Letter(s) from Wendy Wilsonscott to Brent (Canada)

Letter 1

There are many guy here want me to be thier woman but am not ready for them am ready for only you
They have what u have but you are the man that deserve my heart u no love do get any where but get to right one
Okay love you but i wish to have iphone in my life
I need you to take a picture of you right now holding your cell phone ip mear your pretty face woth your left hand
My love i cant take pictues with my phone now
Please send me the picture in the next 5 minutes. I need to verify that the pictures are really you
Because im beginning to think this is a scam and im sorry i got involved
My dear what wrong tell me is there any problem
Well get a camera babe and send me a picture
What do you mean by this how can i scam you am sorry if is becoz i ask of help from you then it okay dont send me anything am sorry
Okay i will try and do that
Babe i simply need to verify you are who you say you are. You could take my money and i would never hear from you again
It also seems funny that i cannot understand you any time we have talked on the phone
Babe it is no big deal if it is really you
Dont worry i will prove for you to see that me you are talking to and i will to my best to get provement on tomorrow okay
Babe i need you to take a picture of yourself and send it to me. How hard can that be?
I just sent you pictures of myself in the moment. I really need you to do the same
It not hard but i dont have anything to take the pic that why
You would think i wasnt very smart if i just handed over 4000 dollars to a stranger
Well i am very sorry but you need to prove to me you are who you say you are
Too many scammers out there
Also. Your last name is not italian. Or guana how come?
I no but am sorry am not a scammer pls dont use that name on me
Babe i would like to help you but i need proof it is you. Please dont hold that against me.
That name of my father sorry
But he was italian and your last name is english
My dear i told you in the begening that am serouse looking for a soul mate not games
No my dad is not ltalian his family use stay there but all he was in usa and he was in washington dc
Am not here to do something bad to u and that why i dont want you to get my heart break
Am saying 400$ sorry my love that was lot
I dont know before it was 4000 now 400. What gives babe?
Am sorry i had a worng type
Brb airtime i almost finsh i need to buy some
Try yahoo
But i cant text much now i have to buy airtime wait me am going to town to buy that
I have try and still internet is not going through i dont no what wrong
Get more airtime
Got it honey?
Thank you so much
So thats about $20 hr
But i hope i told you about my birthday coming?
Iphone 5
Here it cost much 1500 dollars here
It okay but i wish i had the i phone 5 or samsung galrxy s3
1200 dollars
Better ipad or laptop
What would you buy with the 1200$. Lol
My love but i like the phone too u no just look now that internet is off i am useing the phone
But my love please can you do something about me fees i need to go to school i dont want to fail my exams
Yeah that the first test we surpose to do
How mant tests to go
The fees is 400$ for the first fees
3 test
So you need $1200 totAl. 400 x 3. Right
Yes my love
Ok so babe the reality is i either pay for your tests or an i phone. You choose
My love pay for me test
Send through westen union bank
Wendy Wilsonscott ..West Africa Ghana....country code,00233...city agona swedru... Through westen union bank
My love airtime is finsh let chat when the internet is in okay