Scam letter(s) from Angel Kate to Brett (Australia)

Letter 1
Some of the most superb feelings and tingling emotions come from what love an Angel, such as yourself, and I make. Our world, as we have come to see it, has no bearing and an infinite boundary when we are locked lips to lips. No one person can sever that bond of nothing but pure affection and intimate passion. We are the Angels of Our Heaven and with merely our names to live with. A name, which consists of nothing more than symbols of a language taken for granted. I would soon rather speak nothing. A true test of love of which we have accomplished merely by the elucidation in our eyes. from angel
Letter 2
I know this may sound cliche' but to be honest you changed my life. From the moment I saw you I knew you were a gift from God. You constantly shower me with unconditional love and you always understand my shortcomings without criticism. Just looking at you is enough to make me happy. My life is now full of promise, every day is worth looking forward to, and it’s all because of you. You made me become a better person. I never thought I could love someone the way I love you now. I know you hear this all the time, but I want to tell you again and again that I truly love you and my life would never be the same without you.
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