Scam letter(s) from Elena Mihalchienkowa to Diederich (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Diederich, I am very glad to your letter, read Your words are always fun for me. I always look forward to Your letter. I admire your words, you're worried my soul. Recently, I began to think very often of you, I can not even sometimes focus on the job, because all my thoughts are about you. Today I had a dream in which we met. It seemed it was the happiest day of our lives. In the dream, we went first in the restaurant where we had dinner by candlelight. We looked at each other's faces, and talked for a long time, we do not believed it had finally met. Then we went home, where we had a real Night of Love. But then the alarm rang, and I do not have time to watch a dream. As much as I wanted this A dream come true. Do you think this is possible? I'm with you very easily, and I have to get used to You.
I'm afraid you just fall in love. Love is beautiful feeling, in fact, love is one of the most, or even from most of the most perfect sense, but you always want to love was Mutual. So I'm afraid to fall in love with you. I think Suddenly, if I fall in love with you, you do not love me? You be able to love me? So much as I want? If you serious to me, I'll love you with all my heart. What feelings do you have for me? I'll wait with impatience your next letter and the dream of You. Elena
Letter 2
Hello my dear Diederich! You again today did my day perfect! I went to the internet cafe with a very special feeling, because I waited your letter! As You? I am fine! How do you weather? How do your family and friends? Diederich, I thought about you a lot. I do not know how to say But I must tell you their feelings. I do not know how you describe it. I love you? I do not know .... I can not be sure at 100 percent. It's love, perhaps? I do not know. But I always I think of you. I am very interested in what you think of me? Let me I ask you a question. You think about me? Just tell me the truth. It It is very important to me.
Your life really changed after our dating? I think today I will not sleep, because I will think of you. I think about You! And now I'm writing you a letter and I write it with warm feelings to you. It is a pity that in this letter, it is impossible to place their feelings. It happened very quickly. I just recently wrote to your first letter, and I already have feelings for you. I do not want to scare You, my Diederich. Maybe for you it's quick, I say so frankly, I think I should do it. I do not I want to in your life there were other women besides me. I want you to be just with me. What do you think? Again, I ask you to answer this question.
Excuse me, please. OK? You write other women except for me? Only please tell me the truth. I can hope for your love? I do not write anyone but you. Do you understand?
Diederich, I would fly to Your country and meet you! Would you like to meet me? You think that the meeting is necessary for us, indeed, better than the real meeting than virtual? I would very much like to meet you face to face. Because we could solve many things for us!
Could you tell me what you feel me in the next letter? I must tell you that I feel love for you. Perhaps this is It is foolish to say that I love you. We have never met in person, but I have feelings for you, and I must be honest with you always. Can I be your other half? I would like to I ask you to solve it for me. I would like to visit your country soon and see how you live. We can learn from each other better. I am ready to change their lives for the better. I want to begin to build our happiness. I hope that you also think that's why I I want to meet you face to face. I want to ask you to answer my questions that I ask you in this letter. This is very important for me to know you have the answers to these questions. I will seriously consider our relationship with you! My love please tell me when you want to meet me? I need to know your nearest international airport from which you could pick me up! Prior to our meeting is likely to take time but if we have a desire to meet you I'll be doing everything for our meeting. I promise you. I'll wait for your letter. I hope that my words are not frighten you. Have a nice day. With love and respect for Elena.
Letter 3
Hi, my favorite Diederich I can call you my love, I think!? I'm worried for you Diederich . I want to say that you're the world to me, and I love you more than It can be. I would like to express my feelings for you Diederich . I want to say You that I love you, and you changed my life for the better. I I want to tell you that it's hard to be away from you. I love the fact that the distance between us hurts me. You - my best friend, and I I love you so I want to kiss you and hug you! I love you Letters Diederich . You are the soul of the poet, and I want to be able to spend my life with you Diederich . I see a lot The future for both of us together. We should be equal partners in life. Your happiness Diederich - the most important thing for me my favorite. I just want you to be happy my love. I know that I can make you happy. In my heart I know we'll be together Soon I will hug you tight at the airport! I can not wait this day Diederich ! I send you warm A kiss and a hug, because I love you Diederich ! I will Thinking of you my love! Your forever Elena You can meet me at the airport on november 10?
Letter 4

Hello, my love Diederich I received your letter and I understand that I - just starting to live . I can not imagine my life without you, my angel! I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please do not think badly of me, it's just beyond my senses. At first I was not is interested in moving to another country, but I'll do it, because I found love and it is - YOU! Today I went to a travel agency. I asked about the travel to your country, and I got the answer that I need a visa passport and other documents for registration, as well as Tickets for the flight. I asked about prices and was very surprised, I first ask about the period when the documents are ready, and they said that much people who want to make documents and leave the country as soon as possible because now the holiday season, but if I do application now and pay at once, they will make all documents for the period no more than 2 weeks, and if I did not make a statement, documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months, because as I said before the holiday season and many people want to relax in other countries. I was very surprised the price of services. I was able to pay 95 euro for visa and passport for 50 euro. Then we began to learn about ticket prices. I asked them to flight Johannesburg and arrival 10 November, and how much it will cost. They said that the tickets will cost 732 euros. I asked them Them to find the cheapest ticket, because the price is very important to me. I asked them to give me another option for the flight. We found the most suitable. Tickets cost 650 euros. I asked, so I booked a room for to me. But travel agents have told me that they can not reserve tickets without bail. I begged them, but it is not worked. They said they wanted to help me with great pleasure, but rules are rules. I was in a panic, I was so disappointed. I told them the whole story about us. We talked for a long time. I explained to him that my fiance waiting for me Diederich.
Perhaps God heard my prayers, and travel agency that booked the ticket for my conditions. I paid for a ticket of about 350 euros. I gave the last money to come to you. I send you flight details Moscow Domodedovo Arpt — Johannesburg Johannesburg International
10 November
MS Flight MS730
Airbus A321

from Moscow 16:50 09 Nov Domodedovo Arpt
to Cairo 19:15 09 Nov Cairo Intl Arpt

connection Cairo 3h 45m
Flight MS839
Airbus A330-300

from Cairo 23:00 09 Nov Cairo Intl Arpt
to Johannesburg 07:05 10 Nov Johannesburg International Now I am very upset. I need 300 euros to be with you. I told him about it my mom and she said that money should not be a barrier between two people Who love each other. I asked your friends to help me but they told me that now they can do nothing. I want to be with You forever.
If it is - one, we will be very happy in our lives. I think you love me too, and we will meet soon. You - my love, my angel. My heart. I hope to get some good news from you, I hope that everything will be fine, and we'll be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it is real, we must use this chance fate. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Your love for Elena
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