Letter(s) from Cassandra Ramos to Joachim (Germany)

Letter 1

Thanks for your photo,I must say you look cute.I love your shirt also,it tell me you are a man that loves to dress very well.I attach mine also and I hope you will like it.

Letter 2

Hi Mr Joachim,
How is you?I hope have a good day today.I got response from my travel agent today with requirement and cost of secure tourist schengen visa to visit Germany.The message in mandarin or else i forwarded you.However I tell him next time messages in English because i need just forwar to you,Kassandra have no problem with requirements concerning her because they are also requirements she need to live and work here in china.Meanwhile,as one of requirement they need return ticket from China to Germany and back to China to successfully apply for the visa and they have put the cost as follows;
1) $550 United States Dollars for 3 months tourist visa application fee

2) $650 United States Dollars for 6 months tourist visa application fee

3)$940 United State Dollars for cost of return ticket from Shenzhen International Airport(SZX) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA-All Airports)

4)Itinerary of your movement in the Schengen country if you have plans to visit any other schengen country.

According to agent visa will be multiple entry and application fee covers visa fee, medicals,insurance and other administrative paper work to be done.He advice a quick response so that we can work to meet tight time schedule.He stated that if payment is received application can be successful in two weeks.Please go through and get back to me.


Letter 3

Dear Mr Joachim,

Thanks for reply to me .I see you a honest and serious man.I was waiting to hear from manager of travel agency on how you send the money to them directly but we decided you send to me and then i send to them with Kassandra's documents.I agree that because time is very short already the best way to send money is through Western Union so we can receive money same day here and the travel agency can start work immediate. You can send to my secretary;


First Name: JOANNA

Address: 9 /10 H Building Zhuanxi Garden, Shenzhen,China.

Once money is received,I send all documents along with it to agent so they can begin work immediately


Letter 4


I am not happy write you this mail because i am worried since and have not rested because of Kassandra and now I am here worried about how to raise the $16000 ask for already by the custom.I only allow see her today only about 5 mins and she no look good begging me not to leave her there.I cant sleep now because i can only hear her voice crying and begging me not to abandon her.Please i ask your help and support now because i can only raise $10,000 now and will need support for the remaining $6000.I think it is not good we abandon the poor girl like that.If she come out she can still fly to you next tomorrow while i sign all the paper work and have the gold object released.I assure you you will get your money back once I can get someone to interested for it.