Scam letter(s) from Olga Buga to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,so how are you doing ?
i just check my email and i am glad to see your response, so do you use dating sites for long time ?
Well,i understand that the distance is not problem for you so you send me an answer,but who know, so have you ever date someone from an other country and do you think it could be possible for you ?
Now about what bring me to dog named snowy died and i felt terrible and co-worker told to me i should try Internet and she be lived it can make me feel better,these days i am much better.
I can speak and write english and if you have any difficult in understanding my writings,just let me know.
I will try to describe myself and will be short so if you feel interest you can send me an answer,my computer is need to be fixed and they have told to me they will get it in three weeks maximum so i use Internet cafe now to write you from here, i will be back in a few days to check for your answer.
as you know my name is Olga,
i am 29 years old ad my birthday is 8th of march, looking for serious relations only,not fan,virtual,****,chat,etc.
Finished with ex boyfriend half year before and single this days, stay home alone this days.As you know i live in novosibirsk, but i have a family here in the country side they do live in the farm, and i can say that i look like as city lady,but i am farm girl inside and i grown up on the farm and this means i know what is hard work !
what is about you ? do you have any bad habits ? I do not smoke, do not drink often,and have never tried any kind of drugs.
My weight is 118 lbs and 5.6 tall,not too large lady for you ? :) just joking :) I keep in fit and like different activities,let me know what activities you like ? I hope you do not think that watching TV with bottle of bear every evening is good activity :)) What do you do for living?
I work as dentist in the hospital here.
What is about your family ? I have no kids by myself but have a lot of relatives, send me some pics of your family if you have.
Have you ever been traveling abroad ? What country do you wish to visit the most ? I enjoy traveling very much.
I need to go now,
let me know if you got my pic,let me know you like animals we have many here on the farm, look like zoo :) Olga
Letter 2
My dear,it is Olga,
so how are you doing,ready for weekend ?
I am fine,tomorrow is my co-workers birthday and we will go to the restaurant with all the Hospital company,it will be only ladies company :) If i will get an other few day off, i will go to the farm and return here by 10 or at least 11 in the morning on the first bus and go to work.
So i will see how it goes.I will ask my friend to take photo camera and we will make pictures so i can send something to you also.So it will be just ladies party at the restaurant, i think that few of our patients will come also,sometimes we keep contact with our patients and we become friends,first they ask me for help as the doctor and after i can ask them for advice as friend :) You know that i work as dentist so all my patients comes again and again.My co-workers sends you big hello and they were joking and asked me if you come for my birthday party and i told them- no,it will be only ladies party,but the next time you will come for my birthday for sure :)) I will be 30 on 8 of March only,are you sure i am not too old for you ? :) Oh my good i feel ladies become older so fast, today i have find University picture and i am 22 there and i do really feel that i am still the same age ! :) I checked with my zip and this is my address : Full name : Olga Kotova
Street address : Sadovaya streer 19,62
City : Novosibirsk
Country : Russia
Postal code : 107497 If you would like to send something you can do it in the mail and i can send something back for you also,but i am not sure how long does it take.
Last time when my friend send me the post card it took nearly 2 month, she has send it from Europe,Rome.
I want you to know that i do wish to see you here for Holiday and i am little bit sad that it is not impossible now, but the same time i feel positive that we have find each other and i see that we are interested in each other.
Well,i need to go home now and tomorrow will not be the easy day, a lot of preparations :) I send you big kiss, did you catch it ? I know you did :) P.S the beach pics are from Thailand
i have come up with out door pictures were made in the forest and winter fishing here, i hope you like it ! Big question : do you really want me to come to visit you there ? Yours Olga
Letter 3
My dear,this is Olga,
i have just come from the farm and had to go to work tomorrow and was so tired that got to sleep after and was very tired, also birthday pictures were not ready and my friend has brought it only one hour ago and i thought you want to see so i have them now.
Hod are you doing ? I thought of you all this time and i want you to know that i wish you were here with us for my co-worker's birthday,yes,it was ladies company all the dentists from clinic i work for and i belive every one do not mind if you were here as my quest, we went to the restaurant and it was ladies company and you can see i make new hair style and i belive you will like it :) It is important for me to be different sometimes and i do it with my hair and every time it bring something new in my life, some new feelings.After restaurant i went home and the next day i went to visit my mom and aunt and i will have picture by the next time, i belive i come here the day after tomorrow-or so.
So the birthday party was nice and everyone wish to see us together someday soon,i will check about the possibility of taking vacation and let you know,so may be i can take it the end of this month ?
So do you have any vacation the near future ? Let me know the international name of the closest airport i can land in your area.
Also do i need the hotel if i come to see you there ?
Tomorrow i will have to work but as soon as i have any spare time, so i will send you the letter.Reggie, i am not ignore you !
please send me the # i can call you
may be on during the week,the # you can be reached 100 ?
i can call you from work it will be free for me,but not sure if we can talk for long time.
As you know i have been hurt before and i belive you are not looking lady for fun and that you are serious man because it is not easy way and we have to put a lot in it,so just be open and i want you to know that i have nothing to hide and i am honest with you from we start and i am serious about our communication.
My friends sends you all their best regards and they do want me to be happy and they know this is possible if i meet the right man only Hope to hear from you soon With kiss
Yours Olga
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