Letter(s) from Natalia to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear!

I have a great desire to learn more about you and I really hope that things can work for us and we can find what we are searching for here together.

It would be good to start with some introduction so that we could know who and what we want in relationship and if we could be happy together. I live in Ukraine, in the little town Lubny not far from Poltava city. My height is 166 cm (about 5’5); weight is 50 kg (about 112 pounds). I have blue eyes and natural blonde hair. My date of birth is November, 25; 1980. My birth sigh is Saggitaurus. I live with my parents and younger brother, and though I have wonderful parents and relatives, I realize that my place should be with my beloved man and I would leave my parental house eagerly when I find a man with whom I would like to create my own family. I have a higher education of psychologist, but I don’t work on my speciality. In my small town it’s very hard to find work of psychologist and nowadays we have a great level of unemployment in Ukraine. I work as a seamstress at the clothes factory as sewing, modeling of clothes and various needlework have always been my hobbies.
What brought me here? A great desire to find my soul mate, desire to love and be loved and disappointment in our men. About half of year ago I finished relations with a man who almost broke my heart, but I realized that not all the men are the same and I won’t ever be happy if I never open my heart and let there love again. But this time I don’t want to make mistakes and I believe that I can trust you and you won’t hurt me. I believe, I deserve love and happiness; a good loving and caring husband who would love me. So, I think I have reasons to find my love abroad and move to a foreign country. It would be such a great experience to try all the new things and start a new life there with a very special man. I am ready to overcome obstacles which may be on my way; learn a foreign language and get used to new culture. I hope, it won't scare you that I don't know English so far and use a help of translator for our communication, but I have a great desire to learn English as soon as possible and have one common language with you.

I have a lot of things to tell you in my next letters; so I do not want to tell you everything here. There are a lot of things that I would like to know from you too. So tell me about yourself, your likes, dislikes, dreams, plans for future and everything you want to tell me about yourself and share with me.

I look forward to hear from you soon! Have a wonderful day.


Letter 2

Hello Sir,

We apologize for interrupting Your correspondence with our client miss Natalia, but we are to inform You that Your lady has been using our services of translation, Internet providing and computers. Natalia's account of correspondence, which she opened for correspondence with You has expired. We cannot translate Your letters to her and vice versa because Natalia can not afford using our services any more.
Natalia is very serious about You and Your further relationship and she asked us to inform You about her situation and let You know that she is very interested in You and would like to continue relations with You. Natalia hopes that You will help to save your relations. If You are interested, please write to our e-mail address TRANSLATION COMPANY "CAMELOT" camelot_ua@mail.ru and we will inform Natalya about it and send You the information about our services and prices.

With best regards,
Representative and translator of TC "Camelot"
Olga Bykova.