Scam letter(s) from Elena Mihalchienkowa to North (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear blank, I am very glad to your letter, read Your words are always fun for me. I always look forward to Your letter. I admire your words, you're worried my soul. Recently, I began to think very often of you, I can not even sometimes focus on the job, because all my thoughts are about you. Today I had a dream in which we met. It seemed it was the happiest day of our lives. In the dream, we went first in the restaurant where we had dinner by candle light. We looked at each other's faces, and talked for a long time, we do not believed it had finally met. Then we went home, where we had a real Night of Love. But then the alarm rang, and I do not have time to watch a dream. As much as I wanted this A dream come true. Do you think this is possible? I'm with you very easily, and I have to get used to You. I'm afraid you just fall in love. Love is beautiful feeling, in fact, love is one of the most, or even from most of the most perfect sense, but you always want to love was Mutual. So I'm afraid to fall in love with you. I think Suddenly, if I fall in love with you, you do not love me? You be able to love me? So much as I want? If you serious tome, I'll love you with all my heart. What feelings do you have for me? I'll wait with impatience your next letter and the dream of You. Elena
Thank you for your photos. photo of you it seems to me a very kind and responsive person. I will print your photos and add your photo album.
Do you ever travel to St Petersburg or Moscow? no (
Have you been anywhere outside your country? No(
Do you eat Italian, Greek, German or French Cuisine? Anything from Asia or the Middle East? sometimes
Letter 2
Hi, my favorite blank I can call you my love, I think!? I'm worried for you blank . I want to say that you're the world to me, and I love you more than It can be. I would like to express my feelings for you blank . I want to say You that I love you, and you changed my life for the better. I I want to tell you that it's hard to be away from you. I love the fact that the distance between us hurts me. You - my best friend, and I I love you so I want to kiss you and hug you! I love you Letters blank . You are the soul of the poet, and I want to be able to spend my life with you Henry . I see a lot The future for both of us together. We should be equal partners in life. Your happiness blank - the most important thing for me my favorite. I just want you to be happy my love. I know that I can make you happy. In my heart I know we'll be together Soon I will hug you tight at the airport! I can not wait this day Henry ! I send you warm A kiss and a hug, because I love you Henry ! I will Thinking of you my love! Your forever Elena You can meet me at the airport on september 1?
Letter 3
Hello, my dear blank, I am always happy as a new letter. Now, I always feel pleasure when it comes to writing. Your letters make my day better. With each letter I learn more and more about you and your letters make us closer. I want to know more about you as much as possible. I'm sorry I sometimes can not write to you every day, but I always think You. Our lives do not always go as we want. For example, I always would like to live in the house, not in the apartment. :)
Because I do not like, for example, when the neighbors screaming at night and does not sleep. We often because of that there are quarrels with them. Or that really do not want to turned off the hot water heating in the summer and include only mid-autumn. fall becomes cold enough to street at night and often I feel the cold in the apartment.
I My dream is to own a home with everything you need to before the house was a garden and a fireplace in it was heated in the winter. In this house I would live with his family. This is only a dream, but I hope someday it will happen. :) I want to live in a small town or village where there are more clean air, low noise. I have a village where my grandmother lives. She has a garden. There are growing various vegetables in winter: potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, beets and much more. I usually go to my grandmother on the weekends. I know that in such a short time, we know each other a little. But I learned a lot that you are a person of about which I dreamed all my life, what is the ideal for which I sought and I happy that we found each other. You allowed me to feel a girl, I had forgotten what a lonely, now I think Only for you, and it's very nice to me. I'm just asking you to be taken seriously by my words my dear, I am writing you this with all the sincerity, and I think you understand me, dear. At first when I I just wanted to find a friend, but now I understand what you mean to me much more than just a friend. I do not know how you perceive these words, but we have agreed with you that we will be talking to each other only The truth, and here I would like to tell you that you are in my heart. I I can not keep silent, but I think you will appreciate my sincerity, right, I hope so. I will wait with impatience your next letter.
I think of you
Your Elena I do not have Skype,yahoo,msn because I am writing to you from an internet cafe and we prohibit installing software
Letter 4

hello my love blank I am very happy to receive your letter again. I appreciate all that you do for me. I'm happy. I jump for joy. I found a man who loves me and throw me in any situation. I want to be with you as soon as possible. Today I went to the bank to find out how you can give me your help. I am prompted that there is such a system as MoneyGram . I have asked tell me about this system in detail. And I am surprised that you so quickly can give me your help through this system. If you send me your help make sure you send me an e-mail and in it enter the data for your help first name
last name
Control Number
extract sum - I make you my details first name - Elena
country - Russia
city Ohansk
Lenina street 19-12 Without these data, I can not get your help. I think that you will not leave my efforts and everything that has been made for our meeting. I say this because I believe in you. We love each other, and we should be together. Henry , I think you'll agree to that. I am waiting for your letter with impatience. Your love of Russian Elena
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