Letter(s) from Anna Kulalaewa to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

My dear sweetest!!!

How are you today ? It is very important for me to have a close man next to me. I trust you as never before. I know there is a huge distance between us, but in spite of that we are still together. Have you ever thought that it would be possibly to think about the person which is far from you?? :) As usually I came home yesterday after my job. I felt an emptiness in my soul. Do you know why? I was alone.
Alone like a she wolf in the wood. I am so tired of the loneliness. I am lack of my loving man, I am lack of warmth at my home. I must confess you became my obsession. Lonely woman is a miserable creature.
:) I need to take care of somebody, I want to prepare something tasty and delicious for my beloved man, I want to surprise and I want some tenderness. Now my life is a hall of waiting because I am waiting for my future life. I am like a girl of 15 before her first kiss. :) What else can I add? I think nothing. My dear man, I am a woman of one man.
I have opened a new page in my Life Book and I am ready to read in it just pleasant moments, which are connected just with you. Very often I imagine us together walking along the river or in the forest. You hold my hand and I look into your eyes. I see there love and tenderness.
Then I embrace you and give to you my kiss as a gift. Our kiss is sweet and honey. We don't notice the people which are around us because we are happy. All the world belongs just to us. Then you hug my waist and we go home. So, we come to our home. We have there a big fireplace. There is a soft bear's fell next to it. You take a bottle of red wine and some exotic fruits. We lie next to the fireplace and I feed you with fruits and some creams. My fingers are soft and gentle.
I tease you and you are crazy about me. We are the happiest couple in the world.
My dear, please tell that you think of our meeting? I wish to see you in a reality very much. And I wish to feel your heat. My dear, I want that you have arrived to Russia. My house is your house. Because you my beloved. And I want that we for ever were together. Please write that you think of it. I do hope my dreams will come true and I will be waiting for your next letter very much! Your Kristina

Letter 2

Hi my darling,

I am very grateful for your letter and I would like to continue our communication very much, but unfortunately I can't.Life is a cunning lady and we do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow. I am very sad today because I have never expected such things in my life. I came to the internet-cafe just for a couple of minutes to write my letter for you because I have got some problems.It was so unexpectedly to me and I am in a real desperation right now. I will not be able to pay for our correspondence anymore because of some problems with my salary. It will be possibly for me to get just forty percent of my salary in a one month and it is connected with a financial crisis.Yesterday our director warned us about it. Thanks to God I didn't lose my job.Now a lot of people lose their jobs because a lot of enterprises in our country are bankrupts. I do hope that soon we will overcome this crisis. I have got my own savings but it will be enough just to buy some food and to pay for my flat. Moreover, I should take care of my grandmother, she is a pensioner.I must confess that I am afraid of my future. Dear, I do hope you understand me. I will not be able to pay for our correspondence. But I don't want to interrupt our connection because I need you very much. As you see I am honest with you. It is our life. So, if you decide to stop writing to me, I will try to understand you. And I cannot ask your help. I think that it will be not beautiful for my part. I do not want that you thought of me badly.
I would never do it,but now I am really afraid to lose you and our connection. It is the first time in my life when I feel that I am helpless. for this short period of time you became a very important part of my life.I am very ashamed of asking for the help. We come to this world nude and also we leave it nude. If I had just a little possibility to solve this problem. I just pray now. I do hope that God will hear my prayers and you will let us to stay in touch. Just know, that my feelings are sincere. Your Kristina.

Letter 3

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