Letter(s) from Olga Berkaschuk to Jeffrey (Australia)

Letter 1

Art kiss for you, Jeffrey! Thank you so much for your attention! Your letters make me so happy!

What do you think about coming night? Here is so warm outside! I am dreaming about that moment I can walk with you hand in hand and just feel myself happy. Dear, that is called real happiness – to be with one’s lover!
Now I am sitting among books – I’m getting ready my thesis – I have to pass it and move further. I like my studying, I like everything I do but sometimes I feel myself so tired and exhausted from all these things, scientific things.

Anyway, I am in my bed now, I decided to go to bed earlier. Tomorrow I have classes and then I have rehearsal. May is period for performances, this is the first start before hot and naked summer!

Well, darling, what do you wanna do with me now? I can teach you a couple of sexy moves! Besides, I was dancing in club yesterday and I have to say I gained my own victory – I got a lot of compliments. One day you will be the main man in my life and you will be watching me dancing every day!

I just wanna finish my studying well, this is also very important. From the very childhood I dream to visit some English speaking country and see this world. Unfortunately, I don’t have much possibilities for that – this is very hard and moneyed desire, but I hope that one day I make my dream come true! Once my best friend told me that I need a man, real and strong man. Yeah, it’s hard to be one without a partner among all my friends! But I know that on day you come to me and make me happy, happy with love and passion and that would be the best life journey I’ve ever had! Am I right, Jeffrey?

Olga Art Angel!

Letter 2

My darling Jeffrey!

I am so happy to start this evening with letter to you and hear so great words from you!!! Oh, my happiness can’t be described right now because I bought a large box of my favourite candies with cream and nuts inside. Honey, would you like to putt of my underwear like a shell of the nut! My bra is so tight when I am thinking about you, dear. I can’t go to bed without looking at you and saying you this. Will you, please, take away this tightness with your sensitive hands? I wanna you fill me with your sweet cream!

Yeah, sounds very sexy and arousing. I am ready to this any day in a year, any minute in an hour. I am going to jump into the hot bath right now coz I can’t sit near the computer any more. I need you behind. What will you do with me when I am sitting hear in my underwear? What says your imaginations when you are thinking about me?

This night has to be special, very special for us both, because tomorrow is my holiday, my day, and the day when woman is not only a woman – she is Goddess!

This day promises to be great for me if you will send me your care to Kiev, if you open me your heart more and cover my breast with your passion. When I wake up and see a massage from you, when I feel you next to me.

And tomorrow, when I go out on the balcony the sunny beam kiss my lips and drink me with you through the cup of black coffee. And, finally, when turn out the wind touches my shoulders and whisper: “Olga, I am with you all this day”. My Jeffrey, it would be wonderful beginning. And everything I do tomorrow is accomplished with thoughts about you, about us.

Will you kiss me before I say you good night?

I am waiting for your sweet letter in the morning!
Angel from Heavens, Olga.

Letter 3

Sexy kiss for you, Jeffrey! How is my darling boyfriend? Mmmm… I need to taste your sweet lips and then I can judge how you feel after that. Okay, I am sure you know some special secrets of French kissing, you know how to hold my waist and make me melting in your strong but so tender arms.

I wish that day come so soon, so I am ready to wait as much as it is necessary. Here I am not alone. My parents decided to live in Kiev this summer. As last my father takes a break in his business and wants to spend some time without documents, negotiations and travelling. We plan to visit Russia, because I haven’t been there for ages. And I am sure great rest is always cool. Yesterday I was teaching my parents to communicate in English. If you could heard that!!! Just no comments!

I am pretty good in it but my parents are horrible. They can’t understand the simple rules of it and it makes them mad. Besides, it would be very good when my dad speaks English – the language of his business here and abroad. I have a question: where have you learned English and what for? Hmmm… simple answer is that it’s international and we have to know it. I wonder sometimes: why do I know it? Maybe, this is my destiny to meet you and it helps us to communicate together. Who knows..

Miss you, Jeffrey!
Angel from Heavens, Olga!

Letter 4

My angelic man Jeffrey! Thank you so much for your answer! Thank you for your records! Where are you just now? I know what is going in your soul right now. I hear your calling, dear. I hear your voice inside.

Hmmm… It’s like a deja vu. Today is the last day of hard working week. When I come home I am thinking about all the things I’ve done during this short period. Yeah, there were so many rehearsals. And I do not forget about my diploma paper.

Of course, it’s very hard to divide myself into two parts. A lot of my colleagues are talking to me that I have to choose between dancing and studying. But I do not wanna make this choice coz I won’t live without life I have right now. Mmmm… and when you will come to me I’ll try to arrange my schedule as well. What if you say to pack my things and come with you immediately?

Oh, I do not expect this from you, but there are so many things in life that force me to think about my life. Great news! My friend announced that she leaves our ballet because of waiting for a baby! Her secret lover lives in another city and when she got to know that she is pregnant he decided to take her to his home. Of course, her age scares me a bit. She is only 18 and now, when her dancing skills are so great she is going to leave this and follow her love. Isn’t it shock?

Well, Jeffrey, I am ready for everything in this life. Now I am ready for a hot bath and cup of hot chocolate with my favourite film.
Come here to me and color my life…

Yours sweet Angel Olga.

Letter 5

Hello, my charming man Jeffrey! Thank you so much for your letters, I love them all!

You are that one who deserves more that anything in the world! You deserve to love and be loved in spite of everything. I am sure you are the biggest wonder in this little world, who I wanna present all my attention!

Yes, you have it all from the very first day I’ve met you, dear. Actually, I saw your profile on the site earlier, but I couldn’t find out how to make a first step to you. I decided to take a risk and, now, when I am with you I think I did the best risk in my life!

I’ve never been abroad you know. We have so much difference in mentality. We are both different. In most cases people can’t communicate because of culture shock, but when they understand that they can’t live without each other then they can cope with it.

I was thinking many times about that. Actually, it’s always in my mind. I know your country is not Ukraine. I think I can get accustomed there if you help me, darling. When I feel the support of my loving man I can do everything.

Jeffrey, I wish you see me one day. On the stage. Please, never leave me, honey. I think about you all the time. Even when I am playing on the stage. I play my role there, but I do not play with you…

Your Angel Olga.

Letter 6

Good afternoon, sweetest Jeffrey. I'm having a lunch in the cafe close to my dancing studio.

I often promise myself not to eat pizza but again I felt this smell of cheese and I cannot refuse from it. I have good genes and I don't usually get extra weight but still after eating this food I feel so heavy that I cannot dance. Usually ladies in my dancing group eat only one egg and some vegetables during a day.

I really wonder where they get strength to dance?!
I think we didn't have normal weather here starting from June and I really miss walking in sunglasses at the lake here. I'm really in a mood of going to the lake and rent a boat there for two hours.

The lake here is very big and we can sail there and kiss each other secretly. It's a bit cold, so you won't be tempted with my swimming suit. And we can talk about weather then:)lol

I hope my letter doesn't sound depressive for you and you have patience to your woman when she complains about something. Usually men are silent about their feelings and it makes so many obstacles in relations.

I had that before and I don't want another "strong man" who will never tell about his worries or problems, so a woman can share the pain or give some advice.

I'm thinking also about a new dance in our group, we mostly do modern dances and I have a feeling that we should create a dance with a national Ukrainian coloring but we can make it sexy and fashionable. Thanks' God, national motives are on the top dollar here.

I imagine you giving me flowers after the performance; you come to my dressing room and kiss me secretly. You will be a little jealous I guess to my fans:) But you will be my bodyguard at the same time, will you, dear Jeffrey?
And then we will go to pizza, ok?

Do you have a nice pizzeria in your city? Here we have the Italian one and I love it so much. No wonder if I fall asleep in your car after that dinner? I'm special sometimes and we can delay intimacy till the morning, ok?

I love it with a good wine and your kisses.
I never mind to eat you,
Your yummy Olga

Letter 7

Hello, Jeffrey! Yes, yes, yes, I missed you these busy days. You want to know about me everything? Really? Even some personal details? I am happy that you are interested to go further with me and be closer to me in every day life.

This morning was cool but without rain and I feel energetic for the whole day. The morning air in the park which is situated very close to my flat makes me to throw away tiredness and put on the renew look of vitality and smiling. I adore smiling!!!!! Do angels cry? Never… may be when nobody watches them.

We live in the circle of different people on different stage of life and my new circle of life goes round round round you, Jeffrey.

At weekend our dance group “Secret” was invited at anniversary of one Kyiv company, so I earn for living too ))

But I won’t forget about you. My angel soul is looking forward to meet a faithful guy and you tell about yourself in such way. So may be we’ll meet one day and I’ll be your guide in Kyiv. Yes, it’s a capital and very big city!!! What about to lose way among numerous streets and wander all day long? You know when I travel abroad, I don’t like much excursions to museums, I prefer to discover the world around me: people, houses, markets, city atmosphere. Kyiv atmosphere is amazing, especially on the ancient streets with old building and cosy cafes.

What is atmosphere in your city? Will you be my guide there when I come to you, Jeffrey?

I wish you great day with kind people around, the sun above and me in your heart. See you soon, your Olga Angel.

Letter 8

My dear sweetheart Jeff, art is knocking at your window. It’s great pleasure to have you in my life. I want to speak truth through this letter too and open my heart and reveal a secret to you. I think that this is the right time for me to tell you. I want to say the simple and plain truth about a simple girl named Olga.

I’m seeking to establish myself as both a separate and absolute individual, and I’m a one who has a unique and original perspective on life. I’m highly motivated person and, with incredible drive and ambition, and I’m not the type of person who will take “no” for an answer.

My greatest weakness is the tendency to be aware only of my own needs, desires, and objectives. Sometimes I’m assume that what is correct for me is also right for everyone else. And I know, that this kind of behaving it is not right. I’m not a selfish person, but I like the role of leader.

I can say that love and friendship both occupy a prominent place in my emotional life. Nobody is warmer or more sincere than my expressing feelings. For me, love is always a fascinating adventure which absorbs completely. I can, over time, accept and recognize the importance of having the love fire properly contained, however I will never accept having those flames totally extinguished.

In any relationship I will certainly provide direction, creativity, adventure, and sexual stimulation. Of course, if this man will be really important and special for me.

Do u like this kind of information about me? Or maybe I have seemed to you a person of rebellious spirit? Nobody’s perfect, and we must to take people as they are. Specially, if those people are women. Anyway, write me! Cause I want you to know that there is no place for others to dwell in my heart except you, Jeff.

Affectionately yours, Olga.

Letter 9

Hi, precious Jeff! I am so sorry for my silence!!! you my diamond I want to wear on me. You can be the only jewelry that I was dreaming to have so long. Only, one, as in every day life I am not a fan of those little things. I use only some embellishments that mature my eyes and my style

What are the embellishments you want to see on me, dear?

Maybe they are new for me, and I will be very excited to wear what you like to see on me.

I left my laptop turned on so, you could see that I am on the site, like knowing that I am not away.

The first thing I do is checking for letters from you !

I would rather spend time with you, and I will be surrounded with papers, markers and glue. Could I glue you to me, and never let you go?

‘lets stay tonight in my apartments and have some fun. The flight of my fantasies depends on your gazing.

I swear that we are the nature of the beasts when we are together.

If you are looking for me now, enter my house and look for the room, where you find your Olga on the cozy sofa, waiting for you Jeff!

Letter 10

Hi, dear Jeff! it is good to come back home after the hard day and spend this time with you?

I turned on my notebook, so I was online and went for the show, the thought that you are looking at me at the moment when I was away warmed my heart, and all finished with great applause and much noise as usual, I like to come back home, take a cup of hot green tea, remind myself that I will not dance for other people when I will find my true partner, I will dance only for him.

However, that is impossible, as when I see so many eyes watching me, they are giving me much energy, and when I think that I can fall on the floor like the last leaf from the tree in late falls, I alive only after several minutes of my show.

Oh, sorry, I haven’t relaxed completely after the day, and your presence can make a wonder for me, and several candies that I take for myself, and which I am going to share with you

I have a lot of candies at home, hard and soft, chocolate and fruity. What do you prefer more? Maybe you would like to tease me with the candies you have???

Ukrainians are crazy about chocolate and there are so many factories that produces the best quality, but the best is ROSHEN, have you heard about this? That factory was named by the deputy as he is the boss, and he is POroshenKO, you see the middle letters.

Is that normal in your country, to have big enterprises being a deputy at the same moment?

I thought that if you are a deputy you have a lot of questions to solve and help other people.

My dear, Jeff!my sweet like candy! If I can stay with you tonight would you like me to take some of my candies and eat them with you, till the morning when the tea finishes. My head would love your soft pillow…and my body your warm blanket.

Your soft candy,Olga! Wait for my hard candy

Letter 11

These are my photos from Dubai, as I promised you I did it)))

What do you think???

Letter 12

Oh how I like your video, so wonderful animals, nature, How I want to be there, to spend a lot of time with you

I'll be waiting for the next your video

But I also want that you write my letters from the other site, I show there all my love to you my sunny, if you usually want to hear my love to you...?

Letter 13

I dedicate these lines to you, Jeff!!!
The gray sea and the long black land;
And the yellow half-moon large and low;
And the startled little waves that leap
In fiery ringlets from their sleep,
As I gain the cove with pushing prow,
And quench its speed i’ the slushy sand.

Then a mile of warm sea-scented beach;
Three fields to cross till a farm appears;
A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch
And blue spurt of a lighted match,
And a voice less loud, through its joys and fears,
Than the two hearts beating each to each!
I'll come to you ......
When we're together ............ I LOVE YOU Jeff.......
Your Olga.............))))))))

Letter 14

Jeffrey?Are you working on FBI? You better concentrate on our future than on looking for other ladies profiles! Please don't make me mad with your search!!! I told you not to care for that profiles and you wrote me three huge letters regarding this topic??? Tht profile is used by all my dancing group and my director wrote tht doesn't know you. So please don't keep you detective efforts, it only irritates me!!!

Letter 15

hello, Jeffrey! Kiss you and wish you a nice day!

Letter 16

hi, Jeffrey! I just woke up an I'm about to go . Your letters inspire me, thank you dear! It's sunny here too! kisses, Olga