Scam letter(s) from Snezhana Ivanova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, yet mysterious stranger!
Thank you for your trust and for giving me your email, Daver is horosheee start for any otnasheny ...
I have the same davolno unusual offer for you, I hope Katori you like and you will agree ..
I want to be honest with you from the beginning, I must admit I speake only Russian.
If you agree to continue to communicate with me, I'll be very happy, if not, then I wish you good luck in the search pile of love!
With balshoy sympathy Snezhana
Letter 2
My dear.
I sharpened glad we pradalzhaem communication despite the language barrier between us that ect ...
Unfortunately I do not quite understand what you pishish me, but I assume that something is good, am I right?
Now I would hatela talk about my proposal. Maybe I'll surprise you, vazmozhdno not ...
Hachu you to understand, I'm 31 years and many women in my age already have families and children ...
I also do not nichigo ... May all life was boring and davolno adnaabrazna, and all my love Ramana ended in failure ...
I'm tired of being alone, Paet and decided to take this step as dating. For me, this is just the limit.
I can not and do not hachu spend more time on the useless people, as time goes on, and I do not ... Young
I want a normal family and sazdat pravesti astatok life with loved chelavek. That Paet I hachu waste time and offering you a personal meeting in the near future. I think that only in-person gazing into each other's eyes and am feeling warm one another, you can Pan padhodyat whether people to each other ...
Mozhish you think that I hurry events. Maybe you're right, but I'm just in a desperate situation, I hachu simple happiness ...
I panimayu that this risk for you, and for me ... So I would be a little hatela insure and get to know each other a little better.
May friend talked with her current husband from the U.S. on one site professional translation, and taught English in parallel.
She now lives in the U.S. and sharpen happy. She invited me to look for happiness in the Internet.
If you agree to this unusual offer, then I'll be glad to continue abschenie with you, because you really loved me, and I think that we could be savmestnoe future.
If not, then I will not waste your and my time in the shuffle ...
I look forward to your answer, positive or negative ... important not to be silent ...
Embrace. Snezhana
Letter 3
I'm so sorry that I did not panimayu mnogae of tog you pishish .. Russian language is very complex and many online translators perivodyat complete nonsense ...
I hachu know you better, but I do not panimayu half of what you wrote to me .. we have to be very long plagued taboy if not take anything.
We must solve this prablemu and Pascari meet to understand whether we are approaching each other ... I never panyalya tvaego of letters
May you saglasilsya on offer or not? For me, this is very important because it will help us to know each other SCAR,
What we taboy couple Hatim, I hope ... I hope that you sharpen a serious man, and I do not play games sa ... Please tell me yes or no,
You agree di vaspolzovatsya services of a professional translator or not ... I hachu waste your and our time wasted, nada us immediately know that we are from ourselves predstvlyaem and then start learning each other's languages ...
I look forward to your answer. I ask you ab one, not Malcev. I do not like men Cator run from responsibility. I hope that you're not ...
your Snezana
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