when I have any news! My hearts belongs you forever! Yours Valya
Letter 78
Please, my Jarushka!
Answer to me! Help me! My mother in your hands! Give me any answer! I will noit without you! Yours Valya!
Letter 79

Greetings Mr. Jaroslav Stupavsky.
My name is Igor Petrov. I'm manager of travel agency "Avia.Tour-TGT".
I want to inform You that our client Valentina Sokolova in hospital now. She acts as a donor for her mother.
She said me to inform You about it. Give me answer, if You can understand this situation.
We are glad to help you, Best regards, Manager of "Avia.Tour-TGT" Igor Petrov
Letter 80
Greetings Mr. Jaroslav Stupavsky.
My name is Igor Petrov. I'm manager of travel agency "Avia.Tour-TGT".I got bad news about miss Valentina Sokolova. She is died 12 days ago. Her mother also is died. The operation was bad and the doctors could not save them. I have no any news more now.
We are glad to help you, Best regards, Manager of "Avia.Tour-TGT" Igor Petrov
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