Scam letter(s) from Rita Donald to Kaveh (Iran)

Letter 1
Hi Kaveh, It's nice to read from you. My name is Rita Donald living in Cape Town South Africa. Am single and 46 years old. I am the only child of my family. I am a nurse and I have one daughter that is staying alone recently. PRO's: - I am romantic. Maybe a bit too much. - I hate violence, especially towards a weaker person - I respect my fellow beings and their opinions - I hate dishonesty - I almost always smile ( even in the morning ). It takes a lot to get me in
a bad mood - I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining. CON - I never forget the wrong people do to me and my friends - I am very emotional, so when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious.

- Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions That is what I can think of in a short time. I hope that gives a better impression about the person who I am. I want to know more about you. I attached my pictures below, and also wish to see more of yours too. Bye for now until I hear from you. Sincerely,
Letter 2
Hi Kaveh, How are you doing today? Thanks for sharing your pictures with me. You are such a good looking man. I like the way you write and you will see that when I write, I write at length. Because there is so much information needed for people to make the right choices. I write directly from the heart because I believe that a man does not need a liar. And you cannot start a good relationship with a lie. I play no games. I will tell you the deepest secrets of my heart. And please feel absolutely free to ask me anything your heart desires. Now about me and my deepest secrets of my heart, I grew up in Eastern Cape with my family and stayed there for 14 years before we moved into Cape Town. I was force by my father to marry his partner's son. I was young then 19 in my first year in nursing school. Frank always beat me but I hid this in my heart. You can guess why, can't you? But after my father died, I decide to divorce him because it is a very tormenting 13 years of marriage. I prayed to God that He will send me my heart's desire and I ONLY want a loving man. That is where I belong. And so I put my profile on the site which led to you. If I marry, it will be with a lovely man and no other. That is settled. Or I will remain alone the rest of my life. But do we have enough in common to have a meaningful life together? I am so willing to listen to anything you have to say. You will find that I am a good listener. You see, I need love so bad. I need a man who touches me all the time. I want his hands in mine, I want him close to me while watching TV, I want him to scratch my back ( smile ) and whisper sweet things in my ear alone. I'm so romantic a woman you can't believe it. And I will treat him like a true gentleman. God willing, the man I marry, I will lift him with the power of my heart and make him feel so loved, respected and like a King. This is what I prefer. During arguments, the two should talk this out, never, never, never violence. A man who hits a woman is NO MAN. My dear, maybe this will help you a little to see who this lady is. If you wish to proceed further, please reply, and I will do my very best to give you the best answers I can. One question: How do women in your country treat their men? Sincerely,
Letter 3
Hi Kaveh, How are you doing today? Sequel to your question; Yes you are right, I beleive in your qoute. “Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them”. I believe a couple should therefore be up front with each other at the beginning to determine whether or not our respective values coincide. I think that one advantage of the Internet is that we are able to compare value systems immediately without the interference of physical or emotional contact. Too many couples I know fell in love (or maybe ****) based only on attraction only to regret the marriage later because they discovered too late that they had no shared values. There is no doubt that we agree on the essentials although I think we should not establish such a rigid profile as to make it impossible for anyone to measure up. That is why I have chosen "potential" as an essential determining criteria. You are in search of a loving lady as I am in search of a loving man. I have not wrote to you just for entertainment, but I have written you in hopes that we will be good for each other . However, since we live in different cultures, I am interested in learning about you and your way of life. I think that it's important for me to learn how you have grown up and what are your likes and dislikes. I want you to be happy in your new life with me if that should happen. OK,So where does this leave us? After all, all of the intellectual knowledge in the world will do us no good if we do not relate it to "us". Perhaps we can take this one step further by sharing values on specific topics. For example:

1. Religion 2. Health 3. Money 4. Family 5. Relationships 6. Problem solving Ok, this is my questions for you, please answer me. What do you think are probably your three best qualities?

What do you think are probably your three worst qualities? What are your most sacred, or cherished, dreams and goals? What are the three worst things a wife can do to her husband in a marriage and husband to his wife?

What are the three most important guidelines or rules in your ideal marriage? What do you think are your weaknesses? Well, that's it. I hope you don't mind answering these questions? Hope to hear from you real soon. I'm really delighted to know you my dear. Bye for now, Sincerely,
Letter 4

Hi My Dear Kaveh, Thanks so much for your answers to my questions. I believe if we are to get to know each other we need communication to fill in the distance gap because this is where we get to know about each other. I think I need to answer the questions I ask you and it will be unfair if I did not answer it myself. I must before going any further say that I agree whole heartily on what you said in your first three answers. Of course not to mislead you,I agree on everything you said.

1. Religion :I am a Christian 2. Health :I am a young 46, I usually keep up to 30 year olds, and am the last to get laid off a job often.I am in pretty good shape, about my ideal weight. 3. Money:I am not rich! I am trying to pay up the debt I owned the Loan Shark because after my divorce I decided that I will not have anything to do with my ex nor his money so I decided to take a loan and I single handedly raise my daughter. I will be debt free once I receive what I inherited from my Dad's Estate. It is been processed and I will have enough to pay off my debt when I received it.

4. Family: I have my mother and my daughter as my close family. I have an uncle that is living here in Cape Town, he is very difficult to deal with but most of my families are in Johannesburg. Our family is no longer the way it used to be since our Grand Father died and most of my uncles were living extravagant life and they dent the image of our family in South Africa. Our family, used to be respected in South Africa but due to recent event from some of my uncles.Some of them realized their mistake and move out of South Africa.

5. Relationships: I have good relations with most people and most like me 6. Problem solving: I have learned to always seek God's opinion first What do I think are my three best qualities. Well I probably have more than three I hope;

1. I would say honesty, it is the basis for any relationship be it casual,business or serious.It does no one any good and it destroys any potential of a lasting relationship. 2. Helpful, I am always there for the few friends I may have and I will do my utmost to help them out when they are in a tight spot.

3. Commitment. When I commit myself towards another person and I give my word, I fulfill my commitment. 4. Punctuality. I am never late. I think partially due to the fact that I do work close by, it gives me the freedom to be able to be on time. I can see other types of professions where there can be situations beyond ones control.

5. Faithfulness. There have been a few instances where it had been put to the test and I have passed with flying colors. 6. Respect. It goes hand in hand with commitment, and honesty. What do I think are my three worst faults (not qualities); 1. I tend to be over loving, over caring, I can give the shirt off my back without thinking. 2. Sloppiness. (if that can be con ******* as a fault in your sense of the question). I tend to let things go in the house, but not when I'm in a relationship. I have pride and do want to spare the burden of my partner cleaning up after me.

3. Misplaced pride. What I mean is when some really bad situation comes along, I tend not to exteriorize my feelings in order to be strong for my partner. This may have changed as I have not been in a relationship.

What are my most sacred or cherished dreams and goals. Goals may change when entering a relationship, as there is a period of adaptation. Here are the ones I am perusing right now. 1. Finding the love of my life.

2.Finalizing my inheritance and paying off my debt. 3. Doing more work to charity wherever I will finally relocate. 4. Collecting more postal stamps than everybody else. 5. Last but not least, building a strong happy family What are the three worst things a partner can do to another in a relationship; 1. LIE 2. CHEAT 3. DECEITFUL. What are the three most important guidelines in any ideal marriage; 1. Breaking a commitment. Once a couple has laid down conditions, however weird they might be, they should not break that promise,accord or commitment. 2. Honesty. I can not stress that enough. 3. Support. In bad and in good times.

What do I think are my weaknesses. Too loving, it has not served me well in the past. Putting myself second after my partner. To tell you the truth, I believe that it is faith that guides me in life. It is not by chance that you and I met here. I'm also delighted to have the chance to have met you. I hope my responses will please you because they come from within. Bye for now. Love,
Letter 5
Hi My Dear Kaveh, I am so sorry for writing very briefly. I am working double shift but I know that all this will end on Wednesday and I will have the whole time in the world to write you and if possible to meet you too. I do not mind you visiting me here or me visiting you whichever way is ok by me, I understand that you might be working too but I do not know much about the visa unless I will check on the Embassy to know their visa requirements if we agree on that because I do not have much plans for my vacation and my vacation will last for one month. I would love to spend time with you before we will decide if we meant for eachother or not because no amount of emails or questions I or you asked will be compared to face to face meeting.This time spent together will be a testament to each other. It will be a time of eye to eye, heart to heart, hand in hand, soul to soul and mind & mind interaction. It will give us the opportunity to further qualify our compatibility both in personality and intimacy. I am also feel that the physcial expression of "love" is an important element of a loving relationship. For me the act of "**********" is the ability to express our feeling for each other through the enjoyment of physcial interaction, an act that is only "truly enjoyable" when combined with a real emotional connection achieved by loving one another. I am already convinced that you are a person of high moral standards, true to your convictions and someone who would only give everything to their partner with the belief that the same would be returned. Stay Blessed. Love,
Letter 6
Hi My Dear Kaveh, How are you doing today? It's so wonderful to read from you every day of my life. And i must admit that reading from you truely makes my day! I have a Bachelors degree in RN. I have 13 years experience in outpatient paediatrics providing walk-in triage, phone advice, population care/case management, and immunizations/injections. Ability to function as a stand-in (Level IV) Emergency Room RN, Current National RN license. My daughter seems ok with the idea and I think it is because she is the one that introduced me to that site but my mum said that I should be careful so that I will not get hurt but will listen and follow my heart. My friends says that it is not right because you will see me as been frustrated and that I am running after you but I know that I am not frustrated. Anyway, I went to the Embassy this morning as we discussed earlier to know there Visa requirements and how to acquire a visa from them. What they gave me as there Visa requirements is too much and I can not come up with all the documents they want me to bring. But I was directed to a Traveling Agent who says that he can obtain the visa for me within Seven working days, but he said that you must contact him before he can collect my international passport from me. My Dear, Please contact him, his name is Mr. Andrew Bule and you can write him with this email address; , tell him you are writing in respect of Rita Donald the girl that came to his office for Visa. Remain Blessed. Love,
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