Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Rusty (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my dear!
Thank you for your letter again. My mood improved when I saw a letter from you in my mailbox. Employees of cybercafes have started to recognize me. The girl who works in this cybercafe smiled when she saw me today. Today in the cafe where I work, there were many visitors and I had to work hard, so I'm a little tired today. But now I'm sitting at the computer and write for you. I am glad that you wrote.
You asked about belief in God. I am Orthodox. Maybe we have different religions, but I believe that God is one. And he was not in a church or a mosque, or temple of Buddha. He is in our hearts. He is always with us and help us. Forwards in our lives. I am often in the church, but I believe that God is always with me.
Thanks for answering my question! I was very interested to know how is your day. I am interested to imagine what you can do now. Your day probably just beginning? And in the evening you will have to wait for a letter that I am writing now.
I am pleased to hear that you love and care about the cleanliness of your house. It is rare among single men!
I am pleased that you want to know what I ate today. I ate buckwheat porridge with fish. I ate at work. =)
I would like to know about your friends. Do you have many friends? But true? Not simple friends, but people who you can trust in everything?? Who never deceived you, who would never have betrayed not deceived you, those who can always come to help, if you're in a difficult situation.
How do you spend time with friends? What fun do you have? Maybe you have photos from your fun?
I have only one real girl friend, with whom we can talk about everything. Her name is Olga. She and I grew up and studied together, went for a walk together. She now works as a teacher at the school. She teaches German. We walk together in the park often, in the city. Olga takes the camera occasionally, and we photographed. Sometimes we go to the cinema, but it happens less frequently. We like to watch different films. What kind of movies do you like watching?
Once we thought about how to travel to your country. I even learned a little tongue. We have agreed to take a vacation at the same time last summer, but we have not succeeded. Olga had some problems and she could not go. And now it's like a forgotten ... Now Olga has a boyfriend and it almost always carries with him. Actually most of my girl friends are already married. And now we see each other with them so rarely!
I told Olga, that I correspond with you. I told her that you write me a good, interesting letters. She was very glad that I finally found a man who makes me happy, understand me.
I found some pictures where we are with Olga. I've added this photo to the letter. You like it? Photos maked in the beginning of winter in Mordino. Snow was still was not enough. There are impassable snowdrifts in the middle of winter.
I did not notice how time flew by quickly as I wrote to you. Now I must go home. I'll wait for your new emails! I will try as soon as possible to come to the cybercafe. I hope my schedule allows it. I wish you good day!
Your Tanya.
Letter 2
You always are giving me a good mood because you have writen the letter.
I am glad that you had meetings with relatives in weekend!
I worked much these days. Our cafe rented for carrying out celebrations, and I should prepare on these holidays. For someone it is a holiday, but I should work.
I think we were so close to you! Have you noticed this? And now I would like to ask one very important question. Can you tell me to describe the image of a woman with whom you wish to connect your life? I'm not talking about looks, I'm talking about the actions, thoughts. What a woman should do for you to completely capture your attention and your heart? Of course, most people get a first impression of the appearance of the people. I'm also not devoid of qualities of character, but I just try to switch my attention to the inner world, which is much more important.
From the letters I have known a lot about you. Do you not hide something from me? How do you can description of your character? You have many flaws?
I am not ashamed to tell all about me. I did not think it would be so easy to communicate with you. I'll tell you about my character. You know that I very romantic woman. dreams of a beautiful life lived in my heart always. And I'm always willing to do for my favorite everything in my abilities. I consider myself an optimist. I try to look for is always positive in life, even if all the really bad. I always trust people. I do not like people who havn't respect for their partners who scream a lot on their loved ones. In our life there is nothing more relatives! I do not play games with others and want to be treated me well. I prefer to hear the brutal truth, and not hear a sweet lie. I do not like to live with the illusion. I love people who are reliable and keep their friends. I do not understand people who can bring a friend when he was in a difficult situation. I don't happen almost malicious, but I do get angry when people lie to me or try to deceive me.
One more important question. Are you ready to be faithful to your woman?
I always was faithful in my relations. I simply don't understand, how people can deceive the person whom they love. It is a pity that my previous partner was other opinion and concerned with other woman in parallel.
I have for you some of my summer photos. We went with a friend to swim in a river. On the banks of the river is very beautiful! Do you like my photos?
Now I must finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer very much to my letter.
I think about you!!!! Every second.
Your Tanya.
Letter 3
When I saw that in my mail box there is a letter from you, I very much was delighted. But me it became a little sad that you wrote so a little. I hoped to see the big letter. Really you have no news to me? What thoughts at you appeared, when you read my letter? You understand, for me it is interesting to learn with each new letter more about you. It would be simply interesting to me to read, how you spent day that occurred new in your life.
I gave you some question in my letter. Your answers are very important for me. After all answering questions, we can understand our persons better. Why you didn't answer them?
Letter 4

Hello my dear!
Thank you for your lovely letter. I was very pleased when I come to the cybercafe and see your letters. Do you experience these feelings when you see a letter from me, too?
Yes, I realize that you are in other state that culture in your country another, than in mine. But it seems to me, when near you there is a person who can support at a difficult moment which can listen, understand me which will respect me, it will be always easier will consult with difficulties of life. If we understand that we are intended for each other that I love you, I will arrive to you if you wait for me.
My brief life experience taught me that is difficult only at the beginning when still much you do not understand and all is so unfamiliar and even it is terrible. But after a while you get used to this new life. The person is capable to get used to everything that it surrounds. You agree with me? I very much want to hear your opinion about it.
Today Olga came to me at work. We drank tea during my lunch break. She had a few lessons today, so she decided to come to me. It sends a huge hello to you! I'm not talking about? Olga has a boyfriend. His name is Sasha. They have such a great relationship! She often talks about how they spend their free time together. He invites her to a cafe and cinema. Olga told me that Sasha has taught her to play billiards. Sometimes I even envy her. I think soon they will have a wedding.
Olga said that I have changed more recently. She said that I became more cheerful and happy. It feels like my life has changed completely. You changed my life, it added more joy and happiness. And I want to thank you for it.
Do you have negative qualities? we already are so close familiar, and I don't see in you anything negative. you are such good person! About me. I love to sleep much, and it is very difficult for me to get up early in the morning. I love to go to bed late at night. Night has a very special atmosphere for me, I love to read and go to bed at night, when I can not keep my eyes open anymore. I love being active, but sometimes I can relax and be lazy. Sometimes when I cook in the kitchen, I sing softly, a song that I like. I did not notice myself as a start to sing. Some of my colleagues do not like it, others think it's funny and they smile. Lol.
Excuse me for asking: do you have relations with other women? Do you have any meetings with other women? I think you're as good as a man and like many womens. Because I have good taste, and I like you. What is your personal life right now, please tell us about it. Perhaps, you have to me any frank questions? I'll answer them. Write me more about your feelings and desires, I like to read, when you talk about yourself, I'm ready to hear about it.
Today in our city good weather. There is no wind. The sun gives a lot of light. And the sky was clear. I am very happy about it. What is the weather you have today?
Now I must go. I hope I see your letter next time.
I wish you good evening and good night.
Letter 5
Good evening,
I am glad, that I see your letter today. I just came to the cybercafe. Today on the streets unusually cold, cold wind blows. I froze a bit on the way here. When I read your letter, I felt warmer. I'm so glad that we correspond with you!
Previously, my life was slow going, and I began to think that I'll never have my love. Maybe it's because I spent my life monotonous. Morning I went to work and spend all day there in the evening I sat and watched TV. Only occasionally we had a walk with Olga. Sometimes I went to my mom. But now in my life was a man who makes me happy. I am very interested to read the letter. It's you. Your letters bring me joy. I feel that you can hear me and understand. I go to the cybercafe after work to see the letter from you. It was very important to me. My life changed after meeting with you. I am always glad to new acquaintances. Do you? Rusty, if your life has changed after our acquaintance? Do you like to correspond with me?
It is pleasant to me to hear that you had a good childhood. It is so fine, when children have a good childhood, without sufferings and grief. I will make everything that my future children were happy!
Thanks for your story about yours the previous relations. It is very touching story.
You didn't ask me about my former relations, but I will tell.
My first acquaintance was at school. I met the young man. It was my first love. You remember, I spoke to you in the letter on it. We walked. Spent together a lot of time. About sex there was no speech because we were very young. But then occurred so that he moved with his family to other city. At first we communicated with the help of letters. He wrote to me quite often, but then letters began to come everything more rare, and then he ceased to write to me absolutely. our relations didn't sustain distance. I wrote to you that I met then this person. But it absolutely changed since then. We simply lovely talked. Now I didn't see it long ago.
My second acquaintance was, when I was at university at the first year. I met him in a disco when we went there with girlfriends. It beautifully looked after me. He kept the appointment often with flowers. All my friends envied me. We communicated month. In a month he suggested me to have sex, but I told that I am yet ready to it because we so communicated with it a little. After that its relation to me changed. It became more rare to come to me, we met not so often. After a while it rocks to me that found other girl, and will live with it. I was shocked with this news because I got used to it during this time.
I told you about my last man. We were with it two years. It it is also beautiful to look after me. Gave flowers. Everywhere we were together. I loved it. So it seemed to me. I dreamed that we will live with it together. I very much would like it. It was the unique man with whom I had sex. But then it changed. I noticed it, but I didn't understand, why it occurs. Everything proceeded until I didn't see it with other girl. It didn't deny anything. We left. Now I understand that he simply wasn't ready to the relations to be true and to love only one woman. It was unripe.
I found a photo made last summer. I was visiting my grandmother. Sorry, I do not have pictures of my grandmother. She does not like being photographed. My grandmother lives in a small village. You remember I wrote to you that in my childhood spent much time in the village of my grandmother. Every summer I was driving to her. And I really liked it! I helped my grandmother in the household. She had many animals: cow, sheep and pigs. I looked after them. We can say that I village girl (cowgirl hehehe). When I arrived in the big city to study, I was very surprised how different people in towns and villages. I think more people in the villages are friendly and simple. Do you agree with me?
I really like the nature of the countryside. I love walking in the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. Sometimes I get up early in the morning when the dew still lay on the grass, went into the forest and gathered wild strawberries. Then pour the berries into home plate and add the milk, which has just been given a cow. Mmmmm ... ... It's yummy! I would like to live in the countryside with my husband and children in the future! The nature of each corner of the planet in its own way beautiful! I'm sure in your area a lot of beautiful places. I would like to see it once!
It seems that time does not exist when I wrote a letter to you. I do not think about my problems and worries. And today again I have not noticed, I have to go. It is a pity that I did not have much time in cybercafes.
I wish you an excellent day! Write me soon.
Your Tanya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear.
I do not know why, but I feel warmth in my heart, when getting your letter. I'm glad to know more about you.
I am very glad that you had good day on Sunday.
Thanks for your new photos! They very much were pleasant to me!
It is so pleasant to me that you are so noble that care of feelings of my mother. I agree with you. I surely should speak with it.
I already spoke with my employer. He told to me that I can receive holiday in the middle of November. It approximately in 2-3 weeks. You would like to meet so soon?
I hope you had an interesting day. It was a good? Or difficult? Today I was all right. I had to do a lot of things when I came to work. But I did not notice that everything was done quickly. I thought about you all day. I thought about how to be our first meeting, if we lived in one city? And what would be our first kiss? What do you think? I do not know how it will, but I think that's will be pleasantly. I think how it would be our kissing or our arms. I would love to kiss you. At least once.
Today at work I stood and looked out the window. I saw a man and a woman who walked. They kept each other's hands. I would also like to walk down the street and hold your hand. To feel you.
You often think about your life? Do you like everything about it? Do you want to go back a few years ago to fix something in your life?
I often think about what I have so many years, and I do not have my men. I can not understand why this is. Many of the men only wanted to spend the night together. However, I did not see them with tenderness and understanding that I want to see my beloved. And I do not agree to be in such a relationship. Most men only want to get physical satisfaction. Why they do not want to see women in the soul and feelings. But you're different. I really like to communicate with you! But of course I understand that sex is very important in a relationship. But more important in a relationship is a spiritual sympathy. Rusty, I do not know how to explain what is happening to me, but before I did not know you. It seemed to me that I have in this life. But now I realize what I needed. I needed your warm words, needed to understand the man with whom I can talk about everything and I'm glad that you met. As if you opened a new world for me.
I am sending you a kiss. If you look at the sky, then you will see how the sky is burning bright, shining star. I bring you greetings from that star.
I found a few more of my photos when I was visiting my grandmother
I already miss your letter and I hope that will get your answer soon.
Your and only your loving and gentle Tanya.
Letter 7
Hello my beautiful!!!!!
I'm glad to read your letter again. I'm really glad I found you.
I must tell you that I have ocean of emotions that I not have in my heart before.
I thought the whole day, what to you write. Whenever I write to you, I want to express my thoughts correctly, I do not want to hurt you any of my words. It is very important to me. I usually say directly from my heart, and now I'm doing well, but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen.
It often happens that I want to see letters from you and I want to write about my thoughts and feelings to you about what happened in my day, but I do not have a computer at that time at hand and I have only to think of you ... I printed all of your letters on paper. When I'm sad, I take your letter and read it again. My sadness goes away.
I feel contentment and joy in my heart when I think of you. I do not know whether my words and thoughts make sense for you, and I try to put my thoughts into words that are typed on a keyboard, which you will feel and understand.
I am so glad that you want to be my guide on travel across the USA. I simply would want, that you were near me.
I spoke with my employer about when I can receive holiday. He answered that I can be free in the second half of November. To think only... in 2-3 weeks we could meet already.
To me very pleasant that you want me to see soon. It is very serious step to development of our relations. I very much want to be with you. I want to arrive to you. To me it is so lonely without you. But I should talk to mother about it once again, well? I should ask it permissions. I always had big respect for opinion of my parents. I should have the same respect to my husband in the future. Such is my education. I hope that mother can understand all my feelings. I will write to you in the letter that she will tell.
Do you believe in God? I believe in God, and I believe that He has prepared me for the test to prepare me to make to meet a man with whom I will spend the rest of my life.
I hope that my words and letters are not boring for you. They are much more than mere words - they are my thoughts and feelings, and I refer them to you. I really want you to find those feelings in your heart. I want to know you on a closer level, I would like you to divide your dreams, your hopes, feelings of the heart with me, I really want to be with you at a level that is on the more than simple friendship.
Please do not think of me that I can not think of these things, I believe this to be true.
Can you close your eyes and think of us? About that, if we can be together, spend time together always, we are approaching each other.
I really believe in those dreams. They are realized for people who are willing to believe in dreams, because if they believe in them hard enough, dreams could become reality.
I hope you do not think my words are nonsense.
And I think that my thoughts will be received correctly you, I hope that I write to you properly. Because I know it is difficult to explain all this in a foreign language. Even if it is not clear that I write, please tell me. I will be glad to answer any questions.
I look forward to your messages.
Your Tanya.
Letter 8
Hello my darling and gentle man!!!!!
Yesterday we talked to mother about you. I told about my feelings to you. That I want to go to you. Mother suggested me to think once again well. To think of, whether I am ready to it. But I already many times thought of all this. And I already decided definitely that I would like to meet you. I asked it permissions to go to you. We long spoke with it. Mother asked me, whether I am sure of my feelings, whether I am sure of you and your honesty... I resolutely answered all questions "yes". She told that I can go to you if I have true feelings. And I want to appear near you to have my feelings.
Thanks for your beautiful words! I trust in everything. I am sure of you and your feelings. I never thought that I will meet such fine man.
I keep mind about you. And I want to be with you. It is necessary nothing for me. Anything except your love. I want to kiss you, to feel your kisses, to enjoy our passion.
I want to hold simply you by a hand and to go down the street that we were together. For me this most important!!!!!!! I want to wake up in your embraces. I dream to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy person when I open in the morning of an eye. Do you can imagine it? Is it pleasant to you? I want to meet you houses, to do you massage, to prepare fine dishes and to enjoy our feelings!!! I simply wish to be near you.
I will make everything, that you were happy. I will make everything that in my forces that we were happy. That everything of what I dream, became reality. I am sure, all this will be reality. Then I will be the happiest woman in the world!
I will go to travel agency in the next few days and I learn all possible ways how it is possible to organize travel. I assume that in travel agency demand some information for a plane route. Tell me, lovely, your address and the nearest airport to you to which I can arrive. (AIRPORT INFO)? This information is necessary, that the agent could develop a route and establish all cost of travel.
As soon as I receive particulars, I will write everything in the letter.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Tanya. P.S. Please, don't forget to report your address and the nearest airport.
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