Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank! Your profile attracted my attention and I would like to learn you better. I’m Natalia and I’m from Ukraine.
I hope I'll be able to find a man of my life here. May be it is you? Lets learn each other better and find it out!
I just want you to know my heart, my mind and soul is open for new relations and I am ready for a long-term relationship full of love, happiness, understanding and harmony.
I am faithful, loving, tender, caring and optimistic girl and I try to enjoy every moment of
my life.
But I'd be much happier to enjoy this life with my beloved man as nothing can be better that loving and being loved.
I have never been married and don’t have children, but I had long time serious relations and at the moment I am single. If you are interested, please write me back and I will tell you more about me.
Here is my e-mail where you can contact me Natalia.
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank! I have a great desire to learn more about you and I really hope that things can work for us and we can find what we are searching for here together. It would be good to start with some introduction so that we could know who and what we want in relationship and if we could be happy together. I live in Ukraine, in the little town Lubny not far from Poltava city. My height is 166 cm (about 5’5); weight is 50 kg (about 112 pounds). I have blue eyes and natural blonde hair. My date of birth is November, 25; 1980. My birth sigh is Saggitaurus. I live with my parents and younger brother, and though I have wonderful parents and relatives, I realize that my place should be with my beloved man and I would leave my parental house eagerly when I find a man with whom I would like to create my own family. I have a higher education of psychologist, but I don’t work on my speciality. In my small town it’s very hard to find work of psychologist and nowadays we have a great level of unemployment in Ukraine. I work as a seamstress at the clothes factory as sewing, modeling of clothes and various needlework have always been my hobbies.
What brought me here? A great desire to find my soul mate, desire to love and be loved and disappointment in our men. About half of year ago I finished relations with a man who almost broke my heart, but I realized that not all the men are the same and I won’t ever be happy if I never open my heart and let there love again. But this time I don’t want to make mistakes and I believe that I can trust you and you won’t hurt me. I believe, I deserve love and happiness; a good loving and caring husband who would love me. So, I think I have reasons to find my love abroad and move to a foreign country. It would be such a great experience to try all the new things and start a new life there with a very special man. I am ready to overcome obstacles which may be on my way; learn a foreign language and get used to new culture. I hope, it won't scare you that I don't know English so far and use a help of translator for our communication, but I have a great desire to learn English as soon as possible and have one common language with you. I have a lot of things to tell you in my next letters; so I do not want to tell you everything here. There are a lot of things that I would like to know from you too. So tell me about yourself, your likes, dislikes, dreams, plans for future and everything you want to tell me about yourself and share with me. I look forward to hear from you soon! Have a wonderful day. Natalia.
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank, I’m glad you wrote back! You are a very nice and special man and I appreciate all the things which you shared with me. Dear, I'm surprised that you have such a cold weather. I am sure that it will be warmer again and it's just a cold wave which will end soon because it's only October and we have the whole month of autumn. We don't have too much cold weather, but it is very great and cloudy outside and it was raining the whole night. I belive any relationship starts with good honest and truthful conversation between two people and the more we talk about each other the better idea of each other we have; our wishes and expectations.
Truth and honesty is a must from both partners and I can see from your words that I can trust you. I know a long distance relationship is not easy but we are just two people searching for love and we all deserve this emotion that flows from the heart and I can see no reason why two people from different countries can't fall for each other. We are just a man and a woman so it should not matter where we come from as love has no nationality. To achieve goals of life is a great gift and everyone deserves it. I have read and heard a lot of stories about people who found their soul mates in the net. That was the main reason why I decided to place my advertisement at the dating site. My last relations ended very sadly as my ex boyfriend betrayed me and left for another woman, his boss who was much older than him, but affluent woman who just bought him. He at once forgot about his love to me and I believed that I would never ever love again and trust men. I was wrong and now my heart is open for new feelings. This is new to me to start relations with a man in distance via Internet and I believe that only honesty and good open communication can help us to learn each other better. I want to give you a better idea about me and my life. I have several good friends, with whom I like to spend time. I have a little smart dog Bobik, the one you could see on the picture in my previous letter and a cat whose name is Boris. I like to spend time with my close and beloved people, to go out, go to the movies, theatre, interesting exhibitions and galleries, travel, see new things and places. I like to work out and live a healthy and active life. I like a beautiful nature and especially seaside and mountains. I like to cook and arrange romantic dinners for my beloved man... just enjoying each other's company cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special as I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman. I enjoy lots of kisses, hugs, talking, laughing, holding hands with my man. I am a quality woman who is confident, honest, kind, smart, fun, trustworthy, supportive, loving, loves kids, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, great sense of humor, sociable, respectful (I would always treat you with respect).
As for my personality, I am down to earth and not spoiled girl who has a good idea how to be a good wife, loving, caring and faithful to her husband as I have always had a perfect example from relations of my parents. My heart is not easy to win and I don’t fall in love every day, but if a man can win my heart, he will have it forever. I`m a lady who is a very good listener and someone that you could talk too about anything. I like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor. What I can’t stand is ignorance and rudeness, hypocrisy and lies and I try to avoid people with such qualities in my life. Please, write me soon and tell me how you see your future life. What are your views to the happy successful relations? I am sure you have your own special point of view. Have a nice day;)
I will be waiting for your answer! Natalia.
Letter 4

Hello dear Frank! I was happy to hear from you today! I really hope you've great time there. I just could not wait till I get free today because there was a letter from you waiting for me and I'm very glad to read your words.
You are the man, with whom I want to continue relations in reality and I want that we become soul mates. I think the fire of love is the most beautiful thing that can happen between a man and a woman and we have a small sparkle of it now. I am here with serious intentions and searching for love because it is important for me to love a man. It means a lot to me. For me, love is a wide range of emotions and activities.
Passion is important, but it is more than just pure ***. I want my man to be gentle and caring lover. Emotions must be mutual and there must be respect and tolerance in a relationship. *** is important in a relationship. ****** pleasure has to be mutual. A man who behaves like a selfish machoman is not a good lover. A man must give his beloved woman the feeling of tenderness and passion, but also satisfy the needs for desire and ******. It needs a lot of time for ****** pleasure, but it can also be very spontaneous sometimes. How about you? Are you a good lover? It is important that we can share common interests and activities in a relationship. I dream to have the person whom I love to be with me at all times, who would bring flowers to me for no reason, just to let me know that he appreciates and loves me. I dream of sending each other messages a couple of times a day and know that my man is thinking of me or perhaps be playful and tell him what exactly I am going to do to him in the bedroom, perhaps distracting him from work. I dream about you coming home from work and I surprise you with a bubble bath, complete with candles and soft music, while you soak in there, I prepare a nice romantic dinner, just the two of us, intimate and open conversation where I would tell you about my dreams, disappointments and most inner thoughts. I dream of us doing everything together, from the littlest things like grocery shopping to taking long trips. I dream of us having a home and decorating it together. I dream of perhaps you and I being at a party, you are at the other end of the room and I look at you and give you a look that makes you wonder what I am thinking. Then I motion you to meet me somewhere private where you take me in your arms... I dream of us getting old, sitting on our poach and reflecting on our life together and to still feel that love and excitement like when we first met!!!! I am opening a lot to you and saying things that perhaps are a little early in a relationship, but, I hope you don't mind. I am a bit scared of that feelings which start growing in my heart to you because I have been deceived many times and hurt by men, just playing with my feelings and emotions. I have real feelings, thoughts and dreams and I hope that you won't disappoint me. It is great that we have made first steps to the acquaintance with each other and I hope that in the near future we will bring our relations to another level, and for this I would like to meet with you. I am absolutely sure, that our meeting will give us a lot more, that long months of correspondence. Do you agree with me? Take care and write me back soon! Yours, Natalia.
Letter 5
Hello my darling Frank! I get so happy when I receive letters from you. How was your day? So, how was your trip to Ukraine? Did you like it?
Since I met you and we started talking, thoughts and fantasies about you come on my mind every day, few times per day. When I am writing to you, I feel such a great desire to you and I wish you could be next to me so that I could express all my feelings to you not in words but in actions... I guess you feel the same too. Frank, I want you here with me so we can realize our fantasies together. I can hardly wait to appear in your arms and be there every day! I want to hold you, kiss you, taste you, feel your tremble as we make passionate love every day. I want you, I miss you, I want to hold you and taste you. I want to throw my arms tightly around you and kiss you so deeply that you almost can't catch your breath! When I went to bed last night I was dreaming of you. I think you would love to come back home and find me in a very **** short and low cut dress with black *******, with black stockings and heels... I want you to walk up behind me and put your arms around me and kiss my neck so passionately and then slowly move your hands up to my ******* and have both your hands all over my *******, just rubbing and caressing my ******* and kissing my neck. You kiss my ******* and gently bite my *******. I put my arms around you and pull you closer. You beg me not to stop. I feel your passion getting harder and harder against me. We kiss a passionate French kiss. You are getting very excited as well as I am. And it's only the beginning of our passionate and sleepless night... Dream and love are just words - until you decide to experience them:) And I'm anxiously looking forward to make my dreams true with you! My dear, I hope you will have a wonderful restful evening. I am going to go home now and I know that the only thing I will think about will be you... I will fall asleep with thoughts of you... Hope you will write me soon, Frank!!! I will wait for your next letter! I am sending you a strong hug and a warm sensual kiss on your lips. Natalia.
Letter 6
Hello Mr Frank, We apologize for interrupting Your correspondence with our client miss Natalia, but we are to inform You that Your lady has been using our services of translation, Internet providing and computers. Natalia's account of correspondence, which she opened for correspondence with You has expired. We cannot translate Your letters to her and vice versa because Natalia can not afford using our services any more.
Natalia is very serious about You and Your further relationship and she asked us to inform You about her situation and let You know that she is very interested in You and would like to continue relations with You. Natalia hopes that You will help to save your relations. If You are interested, please write to our e-mail address TRANSLATION COMPANY "CAMELOT" and we will inform Natalya about it and send You the information about our services and prices. With best regards,
Representative and translator of TC "Camelot"
Olga Bykova.
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