Scam letter(s) from Beckley Mark to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Pavlo,
How are you doing? and how was your day? Well am new to the site and I joined the site because of the site name in believe that I can find a real christian my that I can have a true friendship with. Please once again are you really christian? or not? and what are you really looking for from the site as well
I will like to know you more better as well I wait to hear back from you Thanks God bless you Pavlo Regards
Letter 2
Hello Pavlo,
How are you doing over there? I hope you have a great weekend with you and your family an if so glory be to God. Yes am not a guest on the site and am a member but I have delete my profile out there because am new to online stuff like this and the reason why i joined there s to find true friendship that can lead to serious relationship that is why I joined it. Well me too am new to online dating site and you are the first person I will be chatting with online since I joined because I don't sure if possible that I can find true and real love on this online dating web. But I will give it a try and see what God have for me for the future I will tell you a little about myself here......Well I Am A Healthy Energetic Person With A Loose And Happy Personality. I Like To Give Everything A Try In Moderation, When I Get Interested In Something I Like To Find Out As Much As I Can About It. When I Go Out I'm There To Have Fun And Like To Mingle About And Listen To People. I Love All Types Of People And Have A Huge Heart That Is Not Judgmental. I Am Very Family Orientated I'm An Outdoors Bloke, If I Ever Got Lost, "Not That I Would Let That Happen" I Could Almost Guarantee I'll Survive. I Like All Aspects Of Life And It Is Hard To Bore Me, I'm The WOMAN That Will Listen And Respond To Anything From Art Gallery Talk To V8 Super-cars.
Nothing Surprises Me! I Think I Have Witnessed A lot In My Life. I Don't Like To Get Parra And Make A Fool Of Myself, I Hardly ***** and Don't Drug. I DoNT Have A Cigarette Habit... Need Some Motivation To Kick It. People Are Often Happy To Be Around Me And Most Of My Mates I Have Kept For Years. I Am Hard Working And Everyone Will Tell You I Am Very Very Handy. And Yerrr... Theres Lot More Great Quality About Me, But Ill Leave That To The Right Person/s To Find Out. Feel Free To "Chat" With Me, Because You Really Sound Good To Me In Your Last Message, I Want You To Know That Am New On Dating Site And I Just Joined The Site some days back, Not That I Have Not Been In Relationship Before But It Was So Sad That It End Up With Cheating And Betrayed And That Is Why Am Totally Afraid Of Men A lot That Is Why Am Still Single Till Date. Am Going to Clock 26year Old By 20TH November My Full Name Is Beckley Lauren Mark But People Call Me Beck, Living In Wollongong NSW, Am Single With No Kids Before Living Alone Since I Lost My Father, I Do Work With My Father In His Company Before I Lost Him ALso I do work with Jucy Rental Service But Right Now Am Doing My Own Self Job, I deal with Artwork, Crafts, Sculpture, and Ceramics, Am The Only Daughter To My Parent Before I lost Them, That Is Why Am Seeking For A Real Love That Can Be With Me And Let Me Feel Better And Forget All My Bad Past Experience. Looking for: Ok, I Need A MAN That HONEST, Is Open To Trying New Activities, That Thinks Before he Talks, Someone That Really Enjoys Life As Much As Me And Lives The Day With A Positive Attitude. I Am Looking For Someone I Could Possibly Date And Take Out With Me On Journeys And Adventures.A mAN That Knows What he Wants And Can Tell Me What he Would Feel Like Doing. Must Be Honest! Hopefully Is Down For Anything And Not Too Fragile. Just Someone That Could Show Me A Good Time Whenever Wherever To Me Age Just Like A Number To Me What Am Really Looking For is Man Of My Life That I will Spend The Rest Of My Life With That All. I Wait To Hear Back From You............ God Bless You Pavlo Regards Beckley
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