Scam letter(s) from Victoria James to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, How was ur day. Here are my pictures and am not on here to chat with many guys or any head games. I just got over a heart broke and i will love to find someone serious to build my life back again that is why i decide to give the site a try. How long have you join the site now? I look forward to ur email. good Night Victoria
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Name: Anastasia Nikolaeva
Age: 27
Name: Becky Tery
Age: 28
Name: Flora Wilson
Age: 30
Name: Jammie Butler
Age: 28
Name: Natalia Cherkasova
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina Budko
Age: 28
Name: Valentina Amoah
Age: 35
Name: Elena Kozlik
Age: 28
Name: Anna Shabunina
Age: 28
Name: Stephany
Age: 40
Name: Kim Ella James
Age: 40
Name: Elena
Age: 38
Name: Anna Patrick
Age: 28
Name: Lisa
Age: 31
Name: Simona
Age: 33