Letter(s) from Oksana Savenkova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Thank you for the reply, dear Frank!!!!

But I didn't like that your letter is so small, so how should I know you better?) I wait that you will answer my letters, or there is no reason to write at all! OK???

How are you today!? I am fine! And after getting your respond I am great!))) So, I think it's time to tell you about myself! I am Savenkova Oksana, as you know already.I was born in 1984, June, 15.My height is 163 cm and weight is 51 kg.Not too fat!)) I live in Ukraine, Storojyinets town, Chernovtcu region! Maybe you have heart about this city! But it's ok, if you didn't! It's little town, the populations is about 125 000 people.
Many people leave this place and try to move to bigger cities. As for me I work in Chernovtcu city! I am a manager of event organization. It's very interesting for me. I help people to organize weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So, if you want to bring a holiday in your life, call me!)))

Frank, frankly speaking I am tired of this fast life. I want to find a sense of living, and it's a family for me!I want to start serious relationships, based on sincerity and trust!It's very important for me! WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IN RELATIONSHIPS FOR YOU???

Well, I guess it enough for today! I don't want to make you boring , because I can write more and more, It's better to know about each other step by step, do you agree with me??? What do you do?Tell me more about yourself.

Here also some pics of mine, and as I promised , I attached a pic of my friend Vika with her husband and little Max! I am his God Mother, by the way!) They're looking happy, aren't they?))))

Sweaty, have a nice day and DON"T FORGET TO ANSWER ME AND SEND ME YOUR PICS!!!



O = huge hugs!
X = wonderfully tender kisses!

Letter 2

It’s a great pleasure to read your letters. How are you today? I appreciate your frank replies. As I said, sincerity is a base of the relationships, and it’s very important for me. It was a big pleasure to know you better and to see your pics!

Dear Frank, we wrote a couple of letters to each other, but I used to get them already) It’s a weird feeling for me. I didn’t think that I found what I was looking for so fast! I think too much about you and I like it!)))

Dear,I wrote you in my previous letter my full name and it's Savenkova Oksana! And I am from West part of Ukraine!

Today when I was going down the street, I saw a couple. They were walking, holding the hands of each other, the man was looking so tenderly at his woman... I thought about you at that moment, maybe we will be walking this way one day?))

As for my family, I live alone now, my parents live in other city, Ivano-Frankovs, but I have a job in Chernovtsu, that’s why I live here.I live not in the Chernovtsu,but my town is not very far from it, so I have to take a bus from my town till the place of work every day.

So, enough about myself, I want to know about your family. I want to know what do you appreciate in relationships, and if there is anything which you never forgive your woman? If I know it, I‘ll never do this!!!))

Honey, I wrote you I never lie, that’s why I want to say you something. I don’t know English. I am very ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t have an opportunity to learn in the past.It was not necessary for me, but it’s the first thing what I am going to learn in the nearest future. I don’t want to have any barriers between us. But now I pay for this service to translation agency. Life is life and people can’t know everything, right?! Just give me a little bit of time.Deal?)

Oh, sorry, a long letter again!)) I am too talkative with you!))) I
think it’s time to finish, I hope you didn’t tired of my letter! And
tomorrow I will write you more, as soon as I see your reply.

So, waiting for you.
Have a nice day
Don’t forget about me, just remember, I am thinking of you


Letter 3

Dear Frank !!!

How is your day today? I was thinking about you all day! I wish I could write you every day, every hours, every time when I want to say you something. Unfortunately I don't have such opportunity and I have to go to the agency every time when I want to write you a letter or get yours. That's why sorry, if sometimes I answered you not in time!

I am happy to know you like Ukraine and that part that you saw, it's a pity, that we didn't know each other, when you came here! But I hope you will come to Ukraine one more time and be my guest.Right?)

I am ppy to know you got a new camera, so you will make a new amazing pics and send me some!)

Today I want to become more closer to you and will tell you about my usual day. As you know, I work in other city and live in Storizzinets, so every day starts for me very early, in 6 o'clock in the morning!
The road for work takes one hour for me.I start at 8 a m. I like my work very much, because it's creative work and we give people a joy of event!Usually I finished work at 5 pm, but when we have to provide a holiday, I should stay till the end of the party! Thanks God I don't drink, other way I was an alcoholic already!)))) I adore animals, but because of my busy work I can't have it!

I hope when I have a family I will have a dog! Don't you mind?))

I would like to know about your daily life also!

Dear, I can't believe I met a person in the Internet, with whom I feel myself very easy and open-mined. I dream about out meeting already.You become more closer and closer for me!
Tell me about your feelings!What do you feel for me? Just I ask to be honest!It's very important for me!

I will be waiting for your letter with impatience.Kiss you my darling!

I hope you will see me in your dream!))

Letter 4

Hello my angel Daniyar!

Thank you for your letters, they change my mind, I become feel myself not lonely. Now I know that there is a person, who things about me and I want to give you only pleasant emotions because of it

thank you for letting me know that you will be away for a week! I will miss you very much!

I wrote you before that I appreciate every your letter and don't want to loose you! I feel like I have met a native part of myself. Maybe it's illusion, but what if it's for real? We must check it! And the best way it's meeting! What do you think? Life is so short to be afraid to start a new pages in the life!I don't want to loose you!

I had a lot of thought to tell you, but I can't pay for the letters any more.I don't want to tell you about my problems, but I have no choice. I don't want to loose you, but I can't afford myself to pay for translations now.I have to help my mother with her health now.
You are very important for me, but please , may understand, I should help her with extra fees also!

You are very dear for me!Daniyar , it's not convenient for me to ask so direct question for you, but I don't have any chose.May you help me with recharging the account this time, if our correspondence is important for you also! I don't want to loose you now, at the moment, when we start discussing our meeting!

So, I have to end up.
Tell me, what do you think about everything!
1000 kisses


Letter 5

5 November 2012

*** Translating Company - "Private Translations" ***
*** 7B, Lesya Ykrainka street, Chernovtsu, ***
*** Chernovtsu region, 58000, Ukraine. ***
*** Tell: +3 80 99 91 44 697 ***

Dear Mr. Frank,

I have to inform you about the situation with our client Savenkova Oksana.
Unfortunately, we have to suspend your correspondence in connection with her inability to pay for our further service. Your letters will be saved in her mail box till the account is refilled.
Let us know if you are interested in continuing your correspondence and our conditions.
And I will send you the necessary information for renewing your contact with our client Oksana.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions! I will be glad to explain you the main principles or our work and to listen to your propositions.
Your answer is very useful for Oksana who is waiting for the news from you. Thanks in advance!


Have a nice day
With respect,
Juliya Gorelova,
executive manager of "Private Translations" company