Scam letter(s) from Laura Ben to Cathrina (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi Cathrina,
Thanks for the mail. I'm sorry bout the delay response..
Well, I can say i am a pretty woman "smiles" with brown eyes and a blonde, i am 5' 5". I was born and raised in the Netherlands thus i am dutch, i speak both english and dutch, apparently dutch is my first language.
I enjoy Classical and country musics a lot and this doesnt necessarily mean i dont enjoy other musics, i do as long as they sound pleasant to my ears. I do the gym about twices a week, i enjoy fitness as good health matters to me a lot. I manage a construction firm and i am presently on the supervision and monitoring of an infant hospital. You know i am single and hoping to find my better half right? i do believe in soul mates!I am generally spiritual, i am a believer too and respect other peoples opinion too. I dont have kids and i am the only child of my parents, i love kids though.
I?m feminine, creative, loving, spontaneous, flexible to others needs, personable, sympathetic, compassionate, honest, intutitive and insightful, introverted, love arts and movies, my little mutt, swimming, tennis, true romantic, lover of ****, intimacy and luscious ********. Am an earthy natural simplistic woman not in need of much; although I am a creature of comfort who likes to be surrounded by meaningfull objects etc.
I enjoy varieties of things like movies-I enjoy romance, classical,drama, thrillers and even science fiction movies, its always a pleasure to either be home, grab pop corn if we can and drinks, seat back and see a movie with partner and if we choose to go to the cinemas its great too. Same with either cook in the house and have dinner with maybe wine together with partner, its equally interesting to dine out too as long as we both agree to. I love to travel and desire to visit some parts of Europes and even explore beyond my imagination it'd be perfect with partner of course "smiles". Going to the beach with partner, conversing and listening to the beach waves is fun to me, we can even play with the sand too. I enjoy romance, actually i think its good for the health! "smiles".
You can say i am very romantic,love candle light dinners, cuddling and caressing. The only thing I majorly hate about people is dishonesty and games, i would not find it obnoxious if you say exactly how you feel about something, i mean hit the nail on the head if you have to, you needn't hold back on nothing, you dont know what might happen in the next second sometimes people regret to having not to do what they ought to do because when they realize time is fast ticking, life is quite short..I am very simple in my thoughts,love to meet people, am very trusting maybe to a fault and really, i do not mind.
I am looking for long lasting relationship and a lovely caring partner who will be my best friend, my lover, my companion with whom I will be able to share all my laughs and sorrows, with whom I can confide in and also she can do the same. I hope you will agree completely that honesty and communication are very important. As for me, I don't want too much I just want for my life, someone with whom I have a close and honest and pure romantic relationship with, always willing to try something new as long as we're happy.
I am very tender person if I am with the right person, to whom I "allow myself" and to open myself completely. I believe life must be lived with passion, and that applies also to love. I want a person whom I love totally, tenderly without restraints or barriers.
Apparently that's what i desire as I feel it's a part of my life that is missing but i dont think its so easy to find that special partner that we're ready and not having anything get in the way thus we can both give ourselves out to each other completely. I believe in soul mate so i am completely positive and hopeful. Do you think that we perhaps have already met what we both are looking for? It would be a great luck indeed. And if so, I don't want to miss that chance. You seem to me like a nice and maybe likeable person, I would like to know much more about you, your life, your dreams and never hold back on me, you can share anything with me you have my listening ears. I also enjoy viewing the earths and its nature, oh learning about other cultures often pick my interests too.
what do U seek? long term/marriage /friendship?
what's your favourite colour?
what's your favourite food?
what's your favourite weather?
what's your favourite cologne?
when is your favourite time of the year?
what is your sign?
when is your birthday? Laura.
Letter 2
Hi Cathrina, i got more of you and no message in the content, guess your computer is acting up. Still looking forward to hearing from you. You're in my thoughts. Laura.
Letter 3
Hi Cathrina,
I am excited to hear from you, thanks for the picture again, you look awesome and i am hoping we've found what we're both looking for here.. Let me start by saying your wants and needs are very similar to mine. I am looking for the same things in life as you, someone to be my best friend and romantic lover. I am sincere,honest,smart,kind and gentle but will protect those who need it when I have to.
I am seeking a life long relationship with a wonderful ***** who can love me as much as I love her. My favourite colour is white and blue and it's many different shades. My favourite food is many different, I like Mexican, southwestern, Italian and many vegetarian dishes. My favourite days are mostly sunny days..
My cologne, I don't usually were it unless I am going out for the night if i want, I prefer to just be clean. The cologne I have had for the past 2 years is JLO and Burberry but it really depends on my mood, do you like that? My favourite time of the year is fall. I like fall because the weather gets cooler, the leaves change color and it's just beautiful and the fireplace starts to get used, I love the smell and warmth of a fireplace on a cool fall night with someone special next to me cuddling :). Oh yea and christmas too, i love...I prefer to stay in smaller towns or the country but close enough to the big city that I can still enjoy the theatre and other cultural events. I like the quietness of the country and the absence of all the traffic on the roads. I was born Nov 29 which makes me a sagittarius. I have a deeply passionate side of me that you will just love. I am driven to succeed but I am really more interested in enjoying my time here in this life doing the things I have not done before or doing the things that bring smile to mine and others faces:).
I feel good about meeting you and I would be most pleased if it turned out we have found what we are both looking for. I dream of the day I can walk into a room and smile because the **** I love is in the room. I long for the time when I miss my lovely sweets when I am at home and cannot wait for her to get home to me. My dream, I believe is what most dream of, to find the love that has so far be so elusive in my life.
I have met women that I loved but they did not feel the same for me, I have also met women that loved me but I did not feel the same for them, this is a terrible tragedy but it happens. I am hoping to find someone I love and loves me back, I think this is possible, I hope it is anyway. I do not let this keep me from trying and I have made some great friends so far.
I want someone that feels they can always tell me anything because they feel safe with me. Trust is a very important thing in a relationship. I want someone that trust's me and that I also trust without it there is nothing. I am not looking for a relationship that is based on jealousy and mistrust,
they are both very negative and I don't want that. I have been single for 2 years now. My Ex wasn't a NZ'er, she was Scottish. I have only been few weeks here as i've just relocated here so i haven't seen a lot, i am in Auckland though but know distance is not a barrier for me, i am not settled anywhere at the moment in my opinion and would go extra mile to live my dream with my better half.
Thank you for your mail and I will look for your next one.
What is more important,having a big house and new car or traveling?
What do you like more,being surrounded by friends all the time or being alone with the one person that you love?
Write soon.
Letter 4

How are you today?honestly, i am hoping this land us in a great place, you sound exactly like what i am looking for and i am sorry if you find this statement offensive "smiles"..Confidence,supporting one another,honesty is very essential in a relationship like i said before, i dont like to beat around, i like to hit the nail on the head and tell people how i feel about them. I have already experienced a life time trauma and i've decided to leave the past behind and move on so well, when my relationships have ended i move on as i've learnt that we only have one life time. I seek for a happy union,my bestie, my lover and i am willing to build a happy family at this stage of my life, i have worked hard all my life already.What do you do for work?i am into project management/supervision and very comfortable in the contruction field so i try to secure contracts and exhibit,then rewards/maximum profit afterwards..My late dad was also a civil engineer and was very helpful after my years in school in University. He even secured my on going project in Dubai, though i handed control over to my personal assistant when i had to leave immediately for home(Netherlands) and that was what led to my relocation in the first place, i will share that with you later. I am willing to retire after this project and build a happy family,i desire so much,i want to have a **** i always want to run back to and share how my day went. I desire happy moments for the remaining half of my life time. I will send you some pictures and even a picture of my late dad and maybe expect some of yours in return. Like i've said i'll very much like to be happy with partner and live happily ever after, comfortable house is great, travelling is always fun and would be impeccable with partner you know. Laura.
Letter 5
Cathrina darling,
It’s always a pleasure receiving your emails.
How are you today?I remember your job description, it just sounds very interesting thought you might have more details forgetting that's a lot of details already, i am quite impress dear, thanks a lot for the details again. The journey of life holds many unique twists and turns, and ups and downs that we as human beings cannot always foresee. Which I guess is the cool thing about life, that nothing is predictable – for how boring life would be if every day it were predictable. And with that, I truly believe that life for each one of us, is made up of experiences; in that we are truly happiest when we are setting and accomplishing goals – and gaining experiences. We feel best when we are doing something, whether it be large or small, alone or with friends or partner.

A little more about me: I am someone who feels best when I am busy in action, doing stuff. I am also very much a risk taker – in a good way, and not to a fault – that is why I am talking to you, despite our distance, when i say distance, i don't necessarily mean we're so far apart but we aren't together already. I would never do anything to put my life at risk, but like to try and challenge and push my limits beyond where I was yesterday. I am highly creative and ideas flow to me like water, therefore I am someone who is also an optimist my glass is always at least half full. I enjoy challenge, and like to work hard when I work and play hard when I play. I am who I am, and I will always be a risk taker, I will always push and stretch the limits of life and will often make unreasonable requests of my friends and family like get in a train without a destination leaving our tickets open and stop at any stop and try to create fun however. For I believe life is to be lived full on full-out!

Even as I write these words to you, I am taking a risk and am being open, honest and fully self-expressed! I am letting go of how this is suppose to look, or trying to make it sound exactly right or even politically correct. I am writing, risking and trusting that my words will land with you in a positive way. PS-Do you do instant messenging?perhaps we can communicate more often on there. Laura.
Letter 6
U bent zo schattig en ik voel me sterk verbonden met u mijn lieve
Letter 7
Dear Cathrina, You're in my thoughts always, i feel strongly connected with you, as a matter of fact i think meeting you was a divine accident. Thanks for the awesome photos, i love them all. Let me share this with you..I was in Dubai working on this still on going project, it meant a lot to me and still does as i have invested loads on it, in fact i practically have sold virtually all my belongings and exhausted my credits to be able to keep up with this project, it was needing huge and constant supervision and adequate monitoring for job well done yea, one so called beautiful morning, i was on the road and on my way to work site, call came in and it was about me coming back home "Netherlands" like right away, i was totally confused and in shock, i insisted i get hinted on what the issue was but nothing was said to me, i couldn't have had a worst day, ok, i was able to get on the airplane back to Netherlands. On my arrival, i was told my parents were in an auto crash and had passed on, flashed in my mind was the picture of them before i left, healthy and full with love, they loved and cared for each other that when my dad travels on a business trip my mom often fell ill. I couldn't believe the news, well the next i saw myself was on the hospital bed, apparently i've been there for days. Over time, i recovered and tada back to reality once again, i was very miserable. As if it was not enough, i discovered EX was cheating on me yea, and even more hurting when i realized i was being robbed of my money too and it was planned between them. You see, i was totally devastated.. In me i have always known i am a strong lady, so i tried to fight it emotionally from within then when that was settled then i started up with the mental phase. Eventually, i decided to relocate and leave the past behind and move on and here i am. I believe in focusing and making things work for you, sometimes you can create your own luck even though i believe in destiny.. Life is pretty short, we're not here forever, so why hold back on anything at all, i tend to always hit the nail on the head. I am hoping for my project to be done soon and looking out for my love too and that's what has lead us here, to this point we are now. My dad secured the project for me, i appreciated it a lot because it has to do with the kids hospital building, besides the huge pay when it's all sealed having executed an amazing project, it would be my most pleasure to dedicate it to my late parents. I am not taking any contracts or job after this, i want to stay happy and enjoy every moment with who i love so much. I've attached a song, enjoy the rhythm.. Laura.
Letter 8
Hi Cathrina,
How are you? i haven't been able to access the internet, something happened to my router, i thought you probably would have written lots of messages because you were in my mind all through, i am not disappointed rather worried that everything is alright with you. Please write me as soon as you can to let me know everything is ok with you ok? Thanks for your comforting mail, i believe everything happens for a reason. Laura.
Letter 9
Dearest Cathrina,
I hope this letter finds you well.
Well, i guess it's more stable as i write you this note. Glad to hear you're doing alright, great. Yes, patience is always a virtue, i am absolutely pleased to hear i am always in your thoughts as you're always in mine. How was your exam? everything doesn't happen for a reason in your opinion? all ears here! oh well,i got the explanation in the other email, hmmm, another whole new dimension but great philosophy, quite interesting and impressive.
No doubt that the teachings that we receive in life, together with our experiences make up what we are. I see that the way our mind forms and the beat of our heart and perhaps a secret ingredient we still do not know exists, all of them contribute to who we are and we become.
Learning is the change of behavior after an experience. We are expected to change, but at the same time, the innermost engine of our being remains the same. I have long time realized this but I am still unable to put the idea in better words than these.
I like to see it in a different light. I believe that in optimal conditions, humans are creative and need to express this creativity. Also, the sense of accomplishment, be it for a very mundane, every day life kind of event, to the most extraordinary feat in life produces a return that is crucial for our well being. Be it of mental or spiritual nature, we need the return, the sense of stepping an inch towards the goal of furthering our objective and the simple sensation of doing.
If we are to be active, I rather be active in doing something I like. How many people I can think of that spend their lives doing something like going to work for a very empty return? No wonder there are so many crazy people out there. Crazy and unhappy people. I always think of it when I see the river of cars every morning carrying so many to the place where they will spend probably eight hours every day. And later, when the time comes, they retire. So life stops according to my theory. I want to stay away from that kind of life. I want to feel as if I will live an eternal life even though I know my years are counted. > It is the story of you and me. Why did we find each other? Why have I read hundreds upon hundreds of profiles, long and short, searching for that elusive love? Yes , love has eluded me also. When you explain it with your own words it sounds like I have not been alone all this time. I like to think you were searching also. During this search I had to find myself, and doing so I have better myself in unexpected ways. Once again, taking the risk. Taking the risk of seeing how I really am so I can really present you with a genuine person, coherent, successful.
I like to have my curiosity shaken a bit. To be challenged in the way I feel you challenge me. It is the fuel for other pages to be turned, corners to bent, all in pursuit of a meaningful existence. The happier we are with ourselves, the happier our existence will be with the ones we choose to live life with.
Returning to the elusive love. I think that your best time is now, and that is why it eluded you in the past, because in reality it was not meant to be, in order to reach a higher level, because you deserve it. I would not have found you earlier because we needed more time, and the time is here, and that is destiny.
I would like you to know, if you have not noticed already, that I am convinced that you are the woman I have been searching for. Some times it sounds more appropriate to say waiting for, because it seems that no matter what I did in the past, it was not going to happen anyways, and it sure didn’t. Just as people have to be ready to be parents, we have to be ready for love, if we want it to happen.
I see now perfectly how you demonstrate it to me in every word you write to me, in every thought you share with me. When you tell me what you want and what your dreams are, its inevitably reminds me of my most intimate desires.
I am the princess that wants to come back home to you and be in your company, to come home to you and rest peaceful by your side. I want to see the life through your eyes and learn why your heart beats. I want to be loved by you. In return I will be your faithful and devoted friend and lover. I will be the one you can reach for in times of turbulence and fear, and the times of joy and happiness.
I know that I have to give myself totally and I am ready to do so. I am willing to change my environment for you. If you want to remain where you are I am willing to reach any compromise, any sacrifice will be minimum if I know that my existence will be compensated by living life next to you.

PS- i like this song very much, i've attached it to the mail, i hope you enjoy it too. I loved the song you sent to me. i really do. I am all yours,
Letter 10
Honey, thanks for the comforting email they arrived perfectly. I'd also love to be able to chat with you or something, my project is pretty tasking and challenging especially trying to handle everything from you plus i am working towards an estimated date, the success of the project means a lot to me as it would be dedicated to my parents in the end, though the pay is quite huge having invested loads in it. I am happy to know we're together and in every of my plans you're now in it, i can't wait to be done then we can finally be together. Time is nothing. The desire to love is everything, Where there is smoke, there's fire. Where there's you, there's desire."I have been thinking.. Now I'm talking about fate here - when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams." I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I'd be dreaming of you ... but I woke up this morning with a smile because you weren't a dream, I know you're there and mean everything word you have said to me, you're my soul mate, my angel, my everything. You never know what to expect when it comes to love. You never know what to expect when it comes to life either. Life and love will always throw you curve *****, its up to you to either strike out or hit a home run. I wish I would have thought about this before i wanted to give up on everything. I know now that i cant live in the past or live for the future. Today could be my last day on this earth so I'll make the best of it. You have found true love the day you realize that you want to wake up beside your girlfriend, every morning, even though you have your differences.. Take my word without any atom of jokes, for i mean everything i say to you. You mean the world to me, i've lost people i loved so much, i am not losing anyone close to me ever again so i will do everything in my power to project us. Whatever belongs to me, is yours. Your sweet lady forever,
Letter 11
Honey, already the project is around its completion stage and in a couple of weeks, it'll be all done, reason why it's even more challanging and demanding, i can't wait to be all done and start a wonderful life with you Cathrina, we obviously belong together and i am willing to do everything in my power to make us work. It takes a second to say I love you, but a life time to show it..Some girls are worth fighting for, but some are worth dying for and i know you're definitely worth dying for, you maybe surprise at this statement but i know how i feel, when last did you feel butterflies in your stomach like really?"smiles" I am so excited and completely positive, i know we can work towards reaching our top desired satisfaction together as long as we're both ready for it, i know its the right time and i feel certainly right about us, i have been through a lot and i deserve to be happy though no one deserves to be sad, i took courage to forget the past and move on but it was certainly not an easy task, not everybody can bear it though everything happens for a reason in the end. Ever dreamed of living in somewhere with partner? where? just wondering.. I have learned When you love someone, you pick up the little things and magically turn them into something special..A relationship is a two way street,It's never all your fault or the other persons, You go into the relationship together and work through it all together.. If I happened to show up on your door step crying, would you care? If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened, would you come? If I had one day left, to live my life; would you be part of that last day? If I needed a shoulder to cry on, would you give me yours? Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes? They blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things together and they sleep together, BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER... that's what friendship is. Your aspiration is your motivation, your motivation is your belief, your belief is your religion, your life is your target, your target is heaven, and life is like **** without ur soulmate. I miss you... The song is beautiful, i love it. Your sweet lady forever,
Letter 12
My love,
Thanks for the lovely poem, i enjoyed it and of course the song, thanks for the mail, it's so comforting and i am dedicating myself and ready to be committed to you forever, i am a 100% ready for this, though you feel fear sometimes, i don't feel fear at all, i believe our meeting wasn't by just accident, it's indeed a divine one if it were accident. I am quite understanding so i understand when you say me being patient with you, i will as long as we're both ready for this, i promise to do everything in my power to make us work and i hope for the same energy from you. Of course i will always be there for you, already you're in every of my plan. I just can't wait to be done with project and then be with you eventually. Honey, what happened when you pasted the poem? what was strange? please do tell me, How are you doing today? i miss you and you're in my thoughts always. Your woman forever,
Letter 13
You're always in my thoughts honey and i can't wait for us to be together and live as one and be happy forever. Honey, know you can share about anything with me, i don't want you to ever hold anything back from me, anything at all because i am always here for you and will always listen to you whenever you need me hon. I glad to know you feel the same way as i do as you're as well my absolutely first focus and my innermost desire right now. I was able to read the poem however and i loved it, thanks my love, you're so kind. I am also willing to do whatever it takes to make us work honey, you have my word, you have my heart, it's yours now and forever. I will always share my thoughts with you, when i am troubled i will share it with you, about anything, i would always share with you hon.
My dream is to be done with project yea, and we'll be anywhere we want to be together and live our life regardless to the world's opinion, love ourselves endlessly, create fun and be very much adventurous. I intend to invest in a profitable business sector in anywhere i'd be settled and get returns.
I wish i were there to keep you warm, i am sorry for the cold "smiles" i am thinking bad here!lol.....Between how did the meeting go? Your love always,
Letter 14
Glad your meeting with the board went well the other day, it always feel pretty cool if everything went well as planned. Honey, i love you with all my body mind and soul and i give you my all, i trust and believe in you, in US, i'll be there for you always, anytime, anywhere. I know you didnt feel like getting back to work today, but how's it going anyway? I also long for the day we're together, show ourselves all the love we have from within, you're in my thoughts always too honey, honey, know you have me, i love you without a doubt and i am ready to spend the rest of my life loving you and being there for you always. Project is quite challenging, i am afraid i'm leaving for the UK tomorrow to meet up with my lawyer basically concerned with finances as project is in its completion stage, it's a lot of pressure now but i am however excited that it's getting to and end, after all we'll be together soon plus project means a lot to me as the success completion would be dedicated to my parents besides the huge returns. I've invested loads on it because i am having to finance and supervise the project, it's a contract anyway. It's a construction of an infant hospital, when it's all done as agreed then i would get my returns plus my cost. I've invested about 1million pounds at the moment, i am drained already so to say lol. Anyway, i have to go get ready for my trip tomorrow of course you know you're in my thoughts always and i can't wait for us to be together soon. Love you loads. Your woman forever,
Letter 15
Sweetheart, I miss you a great deal, you have been in my thoughts and because i haven't communicated with you i was so worried, eager to know how you were doing and all. I am happy to see your mail in my box as always. I am in the UK, in Birmingham to be precise. Of course i can't wait to be done with all these and be with you and share my life with you baby. How's everything going with you? i trust great. I just wanted to let you know i am here in the UK and thinking of you, miss you loads. Your baby,
Letter 16
Honey, i just want you to know i am thinking about you, you're always in my thoughts and in my heart would you be forever. Yes i like seafood. I have to go now. Love you always.
Letter 17
I miss you loads, yes everything is going pretty well, i'll probably leave to Dubai tomorrow to round up project, i am quite excited that project is at it's completion stage right now, i can't wait to be done and importantly to be with the love of my life and live happily ever after, honey i am ready for us, the question is are ready for me, us? "smiles"
I know the feelings of losing someone really close as i've been down that lane so my sincere sympathy on the memmory of your dad, you have me now, i know i can't replace him but i'll always be there for you. So you're flying to Umea for a three days conference, great! i wish you success, i'll probably be in Dubai busy with work too, so i am guessing you'll return home next weekend? are you going to have access to your mail?
I also wonder what it is like to hold you and to be held by you, make sweet love to you actually so why would i ever find it offensive? "smiles" i actually can't wait. You're my desire baby, and you mean the world to me, can't wait to be with you hon. Love you now and forever. Laura.
Letter 18
How are you feeling now? i mean your soar throat? I am not sure what you asked "what's Dubai doing in the picture" you don't understand that's where the construction is going on? and i am also confused at your statement of " i don't think i really can believe all this so the question if im ready for you and for us has relevance" I am patient but i need to know what i am getting into, as it is right now, you're my life and hope and i would be planning everything with you in it. I can't wait to be done with project and finally be with you. I guess you're leaving for Umea today, i wish you a safe trip. Know i'll always love you and i can't wait for us to be together finally. Your **** forever,
Letter 19

Sweets, Good to hear you're safe and sound hon, miss you.
I am sorry about the confusion over where the construction site is, i thought i was able to make it clear enough, i did leave the project when i had to hurry home at some point but handed the control to personal assistant, work stopped at some point when i couldn't concentrate with all the drama happening in my life at that point, when it was all over, i mean was able to move forward, i moved to NZ for a fresh start, start in the sense of my life and all, work resumed at work site in Dubai and was handling it from NZ until when i had to come here now to the UK, to meet up with my lawyer to arrange for more finances for business and all and now i would be going to Dubai to round up project and i leave today actually, i am however excited project is getting completed, it means a whole lot to me, would have said meant the whole world me me but now i have you so you mean everything to me. I intend to dedicate the success to my late parents and the pay is also huge too, spent almost a million pounds on it but the reward is almost thrice the over all budget so it's great and i do not intend to take up any job after this, i want to leave happily with the love of my life and i am glad i've found you and so we have a life together, like you i sometimes think it's a dream but it's a dream come true, meeting you wasn't a mere accident but a define accident, i would do anything, i mean everything to protect you and US as a whole, i wouldn't lose anything close to my heart ever again, so i wouldn't let go of you for anything in the world so i believe or i better say i am positive our plans would align or better still you can tell me your thoughts and all so i can work towards it all. I love you a great deal, i mean everything i say to you, every single thing, i crave for you, for us to live happily together, create fun and glow always.
Once again, i leave for Dubai today so wish me luck!!
Your sweet baby,
Letter 20
Honey, you're in my thoughts always, i miss you loads and please do take care of yourself for me, i wish you a safe flight back home. Love you always. Laura.
Letter 21
You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end, See! everything just seem to have fallen in place..I cant imagine being sad ever again.. To live is like to love, all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it.. I am the happiest lady living to have found you, trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. I will never in this life time forget someone i love honey, You never know how glad i am, I feel butterflies from inside and i am glad you are mine and i am yours, i sincerely assure you a life time fun with me.."winks" I am having to collaborate with some hospital staffs, some design partners and industry specialists alike for project uniqueness and success. It's basically draining me and costing me way more than planned, sometimes i get really confused "smiles". Since the service life of a facility is long, the anticipation of future requirements is inherently difficult. Also, technological complexity and market demands can easily change plans so a lot of technical decisions making. Everything is so far so good but very challenging, in a min we'll be done i admire the way everybody sees me as a role model so i try as much as possible to be very cautious about things so everything would turn out to be a big success and i'll be proud of my self in the end.
I am also very concerned about the waste deposits on the construction site as it can have substantial impacts on the surrounding area and of course there's an existing environmental regulations too, i am afraid it seem so messy but not so bad though, well i guess i am consoling myself here "smiles". Honey, i should tell you that I am not trying to make you love me as i understand you can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth, i hope sincerely you appreciate me like you say you do, i am not doubting you, maybe some reassurance"smiles"
If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, and You are the music, you certainly are my music right now and hopefully forever. As you know, i have been through drama and never want to experience another drama in my life time, I want to trust you completely, i know you can trust me completely as i know myself, i am all open to you and would always be. I know i wont just love you, i will show you how much i do and of course i expect the same.
Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones, darling! i am ready to give you my all.
What's meant to be will always find a way and it has found a way already and i am happy everything is falling in place. Yes, some say love is life, but love without hope and faith is an agonizing death, i know everything with us is just great now and hope its ever lasting.. You can say i am so trusting but its my feelings from inside and i appreciate it.
In my own Opinion, When you love, there's no such thing as loving a little, but loving all the way. Love may not ask you to give up your life, but it will require lots of sacrifices. I am ready for you all the way honey, there is absolutely no need to be in the "market" anymore, you have me stick to you and i assure you everything would be great, i know i can trust you all the way. Love for a loss can make you die, but love for a life will grant you immortality.. Sweetheart, you have me completely, i am sorry i didn't write you earlier, i cant wait to round up project and start our lives. And honey, i already knew there wouldn't be need to go back to NZ, i am willing to build my life around you and i am ready. Your woman forever,
Letter 22
I am very confused and worried here with the situation here.. Firstly i figured my Amex card was misplaced or maybe it was stolen somehow, i just couldn't be too bothered until now. I have called my bank back home to report the situation and i guess investigations is in progress though. I've done all calculation and logistics and paid off virtually all the workers costing almost ?260,000..i've already exceeded my capital budget due to long stoppage at work site at some point..Now the government has ordered tax forces to have work site all locked down, several equipment has been detained too and warned i stayed some meters away to avoid penalty until levy owe is paid. Now this is Impromptu even though i know it might come sometime but certainly not now, i'm at the moment completely exhausted, i was able to gather part of the charges and yet there's still remainder,i am to pay as soon as possible so everything can be back in place and now there's an estimated date of completion and that's being affected now already, this is a complete jeopardy of loosing my contract already so i am in complete mess. I've locked myself in for a while now, i am too embarrassed this isn't just happening....! Laura.
Letter 23
Honey, thanks for the comforting email baby, yes, it's a very depressing and scary situation hon, i really need an urgent assistance, i don't want delays plus any sort of jeopardy or whatsoever. They accused me of evading tax, i was able to gather $127,000 soon as it came up and it's still left with remainder, i have to pay up the remainder as soon as possible hon, i don't know if you can assist me with a short loan or something, i could pay back with interest if i have to hon.
Letter 24
Honey, i really wish i didn't have to seek assistance, besides me being embarrassed, i am completely ashamed of myself. I tried so hard not to make you know i am going through this situation by trying to sort the situation out, i've gone quite far to be able to raise the $127,000 hon, trust me, if i had other sources, i would explore to get the remainder, the remainder is just 8k hon.
Letter 25
Honey, i do really understand it feels a little awkward, i've never been in this situation before, it's been pretty devasting hon, i feel humiliated and had tears earlier as the whole situation brings back some memory as my parents were always there for me. It's ok because i know i can always turn to you as you can always turn to me too, i won't be offended at your mixed feelings, i can understand even though i won't think for a second to be there for you, i mean it when i say i love you hon. Laura.h
Letter 26
it's 6200 Euros.
Letter 27
Honey, i'd appreciate it if you got the sum available to you for quick collect here as soon as possible. I think i would be able to get it here immediately if it's sent via a western union money transfer. I am quite unsure how efficient their customer's relationship is but we can try this media for transfer since it's a quick collect and outlet is world wide and easily available to you. I will look how to balance the rest here, since i am still trying. You can just go ahead and split maybe the sum you have available between me and my financial account for easy pick up. Laura Ben
Dubai UAE. James Simon
Dubai UAE. That's all you will need for the wire. Soon as transaction is successfully transferred i would be needing the following information for pick up.
Sender's full name
Receiver's name
Transaction codes for each transfer
Actual amount sent
town, city and country the money is sent from. Thanks in advance honey, i am really sorry for putting you through this stress and i promise i would pay you back besides the interest a million folds as i would never forget this moment. I can't wait to be all done. it's all frustrating. Your woman forever,
Letter 28
Honey, I am scared, i mean your blood pressure reaching heights, hon, are you o.k? i hope you're not too worried for me, the reason why your blood pressure is reaching height hon? i am so sorry. I appreciate you loads, you sounded like my parents when you said " I will actually call in sick today so i can help you whenever i can" i had tears dropped, thanks a lot, honey, know i'll always be there for you and i can't wait to show you all the love i have from within, i owe you loads.
As for the tax accumulation and simultaneous tax evasion, there are tax free for somethings not when you're a foreigner and coming to construct a big building in their country? of course there are policies and taxes charged, it accumulated during my crisis when there was a long pause at work site. I actually have it somewhere at the back of my mind but it seemed not too important at the moment literally because i was running low and thought i could manage to complete project without government intervention, apparently they've been waiting to disrupt me just when it seems like work would be completed soon, very mean! the scene was horrible, i am indeed still in shock. Lots of love.
Letter 29
It's o.k to even wire in bits however, i think no more than 2000 Euros should be wired to a recipient at a time for easy pick up, maybe then you can wire in bits to just me so i won't have to involve my financial accountant in this, so it can be as confidential as possible. I'll be looking forward to receiving the information soon as the first set is wired, thanks in advance once again, i am so grateful and would never forget this moment. Laura.
Letter 30
Information acknowledged, thanks a lot. Do you think you might be able to do more transactions today? i hope it wasn't difficult and stressful. Yes i think that's all the information i need. Thanks a lot for making my day already, thanks so much, i'll pay you back more than you can imagine, i know. Big hugs Your woman forever,
Letter 31
Hon, Well, i guess i'll have to wait till tomorrow then while i try to get the rest of the balance here too. So should be looking forward to a $4000 transaction tomorrow? i guess you'll have to split between me and my personal assistant, so 2000 comes to me and the other goes to James for pick up. Plus what time is your lunch time tomorrow? since online transaction is obviously not an option. Love,
Letter 32
Hon, Thanks a lot, i would be looking forward to the details by your 12 noon tomorrow. I hope you feel better now? i am talking about your health, perhaps you need a lot of rest? please try and get some rest hon and see the doctor right away if you have to. Thanks a lot. I am going to go see if i can **** my diamond earrings to raise some more cash to add to the funds tomorrow and clear debts completely and resume work. I can't wait to be done and be with you and be happy. Thanks a lot once again. Big hugs. Love,
Letter 33
Honey, Wow! thanks for the photos, they're awesome! i wish i were there already, it's such a beautiful sight, they sure are giving me some peace of mind and i am hoping to see you in my dreams as i go to bed now. Honey, please live healthier, i am sorry i am not there right now, but would be to make sure you live healthier soon and your blood pressure is reduced! You mean the world to me hon, i love you a great deal. Honey, we'll be fine ok? so please try and sleep good as i would try too, the transfer was ok and i hope tomorrow's too would be. I wasn't luck with the pawning, they were offering peanuts for the items that i got ****** so i will try another tomorrow probably after i get the details for tomorrow's transfer or something. I love you loads hon, thanks a lot once again. I am going to bed now and i'll definitely be thinking about you until i doze off, thanks for giving me rest of mind. Lots of love.
Letter 34

I love you too baby, you mean the world to me. Please i am running completely low here, i need sustenance funds or something.
Letter 35
I mean, i have to go see how to get a good deal out of the pawning shop so i can get sustenance funds here having cleared the debts and resumed work. I will let you know the progress hon. thanks loads. love you always. Laura.
Letter 36
Honey, once again thanks a lot and i am sorry for putting you through all the stress, i am really sorry, i am stressing here too and you know it. I am actually curious to know the thoughts running through your head, i am sorry for putting you through this stress and i am sorry this is all happening once again, i feel guilty for your high blood pressure, i am so sorry. everything would be back on track and will let you know the progress, i am sorry once again. I am leaving for the **** shop, i am hoping to get a good deal so i can get sustenance funds here too having cleared debts in full like i said earlier. thanks a lot. Love always, Laura.
Letter 37
Honey, thanks for the good news, i am glad to know your blood pressure isn't as scary high as we thought. thanks for the news, it's such a relieve. As for the Amex card, apparently it was stolen they said they traced a transaction at a casino on it and already i was close to getting the card cancelled by the bank without my knowledge because of how much i owe on it so they'd just cancel the card for now. With the **** shop, will try one more **** shop tomorrow and would just give it out however if i have to just to clear the balance, i am not getting any reasonable deal right now.
The thoughts in your head was hilarious on one hand and on the other hand i really don't blame you. But as for forex questions, you could have just told them it's ok and pretty confidential as it's your life time partner you're dealing with, they'd stop being nosy and you didn't have to say you don't know James too, the whole transaction is really not their business technically. But honey, you know i would never hurt you right? you know i love you loads and you're my other half/better half right? hurting you is hurting me, you know right? plus money can't buy happiness, i've had to invest virtually all i have in this project, over a million pounds already and yet i became unhappy but i am always fulfilled knowing i have you and you give me reason to keep pushing knowing we'd spend the rest of our life living happily and fulfilled, we'd share everything dime that belongs to me in the end, i really don't care. You mean everything to me. My contract pay is 3 million pounds and i literally intend to invest in a profitable business sector and get returns and just be happy living our world, just you and i "smiles"..
When I die, I want to give all my body parts to donate except my heart... Because all this time it belongs only to you. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. In this situation,if i'm asked what I loved about life, I would smile and say you. Explaining how much I love you is like explaining how water tastes,it's impossible *****! Love always,
Letter 38
Funerals are always sad, it's quite unpleasant to lose a four year old, he's yet to know anything concrete about the world, good to know the parents chose perfect songs for the moment at least sorrow can be mixed with happiness plus the unconditional love for the poor child. I agree with you, love is what keeps it together, makes us able to live a life that in no way is perfect. Doing something plain and simple seem great hon so be involved in helping your friend move. I miss you loads and you know you're in my thoughts always, thanks for assuring me of no more drama, we really don't need it. We should honestly try to stay away from drama, we have ourselves and are in love we'll deal with anything that happens together hon. I so much want all these stressing over project completion and all to be all over so we could be together, cuddle and feel each other in and out, i crave for you so much more than you imagine.
Thanks for always comforting me with your warmth words, i love you a great deal hon, you put a smile on my face with the dutch message hon, you're so sweet. Ik hou van je, ik doe enkel fijn. I was able to **** the item but for low price, just enough to add up to the funds i received and cleared debt and have few notes left. It's ok, work would be resuming on Monday and hopefully everything would go as planned. Thanks a lot once again, i really appreciate you and i owe you loads. I've attached the payment receipt to the mail. Talk soon. Love,
Letter 39
Honey, So much Passion to kiss or to hug you right now, to prove that action speaks louder than words.. I desire nothing more than to be in your heart until forever dies. Maybe I’m a fool to feel the way I do, but I will play the fool forever just to be with you my love. You're the best woman in the world, at least in my eyes.
Thinking of you makes my life complete. You're my golden clouds; you're my smile. You are all the soulful love songs within my spirit, like an angel calling me... perfect for my soul!"
With all my heart,and all my soul,I will love you till the winds don't ****. Until the oceans turn to stone, my love is yours and yours alone. My love is forever, until forever's gone.. dreams can be pretty weird, i don't want to miss to meet you anywhere, anytime and we wont my love. Swedish lesson number one learned, i love you too and you mean everything to me. PS- Estimated completion date is actually Oct 25, we were actually working to finish way before but now working to meet the completion date. Love,
Letter 40
How are you hon? how's your health? you know you're always on my mind too honey, you mean everything to me. How was your day? I am so looking forward to being with you hon, i can't wait to be done here, so work resumed and it's all such a big deal getting things back on track, re-mobilizing labors and all, been stressing and still stressing, i can't wait for long relaxation with you hon and have all the fun we can together and happy. Thanks loads once again for everything, i do owe you loads. thanks for the sweet song, you know you're always in my heart honey, now and forever. I love you forever. You're simply the best, you're so sweet. hugs and kisses all over "smiles" Sleep sweet sweetheart. Love, Laura.
Letter 41
Honey, I don't know what to do, i couldn't just get on and let you know the situation here today because i don't want you worrying, i am completely devastated right now, i feel like the ground should just open up and consume me right now, been crying, i am all red and i still can't get myself to tell you. Honey, i love you loads no matter what, i really do. Sweet dreams. Hugs Love, Laura.
Letter 42
right? i am sorry, i guess i am just not thinking right. there's just general shortage of materials, i am quite unsure of what i was thinking that i didn't realize that even after the government is settled and we're back on work site i'd still be needing some further running cost, i broke down all over when i realized we needed some urgent supplies and it done on me i am in a real messy situation here since i am completely exhausted. Hon, are you ok? Laura.
Letter 43
Honey, thanks for the comforting mails, you're so sweet, you're simply the best hon, i love you even more, you're all i have and i can't wait for us to be together hon. Thanks for the interesting story about the soccer too, sounds interesting from a 4 to nothing to a draw, amazing. Try and read as much as you can, i love you loads. As for the situation here, i still don't know what to do, more materials can't be supplied. I honestly need a running cost, i would be able to pay back when i am finally done but presently it's on a still. Bear hugs. Love,
Letter 44
I love you hon, thinking of you is always comforting, i can't wait to show you how much you mean to me, i am actually sad that i am on a still here, further delay, i don't feel good about all these things happening to me, being in this angle is almost unbelievable but well it's happening what can i do? i can only be more grateful that we have each other to feel a little happy. Actually i feel worse today compared to yesterday hon but i don't want you to be feeling sick as a result of your worries, i care about you and i don't want anything to happen to you. You have my heart hon, i am almost certain i won't be normal if i don't drop dead if anything happen to you, you took the place of the people that mean everything to me(parents), and i can't afford to loose anything close to me ever again, let alone you hon. Actually, what's happening here is i've exhausted all avenue of accessing any more funds as a result of huge sum spent thus so far, hon, i mean over a million pounds is pretty a lot, though my pay as signed in the end is twice the amount the budget though so it's very much worth it. As a matter of fact no more or whatsoever when i am done here, i am staying happy with you forever and it's fun fun and more fun. With calculation, 14k is perfect and i won't have to worry about anything anymore, i am sure of huge success here afterwards hon. Love, Laura.
Letter 45
I guess i should respond to this email as doing ok afterall your email always comfort me and hearing from the one that means the world to me, always there for me, to you, you might not see it as taking the place of my parents, to me i could say i am almost certain that you fit in their position as the love i feel for you is true and real and just when i thought i've lost everything in the world, just when i felt like giving up then you gave me hope all over again, and here you are again, always there for me, i owe you loads and i can't wait to start paying you back in million folds hon, yes you have a special place in my heart till forever is gone.
Yes, it is very frustrating another life challenge i seem to be experiencing right now, i honestly don't know what i would have done to myself right in this middle of this crisis if you were not here. Good to hear about your raise, it's certainly good news. I think i have to address one issue here, it really concerns me, your imagination, though i am not quite sure what they might be but i get the message it's not a pleasant one especially when you said you'd ask for so much security i might be offended. I love you a whole lot and if you were in my situation i had donate my last drop of blood to be there for you without a doubt and in a second as i trust you completely and i expect you to trust me entirely no matter what! without trust there's really no love, i love and trust you and i really don't care what anybody might say or think. I understand 1 million pounds is a whole lot, it probably took my parents their whole life to have me be able to access such sum to be able to finance this project in the first place, my contract would be a 3 million pounds and i am certain of living happily ever after and content with you, us! I'd be most glad if your bank grant you the loan and i am already saying thank you in tears for having the thought right now, i don't know what i would do without you and i sure can't wait to be with you and pay you back a million folds, though already everything i would possess would be ours. However if you get the loan, i'd very much like it to be all handled through banks but it'd take even longer time, the WU besides their nosiness is quick and effective and their nosiness can be kept shut plus you can use an entire new forex and probably send in bits daily till it's completed and yes it seem like the only possibility available to me right now to be able to complete project. Thanks loads. in tears. Hugs. Love, Laura.
Letter 46
Thanks a lot, words can't say how grateful i am hon, as i write this email again i am in tears, maybe sad one because i am depressed or joy because i am glad to have you, i am actually unsure which is it right now but i am sure that you have my heart, it belongs to you. Thanks a lot honey, even though 11500 euros is little in general, maybe to me i am more grateful than you know and i know i'll pay you back in million folds, you'd be surprise.
I can't deny that your idea to transact through bank as it would spare us both loads of trouble and even safe some transfer cost and it is also true to make transfers between banks in the EU is easy but i guess we'll have to transact unfortunately as i've suggested in previous mail. Dealing through my bank in EU would reflect to my bank that i do have access to funds and would hold any funds in my name as i am obviously in debts now as you know pending when project is completed. I could suggest i get a hold of an account here but it takes time for transaction from overseas to reflect here plus WU transactions can be done through the weekend too compared to banks, i do hope you understand completely my stand here and we don't go on and on about this, further delay. I honestly i am getting all drained here and i am hoping to be done here as soon as possible and be out of here to get some relaxed air and of course with you. Thanks always. Love, Laura
Letter 47
Thanks for your understanding and everything hon. The sum you applied for isn't too small, i am just saying i appreciate your effort and assistance more than what you probably think. Ok, i understand you don't know when you will have the money, i actually thought the money was available already but it's ok, i am more relaxed knowing i will get it soon. I don't think it's ok to tranfer a 5k at a time, you'll have to send in bits, maybe 5k daily between me and my financial accountant, you have our details already. so i guess you can in 3 days and let them know you're certain of your transactions to have them put transaction through without nosiness always. Thanks a lot honey, i love you a great deal. thanks for the smile i have on my face right now, i owe you. Love, Laura
Letter 48
Hon, Going to a spa sounds like a great idea to me hon. How's your weekend going with Sofia? i hope it's all fun as expected. I miss you hon and can only wish we're together right now and i am all done here, happy and content...*****, I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no rejection. I chose to love you in your loneliness, for in your loneliness no one owns you, but me. i am glad i've found you hon..i just cant wait..I would rather have one smell of your hair or one touch of your hand than an eternity without it, i promise you a fun life time. When I see you, i know the world would stop as if the only purpose in life was for me to please you, i know its close and i cant wait to finally be with you and build a fun and happy home.
Being in love makes stars brighter, the moon fuller, dawn and dusk more beautiful and your heart stronger, which allows you to make it through anything, never letting go, i know some higher powers led me through finding you for sure without a "DOUBT", When it becomes morning I miss you. When it becomes noon I miss you. When it becomes evening I miss you again but when it becomes night I become a star and shine on the sky to make you feel that I am nearby, i never want to lose you...
My love for you is not enough to fill the whole world, but enough to fill the whole universe and fill it continuously because the universe is ever expanding and so does my love for you.. Whatever souls are made of, yours and mine are definitely the same.. you're a fire in my soul that can never be extinquished till eternity.. PS- I am trying to stay calm hon, sometimes it's really a big deal but i am trying, trust me, when i get worked up, i'll just continuously go for a walk. thanks hon, i am sorry about work, just be calm as well and see through it, it will be fine. hugs. Love, Laura
Letter 49

I am doing ok, good to hear weekend is going pretty well and Sofia is a good host too.. I can't wait to hang around with you too sweets, i am equally tired of nights alone.. I guess i am relaxed but wouldn't be more relaxing hanging around with you? of course yes it would be.. I crave for our moments together and soon we'll be. I love you now and forever sweets. I haven't had anything to eat all day, i better go find something to eat.. talk soon Love, Laura
Letter 50
How was your exam? i hope it was great, you're in my thoughts always, i can't wait for us to be together hon and you know it's becoming more and more unbearable everyday. Don't feel insecurity hon, i guess i should rather be feeling insecurity.. "smiles" There's absolutely nothing i wonder except for maybe where you have been all my life but then again, the time is now, i guess. I am certain, with you i want to be and with you i will spend the rest of my life as i can't live without you hon. I love you now and forever. Love, Laura.
Letter 51
I am sorry about the exam, but i am positive it'd come out well hon.. how was the second one? i hope excellent. You know you're always in my thoughts, i guess i could say i am the one obsessed here or maybe we're both, i feel better when i hear from you, and worse now as all i do is think of you, us together and creating fun and memorable moments together since i am just here doing nothing, just waiting for the funds so i can start and have all these done and over with hon. I guess it's ok to be a little late right now, Wednesday evening? wow! i guess it will be a stressful week really but the most important thing is to put everything back on track yea. Honey, i understand you hon, it's ok we'll be fine, everything would be completed as soon as possible and no, you won't be bankrupt anytime we'll become wealthier ok? i promise, everything would be just fine. My hearts, body and soul is pounding for you always my love. can't wait to be all done and be with you and love you forever. Love, Laura.
Letter 52
Honey, I am sorry, i am not there to help you relax after a long day, i want to be there for you always, i can't wait hon, i can't wait for us to start our lives together hon. I hope for the rest of your exams to go just fine. I am hoping i would be able to resume work soon, you're going to be able to do the first set of transactions tomorrow right? and the second set on Thursday and the last set on Friday, i know it's quite strenuous and i am sorry i am putting you through this, i know i owe you a million folds, besides the huge interest i am willing to add up to the loan, i will pay you back in a million folds, i appreciate you and all your supports hon and i truly can't wait to show you how much you mean to me. I know you're into business with children's hospitals too, it's not Al Jalila, it's a new infant hospital, the name is still fully undecided but more of "Scheper Ziekenhuis infant maternity home" probably not on google yet too. I guess i am doing ok, just seem like i am not here but i have been getting loads of rest though, thanks to you. hugs..Sleep sweet darling, i'll go back to bed now, this is a pea break and i thought i'd check here to see if you've written and happy to read your mail, i'll probably get a good sleep now "smiles" Love always, Laura
Letter 53
Hon, How's it going? i just checked my mail and saw the first set has been completed, thanks a lot hon. Will keep you updated. Hugs Love, Laura
Letter 54
Hon, I guess they'll all be nosy anyway since it concerns funds. Thanks a lot hon, don't worry about anything hon, you have me and you can consider it as a gift or they consider it as a gift generally, if it's going to be taxed then we'll be pay the tax. it wouldn't be a big deal. Good to know finances for next year looks good, you know.. Means business is running pretty well. I of course think about you every minute hon, so much i really hope to get it all started again this week, it doesn't seem it would be happening until next week but it's good to have it all sorted out this week already. There's the muslim thing here and there, everywhere here from today so fingers crossed. I guess i'll be expecting details from you after work today right? since you would be pretty busy through work. Honey, thanks a lot, i owe you loads and i can't wait for us to be together to show you all the love i have from within now and forever. Yours now and forever.
Love, Laura.
Letter 55
Honey, Things didn't turn out well at all today, what a day indeed, even me, i am not having the best of time, i have been feeling down for no reason, i just want to be done here.. I understood your attempts to complete transactions earlier and their network was bad but i don't understand transactions being counted as cash withdrawals, isn't it a lot easier to get cash from the bank and then wire? i didn't know you were using your card and your card probably wouldn't allow more cash withdrawal for a while. You're now talking about bank account, i am telling you bank account would be an issue now there's public holiday that i don't even know when everything would be back, even if you sent via bank transfer tomorrow we both wouldn't have an idea when it would be here for sure. You send via WU, we pick easily here and instantly as long as it's available and they're open at a time even during this holiday, i'd rather you figure out how to get cash from the bank and continue with our plan. i am almost certain bank transfer would delay hon. I really don't know if you understand what i am saying here but please advice. Thanks a lot and i am sorry for putting through this stress hon, i am sorry. I love you loads. Love, Laura.
Letter 56
I understand you didn't have a clue it was a big holiday and don't know much about banking activities here too, i also understand the feeling uncomfortable having to go around with cash and all hon. As for being a suspect for anything here, please take out the thoughts completely, you're not a suspect of anything as i understand how terrible it'd be to be accused of being a suspect hon. Please be confident and totally comfortable around what you're doing here as it's nothing illegal ok? be strong for us hon. So i guess we're lucky that you're able to temporarily raise the limit and can use your card and would be able to send the next set tomorrow. great! If you're unable to send the last set on Saturday as a result of your long test on sat then you can send on Sunday hon. Thanks a lot honey, thanks for everything and i am sorry once again for everything i am putting you through, i owe you. i know. Bear hugs. Love always, Laura.
Letter 57
Honey, I honestly i am also in tears as i write this email and really hope this our tears would become a joyful one soon, i really don't like what you're going through emotionally, i am emotionally drained myself but i feel guilty putting you through this drama. I almost wanted the floor to open and swallow me when i saw your first line bout you being in tears and feeling like ****, that's an awful feeling, the most devastating part is in the line is up for total breakdown soon, why? i really don't have an idea, you have been letting me on, when i breakdown, you bring me back up again and put a smile on my face. I hate western union for what they've done right now, if i were you, maybe i am too confident when it comes to things like that because i've dealt with big sums and all, i would tell them off right on the spot, if they aren't interested in doing their job and have funds available to the recipients in a minute they should shut down and of course give me back my funds, i am remitting funds to my fiancee is that illegal? i mean there are suites and gowns here for that amount and even wrist watches, rings worth more than $20k. I can't imagine anyone question for an amount like that, to be honest with you, i don't mean to sound this way but i am frustrated you're upset and sad. You have my heart completely and i hurt when you hurt. You honestly don't need no documentation to wire money or whatsoever and if they don't stop being nosy, you can simply say we're getting things from here and that's it, it's really intrusion here, i mean it's all suppose to be confidential though. As for the other lame western union, what do they need phone number and address for, i mean they don't even have house addresses here, just road names and buildings. I know you trust me but in my opinion there's a little doubt somewhat and it breaks my heart if not you'd be able to stand up confidently for us as i would anywhere for us hon. I love you a whole lot and i don't want you hurting hon, it's going to be all fine and once again thanks a lot and i am sorry for putting you through this drama, it hurts me so much that i regret this moment, i mean this situation hon i wish this is never even happening but i guess to some extent this situation even brought us even more closer, i want to prove to you in person because i know i owe you loads how much you mean to me and that you have my heart completely and i do need to beg you to handle it with care. You have my word, i would never hurt you and would always protect you as hurting you is hurt myself. I love you a great deal and will always stand up for us always. I got the information, and i again thanks a bunch, words cannot express how grateful i am but i can't wait to show it all to you. I mean everything i say to you. Love always, Laura.
Letter 58
Hon, i was just going to write to you then i guess your email came in. I am feeling pretty down too. Please hon, cheer up and glow, it's ok.. I wish you success in your test, Hugs. Love,
Letter 59
Honey, Thanks a lot hon. I guess i shouldn't blame you for your little doubt because sometimes me too i am afraid to lose you, i never want to lose you, i don't know what life would be without you anymore, i am glad we have each other and honey, we'll be together before you know. I promise, i will never hurt you, you make me happy from within. thanks a lot for everything, i love you loads. I am sorry about the test, hopefully you will be favoured. Once again i am sorry for everything. hugs and kisses all over. PS- i got the details, thanks loads. Though, i remember i said $14k but when you said you applied for 11500 Euros which is about $15k, i thought it was perfect and had programmed my mind to receiving a total of 15k, since you said you would be able to send the remaining 2k tomorrow, i thought it would be 3k? i'd be glad hon. Thanks loads and i can't wait for us to be together, i owe you loads. Love, Laura.
Letter 60
How are you today? words definitely can not express how much i am grateful but time will definitely tell. I also don't wish for anything to go wrong henceforth, i can't wait to be done here too, i am really tired of the whole drama and i know you've really tried and i will never forget this whole moment, you've been there even though sometimes when things go wrong, i still appreciate you a big deal. You don't seem eager about us being together as thats also what i really want too hon, i really want to be with you already and start our life together, love you and show you how much you mean to me.
I am sorry for making you worried, i guess because of the holiday and your comfort, i was able to get a long rest so it's ok, i can't wait to be done, so we're getting everything started all over. I LOVE YOU A GREAT DEAL HON. thanks a bunch. i owe you loads. Hugs and kisses all over. Love always,
Letter 61
Honey, i've always appreciated you, still do and will always do. Yes, i am on and about work again, with full energy and motivation "smiles" i can't wait to be with you hon. Good to know you passed the two exams you took last week, you'll pass the remaining. We'll be together sooner than you know hon. I can't wait to be with you. Thanks a lot for everything hon. i love you a great deal. I have to run now, just wanted to leave you a note to let you know i am doing alright, you're in my thoughts and i can't wait to be with you. Hugs and kisses all over. Talk soon Love always,
Letter 62
Honey, i am always glad to make you smile honey, i just know everything would be done soon and we'll be together hon, i crave for us together having fun and living healthy and happy. I actually smiled when i read the part you said you can give up anything but not sure you would give up your side of the bed? lol. I actually don't have a habit of sleeping in any particular side. I am good at any side of the bed and knowing you're by my side, i am the happiest woman in the world hon. Thanks for everything, i love you now and forever. Work is draining all over, but i don't mind, i'll put all and be done as soon as possible. The month ends today.. November starts tomorrow, it's year end already. we should be together already. How are you doing today? i hope you're doing ok and taking care of yourself for me. Missing you Love always, Laura.
Letter 63
Honey, I miss you loads, i am sorry i have been unable to write, it's a **** of work going on, everybody seems to want to have it all done and great success so i am doing a great job at communicating to the entire staffs so as to enable them know their responsibilities and our mission as a whole so everything is still very much under control hon. How's it going with the chemistry? no stressing right? as for Nov 12, i of course wish to be with you by then already so i am positive though i can't say for sure right now but soon as i am certain will of course let you know. You're in my thoughts always hon. I love you a great deal and i can't wait for us to be together soon. Have to run now. Love always, Laura.
Letter 64

Honey, i am so sorry about the books, i guess everything happens for a reason right? maybe not in this case though but i am sorry however. Yes i am up for three months of candle lights and cuddling and even more hon, i can't wait for us to be together hon, and you know it. I am really working my *** off here, but i am doing ok, i can't wait for it to be all over hon. I wish i were there with you to go for a walk to your grandparents graves, i know it's not fun but i want to be there for you to hold, you're precious to me, you mean everything to me hon. I love you a great deal and will do now and till eternity. Talk soon. Love always, Laura
Letter 65
Sweetheart, Yesterday was particularly hectic, we did night shifts not like we don't usually do but it's twice as hectic as even during the day, a lot of misunderstandings and minor accidents at work and all, very draining, i am honestly giving it all my all, i have so many people that are looking up to me here and you know the success of this work means loads to me. Above all,i miss you loads, i knew you'd be worrying and i am sorry i didn't have the opportunity to write, i could have when i got a break for a nap but i was too tired, i didn't realize when i dozed off, honey, i don't mean to work my *** off but i really don't have a choice hon, it's a lot of money invested and a lot of returns in the end minus how important it really is. Honey i am more than happy to have you in my life, more than you know hon and i can't wait to be with you and show you all the love from within. Yes, there would soon be our home hon, though i intend to purchase a new house while i am there, we either move there if we preferred it or just use it for rental or something, anyway, we'll go through the plan together.
Honey, you know i would rather be there with you than to be anywhere, already i feel awful you sleep alone without me by your side but i know soon we'll be together and we'll live happily ever after hon. Love you more. PS- i was wondering do i have your cell number in case of emergencies? you know you're technically my next of kin right? you have my heart hon, now and forever.
Your **** forever, Laura.
Letter 66
How are you? i am sorry for the disappointment, i though you said you'd covered the chemistry and just going to go through it all over so you can be more than ready for it or something, guess i got it twisted, i am however sorry for the unfortunate happening. I know it's not usually easy to feel defeated in one's struggle towards achieving something, it feels great knowing you defeated the challenge and now it's a success but sometimes maybe the time is just not now and left for later, we never know for sure, i am so sorry hon. On the other hand, i am glad focus is on me and on us as i am sure we'd have a fun and happy life together, i really can't wait but i know it's soon hon. I am aware prices for real estate are high but i could budget way over ?500k when i get my pay at the end of the project you know, i don't intend getting more jobs anyway, i just want to be happy with you and live a fun happy life having invested in productive businesses in the economy and promise a good returns annually, i will just have to monitor investment or something.
I also totally agree with you on ability to adapt to new situations being relevant. Hon, we'll be fine.. I love you a great deal, now and till eternity. Hugs and kisses all over. Love always, Laura.
Letter 67
Sweets, I am actually glad you feel relaxed about the decision, good thing is you'll be eligible in spring and probably do even better then. Hon, i appreciate you a whole lot, you're the "bestest" and i am happy when you're happy same as i am hurt, when you hurt hon, hence, i am with you always, good times and bad times till forever. I miss you, crave for you and i can't wait for us to be together hon, we're perfect together without a doubt. Life definitely has a lot of goods and fun for us in store. I love you always, you're the good music in my soul. I have to run now, talk soon. Hugs and kisses all over. Laura.
Letter 68
Honey, Guess what hon, i leave Dubai tomorrow(friday) morning to the UK after the over night inspection of successfully completed project for my pay processing in the UK and then leave the UK to Goteburg Sweden on Sunday evening... Such an amazing news huh? this is exactly how i hope for everything to turn out. I can't wait to be with you hon, i am so excited, i am sorry this is going to be a short note because i have to leave in a couple of hours so i have to prepare, oh my bad, it's friday already but between the nights so it still doesn't feel like friday, you know that feeling right? lol
I miss you and love you a great deal, i will write you soon as i get a chance in the UK ok? Hugs and kisses all over. Love always, Laura.
Letter 69
Honey, Yes, i am in the UK and i am sorry, something unprecedented is happening to me, i am totally devastated here and i can't seem to be able to put my self back together to write to you is the reason i haven't written until now, i am shattered. I wish you were here, i could use a hug right now hon. Laura.
Letter 70
Honey, we did say no more dramas. you can't believe what's happening here.. After i got funds release order from the court, i had long meeting with the boards of the bank over conditions of getting my pay. it's very unbelievable. I am indeed still in shock hon. I am sorry. Laura.
Letter 71
Hon, Apparently the bank here is a third party as the funds had been put in an escrow account and had become dormant due to the agreement between the contract facilitator and i, there was a bridge of contract by me since the contract wasn't completed at the right time and much longer than the estimated completion date put down in contract. There are two ways to go about this whole situation here now, the first one is pay the facilitator the sum they've requested for to have contract updated and make it favorable to me. The second is since the account is now dormant, it has been taxed and as amounted to 5% of the amount in the account and it has to be paid and properly documented before anything can be processed. can you see the angle i am here? can you tell me how i can even begin to think straight? Of course i can't even sleep, i want us to be together so bad and just when i thought we're together in a minute then yet another situation, why? Laura.
Letter 72
Honey, frankly, i don't want accumulation of troubles and worrying here, i really do need you now more than ever. Laura.
Letter 73
Honey, thanks for your comforting words, you're very right about having to raise some funds for processing and i don't know if you can get some more loan, please, it'd be perfect, we'll pay back with any amount of interest. I am completely down Laura.
Letter 74
Ok. A hug would do if that's all you can do right now, i want to spend the rest of my life with you. thanks a lot. and no i don't think i need up to 1.5million SEK. thanks. and 1.5m SEK is obviously a token of my contract pay and we'll be able to pay all debts anywhere if i had my pay, i'll clear every single debt and we'll be happy afterwards, thanks a whole lot and i am sorry for everything once again. i am more than depressed, i don't know what to do... Love you always. PS- I am afraid that's the best i can do with explanation and i thought it was quite clear.
Letter 75
I am sorry too for snapping, i am sure you understand up to a degree how depressed, frustrated, unhappy and worried i am here, it's so bad that i feel i am going to stop breathing coupled with the recent huge stress that i engaged myself in the past days and now i think i have to be strong enough to withstand this pressure as i obviously have to be here and available to process every single thing here and leave here to you for good. I love you a great deal hon, no matter what happens, you have my word of loving you here on earth and beyond hon, it's eternity, you've always had me, we probably just didn't meet on time and i guess the time is right now and everything is happening for a reason, perhaps a huge strong bond between us that can never be broken on earth here and beyond, it feels more than love, you're always there for me, your emails are always very comforting and lands right every time. i do love you with everything in me. You're right about the (5%= ?150,000) but the facilitator is requesting (3%=?90,000), So i was thinking we operate with the facilitator and they would handle the pay process and would get paid or we could leave it open depending on the amount we're able to raise, honestly, i need you now even more than ever hon, we'll obviously be good after this and i need your high understanding too so we are able to work through this without complications ok? i understand your love is true hence, it doesn't matter if i showed up empty handed and in debt, but like you already know i've worked pretty hard for this, i won't forgive myself if anything goes wrong and would probably never be happy, i am sorry to sound this way but it's the truth. I mean, i don't want to live in debt and have people chase me here and there. As for WU, **** no, i am also not interested in any of their ******, i hate them, we'd do transactions within banks, bank wire etc. Hon, i hope you're having a better day there at work. I am so sorry for yelling at you, i promise it wasn't intentional. Love you always. Laura.
Letter 76
I really don't know if i understand beyond what you've written but i guess you've used the total 85% of everything you can access. Honey, i don't feel like ****, i feel dead. I obviously have the whole world on my shoulder right now. I am in tears. I love you hon. Thanks a lot. Love always, Laura.
Letter 77
I love you too honey. Thanks a lot. Love always, Laura.
Letter 78
Heartbeat, I love you loads my heartbeat..Thanks for everything, i won't lie, i am pretty much depressed, i really don't know what to do, i've gone into further negotiation but no way out and there's absolutely nothing i can do right now, being with me would be lovely, i could come to you too but i really think we should have this whole thing resolved, it's very important we do. It's a pity i am completely exhausted, i really don't know what to do. Honey, i love you a great deal honey. Love always, Laura.
Letter 79
Hon, I miss you loads, i obviously am not fine yea but there's no need crying over spilled milk, i can only wish this isn't happening and figure how to resolve this whole situation.. How's your cooking project going? i guess fine. I really do love you hon, i love you with everything within my soul, you have been there for me and always there. Thanks a lot. Love always, Laura.
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