Letter(s) from Robbins Duran to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi Klaus,
Thanks for your care honey,i have attach just few photos of me and please can you kindly send me your photo too.?

I hope you will enjoy the sweetest honey moon together as lover and would like to love you forever!! .As said earlier on i have something very important properties to disposed off after the dead of my parent as the next of kin and i hope my family lawyer will help us out get this right soonest honey ,we need to use this properties sold funds to invest in Germany kindly do that favor for me honey i will update you more about it .!! I await your reply

Love you forever Robbins.!!

Letter 2

Thanks as well as you.re really impressed about my lovely photos.

It was wonder how lucky when i found you.Yes i saw all photos your on Facebook.

I will come to Europe on the 21, October 2012 to meet my lawyer in Spain and also after he agree to help me disposed this properties i will like you to mail my lawyer e mail id and tell him to divert the funds to your bank account as my honey and beneficiary and also he should help out change the ownership of this properties sold funds to your names as my husband and i trust you that this funds will be enough for us to buy a luxury yacht for our holiday and house in Germany so please i will send you his e mail id to contact him but i want to asked him to book appointment with me this month and i will like to have your bank information's details send to him to wire this funds soon as i arrive Europe i will contact you over this issue.

Furthermore you can send me mail and ask questions on how you want us to proceed

I await your responses asap.!!!.