Scam letter(s) from Martie Davis to Ad (Holland)

Letter 1
Good morning honey, how was your night? i have a believe that when two fall in love its for a better future that we should achieve, love and commitment is what makes to achieve what we never think about. we build a strong love that stand for the test of time, you and i believe in the same direction always, our feeling about each other always goes together. honey i want to understand i have not reason to hurt you or to break you heart, the love i have for you is unique and special to the level that living without you is not possible for me. my spirit want you and my heart accept you in all ways for the rest of my life. i want you as only man that will rule my world, living under your territory will be the best that i must achieve. honey let have a memory back when we started, i want to you to know am addited to your life and i want the best of happiness and joy for you. so how could that be possible for you and i to stop the love we share just becos i need your help now. think deeper honey, the money i ask you is for you to borrow and i will return it soon as i get my money, i have promise you that i will be the one to pay for my flight ticket when am coming to holland, do you best for me honey and you will never regret it, you ask me yesterday that why i did not ask you few days before now. the reason why i dont bother you was that i thought the owner of the house will allow me to stay in the house till i get my money but unfortunately for me he came yestersday to tell me that i must pay if not, he will force me out of the apartment, honey at this stage where should i go honey. please make up you mind to help me out and i will be forever greatful to you. am writing you this mail with serious pain in my heart and am having headace what could i do without your help. honey remember your promise that you will never let me down in anyway no matter what life bring for us. i respect you and i honor you forever, now that i need your assistance please honey dont find it difficult to do it for me. its real and truth that we can not deny the love that bring you and i together. our life depend on how we want to live it, so let us make our real love alive, if we make mistake to lose each other honey i must say that its a great lost on our path which is not even good at all. we can not deny that we share true love, let make it work for a better future with you us, i will never hurt you and i will never break your heart this is my promise for you. dear Ad so much addicted to your life to the level that my heart beat for you always, i want you to be the last man in my life. i want to grow old with you only. Ad i so much convince and believe in my heart that you have the ability to help and make me live a good life to solve this problem for now. you are my everything and my everything is you. let me know your plan today honey. i love you endlessly Adrianus. i wish you a nice day my love.
Your Love!
Letter 2
Hello my love, how are you doing, i know that you will be on bed at this moment that am writing you, am very sorry that i did not come online for you on our normal time for meeting you, its due to the bad connection here which i believe you must have understand it, honey i have missed you so much, i feel so sad that i could not come to chat with you as normal time. Ad i want to you to have a believe that am so much addicted to your life and i know that i will never walk away from your life no matter what tomorrow bring on our ways. i wish you nice sleep. i know you are going to sporting in the morning, weare going to chat when you back, as you know that i cant go to work yet due to the short cash finance for now i which you understand me. even though am passing through hard time such will never stop me for loving you. your love grow in my heart day by day. i hope and i wish you could decide to help me out as you know that am getting delay here for my coming becos i did not go for work which is delaying the contract project. see you soon honey. kisses.
Your Love,
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