Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
Some one who knows what to offer in life to a woman,Ready to share poverty,richness,failure and victory together,is whom i have always beem dreaming to meet in my life.
I have my Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior,Have my Diploma in Catering ,I have my Masters Degree in Business management,I have masters in business administration.

I am some one who spent most of her daily 80 percent activity reading inspirational books, Motivational books, Ficts, Journals, like writing poetry, love letters, Equipping my self pratically with some hair dressing stylish design.

What kind of woman are you planning to meet in your life to build your career together,What are your future gaols,What is your profession? Do you live in a house or apt? What is your vision in life?

I don't play games or play with peoples e-motion.Do you mind sharing any thing about your spiritual belief.

I don't mind to relocate to where i can have peace of mind,establish my hair dressing saloon business,Will like to work with you as a business partner's,Soul partners,Smile and laugh together to our satisfaction and to live a great . I'm Caring, Faithful, Loyal, Truthful, Loving, Generous, Goals Achiever, Honest, Spiritual oriented, Future driven, Confidential, Understands the ups and downs of life, Commited to relationship, Reader, Visionary, Conservative, Passionate, Romantic, **** and loving.

I'm a good cook, I can prepare delicious meals like fried rice with Chicken, Can prepare beef burger, Can prepare pizza, Italian sea food, Can prepare red red boiled beans with fried fish and friend plantian, Can prepare Samosa and etc.

I don't don't smoke or drink acholic beverage, But i like to taste wine or shampaign with good flavor.My favourite colours are white,pink and green.. I am currently persuing my career to becoming a professional caterer.

I am seeking to meet some one caring, faithful, communicative, loyal, generous, understanding, future driven, honest, truthful to be with in a long term relationship,Courtship or marrige ,Some one with Good life principles to set an example to our children in the near future,God fearing person. hope to hear from you. We talked and several times I asked Sakina Musah was she serious about this. That is what I got above Next came photo's of herslef and then her five year old child and letting me know how poor she was and the type of life style she has and how she lives. All along looking at photos of her she me that she doen't look that she missed any meals or any manicure, pedicure and very nice cloth's just beautiful hair. All a sudden Sakina began to talk about how much she loved me over and over again. Here is the email Sakina emailed me about how she ended up in Accra Ghana: I have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible. Thing i hate i dislike liers and cheaters and i dont think there is something i dont like again and i was born in california and my dady die in a car accedent and i and my mom relocated to Ghana to help my granny to sale fruits in the market and i had a relationship with a guy who told me her is going to marry me and all was a lie he got me pregenant and run away i have never had from him again for about years now and now the boy is am now here looking for the right man for me i hope this is much about me and i will be hoping to hear from you very soon. John, i always feel very happy when i get on my email and i find you message i really feel some thing very seriouse for you and i really do from the bootom of my heart and i want you to trust me and you will be the happiest man on the earth..i really want you and i am falling for you with all my heart and i really need you and i dont want you to worry about the other men cos their did not mail me in me email it was on the site and you are the only man on my email and my friends that is all and i have puten you in me heart and i want you to handle it with care and with honesty..i am seriousely in love with you... John, you are the man i have been looking for my hole life and i know you are the only man who will make me happy and as i told you to me age is just a number and what matters is the heart and you only i need and the only man i want to die with am express my feelings to you cos i know you will never let me down..I LOVE YOU....I MEAN ALL WHAT I SAID.... HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU VERY SOON SAKINA FOR YOU
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