Letter(s) from Natalia to Christian (Denmark)

Letter 1

Dear Christian,
Of course I said YES!!!
I am so happy that we are together))
Today I saw the next situation: a man with a very resentful look and a woman asks for forgiveness "- Honey... sorry, sorry ... I was an idiot." I was wondered what she has done ... And he says to her: - "If I ever see you without a warm scarf ..."
It looked so pathetic ... At that moment I thought that I will also have a man who will love me just for what I am. He will rejoice over my smile, and in the winter he will force me to wear a warm scarf. He will worry if I eat well, and write SMS to find out how my business. He will be always with me, in the most difficult moment, he will not leave me. Maybe I have already found this man, Christian?
Can I tell you a little secret? One tiny secret. Our meeting was not just fortuity... There are no coincidences in our lives....
My number is 380983590025
Kiss you passionately,

Letter 2

I recieved your sms
I love you too, Christian!!!!
you are my destine and best dream!!
so what about courses? do you want me to learn your language since tomorrow?
I promise you to be a very diligent in learning))

Letter 3

My dear Christian,
You can not imagine how happy I am thinking about you!!
Believe or not but this night I can not sleep... I lied in my bed and my dreams were about you...
Very soon we will be together...
It would be great to help each other out of our boing life!!!I am sure we would have a great time!
To love. To care about each other. To be SOULMATES and make each other happy :)))
What a refreshing thought....
How is your day?
How do you imagine us together?
Kiss you passionately,
Your Nata