Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Wwyatt (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend!!!
How is your mood? What's new there?
Everything is well here and I have a great mood.
Some businessmen who have taxi business came to our car salon today and we received the order for 38 cars. This is the largest order while I work here and I will receive a good bonus.
I can't wait when I will get my holiday, and tomorrow I urgently will talk with my boss and I will ask to give me a rest immediately. Or soon I will be crazy from my job)) So please wish to me good luck.
By the way, what kind of movies do you like? Who are your favorite actors? Do you like reading books, what kind of books?
I liked the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio. He is the one of my favorite actors.
Also I like comedies. One of last most remembered comedy was The Hangover.
Some friends came to Vegas to celebrate wedding the one of their friend and casually forgot him at roof of hotel. I had a lot of fun when watched that film. Did you watch these movies? What do you think of that?
As for books I like fantasy, classics and history. But mostly I like to read Russian fantasy.
My favorite author is Sergey Tarmashev.
All his books are about future of the earth and it has a few ends. I'm not sure if there is a translation of that into English.
Well what else to write to you... I do not know but after our acquaintance you have became very interesting to me and when I check my emails I always hope to see your new letter. It raises my mood very much.
And when I check emails and I see no any letter from you I am very sad.
Ok, I hope to see your letter soon. Bye!
Your reliable friend from Russia.Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello dear friend!
I ask you to write to me every day.
It is very important for me
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