Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to William (USA)

Letter 1
Well I have already made a lot of Buying here... But as you sending him, $1500 You can as well send me the remaining $1500,as you already will have to come up with $3000. split it into two, as theirs is emergency send him $1500 & $1500 to me here to handle the rest of the charges, as i have already bought you an items wealth $15,000 You are to come up with ... keeping charges for now.. as i will still have to add am some thing to help you have saved with the security company.
Please try and make it available. by Friday.
I hope it understandable... here are some pictures of me, just for your eyes alone.. Please for you alone..
Kisses and Hugs all over you.
Letter 2
Good Afternoon ****,
Loving You is the peace of my heart. You mean more than anything else in my world, and Loving You is the best ever as you've always made me feel like a woman.. showing your care tender and attention. am so very happy for having you in my life, Yes I Got it and was able to make your order i got the funds today,
It pass the test and so tomorrow, I will have to go get it insured and save... I will right you more when am back.. kisses and Hugs all over you.
Letter 3
Hello Ray, I want to use these lovely opportunity to thank you so much for coming into my life and given me all the beautiful reasons to keep smiling. Your love has really made my life a very colorful one and so am looking forward to a very loving and fruitful rather unfortunately that, things didn't work out with the geologist has planned and I talked to the manager here at the local bank who said again, that the funds should be refecting in their system on Monday, shifted the days again which is makin so very stressful at the moment as their banking system is so very slow... ****.. I want you to please get online so we could chat to see how we could g about things in a very good way.. I love you so much darling and please let me know when you you are able to get online... Thank you so much for the lovely gifts you've got for me. May God bless you abundantly ... Please take care of Both you and Patrick for me.. Kisses and hugs all over you.. YOurs only Susan...
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